To Do Tuesday – 27 (30) September 2022!

It has been awhile since I did a post! First may we all think of the people in Florida at this time. They choose to live in Florida on the waterfront, but Hurricane damage from this one will take them years to recover, and for that I feel for them. To lose everything would be a horrible experience, especially loss of life! I am praying that the loss of life is low. Governor DeSantis is a wonderful leader and his people will be assisted ASAP.

I am thrilled that our morning temperatures are in the mid-60’s now and I am walking every day. It will take me a month to get to my goal of doing my 20 minute mile, but close at a 22 minute mile and walking for 30 minutes! Keeps me sane in an insane world.

In case you are unaware, Bloglovin is belly up! I missed so may post in September and wanted to go back are read them all after I signed up with Feedly and Follow.It, but I was not willing to spend 8 hours on the computer to do so. In fact I have a new Computer rule, I will allow myself 1 hour (if needed) to go through my email each day! That is it. When the weather is cooler, I am going to add about 1 hour for reading on the Studio porch!

Here is what is going on with my quilting life. I have decided to send 10 quilts to Rebecca to quilt and send Stars in the Garden and My Surprise Quilt (when finished) later in October. I have been following her for years and she is a fantastic quilter. I know that when she quilts my quilts they will be perfect! Just look what she did with Janes Murmuration quilt! So now I will be doing a little clean up on my tops (making sure that I have stayed stitched around the entire tops on all quilts). I may have 5 that need that stay stitching, then I will document the sizes and provide pictures to Rebecca! I can hardly wait to get them boxed and mailed to her. She will be working on them in January 2023 which is fine with me, I am just elated that she will quilt them for me, as they are all my special quilts.

If you have been following me since I started designing a quilt I have called My Surprise Quilt (soon to have a final name) I only have a couple of borders left. I have never designed a quilt (I did design a table runner and wrote the instructions for a class I taught), even though I have all of the EQ Software of which I will use downsize block, or redraw a block in order to have the rotary cutting done for me! But in August I decided I would design a Medallion quilt. I did use EQ8 to do the Center Block for color placement, rotary cutting, and to print out the block for visual reminders for me!

I designed this quilt as I went along. There is no paper piecing in this quilt – all hand cut pieces – no Go machine! Math was critical when making this quilt, especially since I did not have a pattern, or a design in mind, I just knew it would be a Medallion quilt with different borders. I am enjoying the process of making a quilt without a pattern because I have not had ONE problem with my quilt. But it takes time, patience, and math when doing it the way I am making the quilt. I could call it Design a Quilt as You Go! LOL

This is what I started with in August. I had the Center and knew what I wanted for the last border. I started making the Double Hour Glass blocks and worked on the Medallion. I started on the last border first! I am sure that Quilt Designers no longer do it this way! LOL

So today – here is where I am on My Surprise Quilt, almost 2 months since I started this project. There will be more 1″ separating borders and then 2 full borders before adding a plain fabric (I think) at the end. The quilt will measure 80″ x 80″ or might grow to 84″ x 84″ by the time it is finished. It will depend on what the quilt requires.

My Surprise Quilt
My Surprise Quilt

Status on In The Garden Rabbit blocks. I now have 3 Rabbit blocks completed and will start on the last Rabbit block tonight. Clay wants me to hurry up and add the eyes.

In My Garden

After I have completed My Surprise Quilt, I am going to take a break from piecing and do some applique and cross stitch to unwind and relax. The greatest relaxation will come when Rebecca receives the quilts to quilt! Then I will have to get with the program and do some hand quilting and long arm quilting and maybe by 2023 I will have all done! What will I do? Of course, make more quilts. LOL

My Complaining Section: This is a new section of my Blog and I have some complaining to do because it took some time from my peaceful retirement life the last 2 weeks, so here goes! On 19 and 21 September 2022, the Biden Inflation World came to us (forget the fuel and food costs). First was the $300.00 a year increase in our vehicle insurance! How can a company justify slapping this type of increase on a customer with no claims for 30 years? They cannot and when the first words were INFLATION from our Agent, I went off on the Gentleman! Not acceptable! Then on the 21st I had 4 SMALL cavities filled, and when I ask Melody, ‘how much do I owe you today’? It was $1,200!!! Now my guy is great Prosthodontist, I was still in shock when I arrived home only to have other issues hit me (they were evidently forgettable)! The only good news that week of BIDEN INFLATION WORLD was the fact that I confirmed that our Dental Insurance will pay 60% of the $1,200. Of course we pay a lot of money for our Dental and our Full Secondary health insurance, (along with lovely Medicare) but it has kept us from going broke all these years.

Americans need a Gigantic Red Wave in November, Biden needs to retire as he was looking for a deceased Representative while speaking on National TV, and Harris will need to be impeached since she doesn’t know that the USA does not have a RELATIONSHIP with North Korea -IT IS SOUTH KOREA!!! OK, I have now vocalized what keeps people concerned as to where the Democrats are leading this Nation! I say it is into an Abyss. I apologize to no one for stating the truth!

My goals for the rest of the week will be to finish (if possible) to finish My Surprise Quilt, complete the Bunny Rabbit Block 4, and pack and ship my quilts to Rebecca! OOPS – forgot, I need to finish my 80 Churn Dash SAL – need to decide on a setting and get that one done! We shall see what happens.

Have a wonderful weekend, stay active, enjoy life, and enjoy stitching!

Hugs, Nanette

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Slow Sunday Stitching – 21 August 2022

Greetings – August is almost over with, along with the 110 degree weather. Although San Antonio has cooled a bit, we are still getting 100 to 108 degrees! I just love it (LOL). Signs of weather changes are close at hand. We might get a Hurricane in September. I remember one that hit on 10 September 1971! To me it was a late storm. I am looking to getting back to walking in the morning…. SOME MORNING.

I had posted about Web Fabrics (Carly) selling her business to a new owner last month. The new owner has changed a few things. For one, I lost my 10% discount due to all the fabric I had purchased over the 20 years, so reconsidering my go to places for fabric. I recently purchased some fabric from Hancock’s of Paducah and today I looked and they have a link for FREE patterns. I downloaded some just for examples of borders. There are some neat patterns, some for panels, and others for easy quilts. The patterns are from the different fabric designers. Click on their name above and check it out. Also, you can get some great deals if you purchase in larger quantities. This is great if you have a need for backings, or have a quilting buddy who wants to split the order. I am using Michael Miller White Couture fabric for my Churn Dashes and needed some extra yardage for my CD’s other projects. I ordered 11 yards at $7.64 a yard, then I signed up for SMS (text) and received another 20% off my order – this included free shipping. I do believe that Hancocks is helping Quilters during Inflation. Check them out. Note: I DO NOT get anything for providing this information on my Blog.

A note to all who blog on Blogger. Last week I noticed that I was not getting my email’s for Posts from the Bloggers I follow. I figured out that I have to go back and try to sign up again. I discovered this when I quit getting updates from Kathy and Linda (To Do Tuesday). I subscribe to Bloglovin, but I prefer to get emails! Just a heads up if you use Blogger and are not getting comments on your Posts.

I have started appliquéing again this week. Seems like forever that I did any needle turn applique. I am working on In The Garden Bunny Blocks.

Ready to go in June (Yup a little late starting on them)

The blocks are easy and if I become more dedicated I can finish them all within a week or two. Here is the first completed block. I have two flowers and the centers and she is done! Yea!

I have finished the center of Boo’s and Bat’s Cross Stitch project. I am going to work on the outer border next. Just need to DO IT!!!

Enjoy Slow Sunday Stitching today, I worked on my rabbit block and now I am going to finish up my Churn Dash blocks for August. I have 15 ready to sew the blocks together and I will be done. I am thinking that I will finish September blocks this week. I have the fabric cut out but still have to do the HSTs and strip sets!

Have a great week and Happy Stitching!

Hugs, Nanette

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To Do Tuesday – 24 May 2022

Greetings from a cooler South Texas! Cloudy, North wind, and only 66 degrees with Humidity at 69! Great for power walking. This week will be cooler and maybe we will be out of the 107 degrees for at least a week or two. Today is voting today in Texas Run Off! Hoping all Republicans and Independents headed to the Polls today!

I have met my 2 goals for this week! I finished my Southwest Texas Style Quilt on Saturday (beat the Tuesday goal!). This quilt is based on a picture of an Antique quilt that I saw on line about 4 years ago. It was easy to replicate it in EQ8. I searched for this block in all the block books and could not find it so not sure what the actual name of the block is. This is the 2nd quilt that I did not have an issue with and it was a great. When I use EQ8 to print out instructions, if rotary cutting I add a 1/8” on all measurements for cutting and have no problems with making the quilt. Stars in the Garden was one of the best designed and pattern directions that I have worked on in a long time. Hats off to the Designer.

My other project to finish was to remove the existing border on Bats and Boos* quilt and remake a pretty border. Done! The longer I looked at the BIG WHITE BORDER, I just knew I had to redo it. (*Note I had the names reversed)

This how I finished the quilt in 2021!

Sunday and Monday I worked on the design of the new borders. I started by cutting white lightening border down to 2” inches finished, then decided on doing HSTs for the next border. I tried using all black HSTs and thought about another border with Orange HSTs, but that went out the window and decided to alternate between black and orange! Notice the corners, I added a cornerstone of the white lightening fabric for each corner which allowed the opposite corners matched! Clay liked the black fabric to finish it off, so I used a 4” border of the black lightening fabric. I am absolutely thrilled with the outcome! Thx Clay – you always are there to be the 2nd pair of eyes on my work!

The New Bats and Boos!

Here is a picture of the quilt pattern by Fat Quarter Shop

I am now caught up on projects again. It is time now to turn my attention to my applique projects. I am going to prepare Lilly Rosenberry, Lori Smith’s quilt, and In the Garden.

Lori Smiths Pattern 7616 and 7613, and

In The Garden by Dawn Heese

My next pieced quilt will be a Wedding Ring Quilt either using Shar Jorgenson’s templates, or Marti Michell’s. I am ’thinking’ about using some French General fabrics called Papillon. I

I will not start on the Wedding Ring quilt until I have prepared the applique work. My goal is to have that finished by this week-end. I will be prepping one block for LIlly, 4 blocks for In the Garden, and 6 blocks for Lori Smith’s project with Jaydee. For me it takes time to select fabric, copy the patterns, and trace the pattern on the backgrounds. It is a fun process!

I just head about the 14 students and 1 teacher were killed in Uvalde, Texas this afternoon.. Uvalde is about 90 miles west of San Antonio, Texas. We are located East of San Antonio. This country has absolutely gone NUTS! What would cause a man go to this school and kill the children – elementary children. I wonder if he is an Illegal……. I wonder if the President feels that it would worth his time to come down here to comfort the parents….. I just wonder who the President of the United States really is? Obama behind the scenes? Susan Rice who is in charge of Domestic Policy? It sure is not Joseph Biden – he doesn’t even know where he is! Maybe it is the Evil Hillary Clinton who put this Country in absolute chaos since she and Bubba moved to Washington DC in 1993! Think about it – The original Evil Drama Queen and I mean Evil!

May God welcome the precious children and their teacher into his arms in Heaven!

Hugs, Nanette

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To Do Tuesday

Greetings Greetings Greetings! I am so happy to be where I am now! First of all the 1 mile only (at a 20 minute pace), losing weight, and quilting most of the day! Hearing Aids are great and I got an exception on my GERD medication which saves a lot of $$$! What else could I want after the years of life not going well! It was like the old superstition of breaking a mirror and having 7 years of bad luck. I can at last say I am HAPPY and glad to be back with a bundle of energy (mostly attributed to sitting in the sun each day for good Vitamin D) Now I just need to get excited about firing up that long arm quilter and get some quilts quilted (maybe in June). Tammy (my long arm lady) and I have decided that August will be the month to get together and now I have 10 quilts ready for her. Stars Around the Garden will probably be custom quilted. I would love to enter it in a Quilt Show in 2023.

This last week I have been a busy bee and loving it. I have completed the 16 blocks for my new quilt and only have 7 blocks that will be 4 1/2” easy blocks to do. I have finished 2 and the remaining 7 will fill in the blanks on the Design Wall. Then doing the setting blocks and borders. Here is where I finished this evening. I plan on having this quilt top completed by next Tuesday!

The No Name Quilt – Maybe ”My Life’s Crossing in Texas”

I will be adding the smaller blocks, a blue 2 inch sashing to frame the blocks, and then a surprise final border. I am very pleased with my first EQ8 quilt! The blocks are 8” finished and the block really doesn’t look that difficult, but looks can be deceiving. Getting them correctly was tricky!

With all of my UFOs completed, I have decided to work on the following applique projects again. I miss having some applique to work on. There are 3 projects that I am going to start at the same time. Lilly Rosenberry Quilt will be the most difficult one and hopefully I can finish it within a year (providing I remain dedicated to doing so). Tazzie has been working on this quilt for the last year and has finished 10 blocks. I fell in love with the pattern and now I want to see if I love it enough to make 16 blocks with tons of circles! I have to really think on which colors to use. This quilt really speaks to Red and Greens – scrappy will not cut it. I am going to lean toward Batiks. No hurry in this decision though. I am going to work along with Tazzie. The blocks measure 18” so I will probably start off with just one block to start with.

The next applique project will be a Lori Smith quilt. I will be doing a mini-applique along with Jaydee Price from Sequim WA. Jaydee is a prolific quilter whom I met through The Applique Society over 12 years ago. We are working with Fit to Frame Quilts numbers 1713 and 1716. Jaydee and I are combining both patterns to make a quilt of 24 – 6” blocks. I have selected the fabrics for this one. It is a Reproduction fat quarter bundle called Rose. Jaydee and I have decided to do 3 blocks at a time. This project will start within the next 2 weeks.

Rose by Jo Morton

Next in the list of new applique projects is In the Garden. I am going to start by preparing the 4 bunny blocks.

In the Garden by Dawn Heese

I am really leaning toward using one of my Le Beau Papillon fat quarter bundles for In the Garden. I THINK the orange for the carrots can blend in. Fabric selection is so much fun when starting a new project.

Le Beau Papillon

On the Cross Stitch project. I made the Bats and Boos Quilt, (notice I had the name reversed) but will be changing the border to one like Laura’s. At the time I did the border I did not have anymore background fabric, but was very lucky to find 3 more yards. So I will be removing the current border and may add either 1 or 2 more borders. I think it will look so much better!

I am now starting on Bats and Boos Cross Stitch project that will match my quilt. I ran into problems with starting the project (I am a beginner). When I first started with the counted Cross Stitch I purchased Aida cloth that had thread running through the cloth every 10 stitches, but for this project I purchased a Wichelt-Permin Aida Icelandic Grey Cloth. I quickly realized it was great when working on Aida Cloth that had the thread already in place every 10 stitches. I asked Jaydee about this and she said to just take regular thread, find the middle of the cloth and just do a running stitch every 10 stitches! I started with the light blue but will now try some yellow to see if it is better.

Aid Cloth for Bats and Boos Cross Stitch Pattern

Of course I want to start a new pieced quilt for daytime quilting. I made a Double Wedding Ring years ago and gave it away to a dear friend. This time it will remain with me. I have not selected fabrics for this quilt, but I have plenty of fabric selections in my stash. It may be a 2 color quilt, or a scrappy reproduction quilt. Batiks are my favorite go to, but it depends on what hits my fancy when I start audition the fabrics. Sharlene Jorgenson’s pattern and her templates are great to make this quilt. I may have Marti Michell’s templates also, will have to check my ruler stash from Marti. This one probably won’t be started until the first of June.

Yesterday morning I found this little darling baby deer by our back fence line. Clay found it this morning in the same place. We are worried about where the mother is. When I started my walk, I noticed 2 Doe’s and hopefully one of them is the baby’s Mother! Of course the baby ran back toward the high grass area and then I saw one of the Doe’s running over there. Fingers crossed!

Thank you for visiting and looking at goals for new projects. I am praying that I can enjoy the next 6 months working on them without any Unforeseen Requirements.

Have a great week and we in South Texas need to start praying and doing some rain dances!!

Hugs, Nanette

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The First Day of the Rest of Our Lives!

I love the week-ends! They are so peaceful and quiet here on our 5 acres! We are so blessed to live in the country rather than the City. I am beginning to get back in shape in my walking and this morning I am not dragging after walking. It has taken a month to recoup from thinking I was getting exercise on that indoor bike, but that is OK. My stress level is really going down and I am grateful for that!

The last 2 weeks were not the most pleasant and were rather difficult and then very I was busy rewriting our Wills and I pray to God that this is the last time we have to do this. For us we no longer have any living children as they are all in Heaven with God. So it is just Clay and I. We are so blessed to have been together 25 years and that we are still here working on 26. The last 7 years have been so difficult and hard to experience, but I truly believe that now life will begin to provide us laughter and peace each day.

The week of the 27th of September was difficult with the Memorial Service for Melissa and this week was just a lot of work with the Wills. We signed up for monthly donations to the Jones Academy a Choctaw boarding school for underprivileged children. They provide support from K through 12th grade for all Native American underprivileged children.

They have 4 wonderful programs to donate to and we picked the Choctaw Pony Project. This project has 8 horses that are direct descendants from the horses that traveled on the Trail of Tears in 1830. The other one is the Evening Enrichment Programing where they use the donations to take the kids to movies, County Fairs, and support their FHA projects. All in all they provide a loving environment, opportunities to learn social skills, and receive their education. The hold the future for all Native Americans, which Clay and I call ”the forgotten ones”.

Additionally, the Choctaw Nation matches all donations which is wonderful. We did 3 memorials for our children who have passed, to the Scholarship Fund. Jones will be the benefactor from our Estate when we pass.

Yesterday seemed to be a day of laughter and fun – even while working on the 2nd review and corrections of the Wills. Things just fell into place for us and that in itself has not happened in a VERY long time. I finished the Will work, we are set up for Fort Sam Cemetary to be our final resting place, and Clay will be receiving some benefits from the Choctaw Tribe that we were unaware of. All in all, by 6:30PM I was finished forever with my work.

Today is a day to just enjoy breathing! I will be working on the borders for A Bountiful Life – Yes I know, I have been saying that for months, but it will happen today. After I get the top and bottom borders on I will begin to cut out the leaves and flowers for applique. There has not bee a lot of button sewing for the Dresden quilt but I am seeing some starting tonight!

During the last couple of weeks I have been looking at Boos and Bats quilt pattern with The Fat Quarter Shop. I have to blame Laura for getting this one going (hopefully next week). I fell in love with it and the fabrics that they used. They used Sleepy Hollow by Andover and Holiday Collections – Halloween and I was the weak one on this and purchased a lot of each piece. I was surprised that Amazon carried the fabrics along with FQS. Here is a sample of the fabrics and they are so lucious. (I could not get the photo below to reduce – sorry)

Next I purchased some great embroider fabric from WebFabrics. It is a Michael Miller Cotton Coutour fabric.

Next temptation was an email from Quiltmania showcasing Dawn Heese. Around 2014, Jaydee sent me a picture of a quilt that she had made and I fell in love with it, but never got around to it. So when I saw the picture of the quilt with Dawn and the fact that she was had the pattern in her new book, I purchased it from Quiltmania. I absolutely love those bunnies!!!! The pattern is called In the Garden!!!

Here is a picture of Jaydee’s quilt before she had sewn it together. I need to get her to send me a picture of the finished quilt. She is quite the appliquer!

So as you can see, life begins anew today and I am want to get back on the Quilt Train and away from negative thoughts even though the world around us is falling apart, we are not going to participate.

One of the things I did when all the work was finished was to call and make reservations for the Choctaw Casino for next month. There are so many places to visit in the area so this trip will be a much needed getaway! We are ready to see new places and visit old places. ME – I am ready to turn off the world with Casino noise! Since I am limited to eggs and potatoes maybe I will lose a few pounds!

Have a blessed weekend and happy quilting!

Hugs, Nanette

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