A Love Affair With Fabric and Australian Quilt Patterns

OK – how many Quilters out there REALLY need more fabric.  Why is it that we do not run to our “stash” to make all the new projects even when fabric is so expensive now?  My excuse is that I am still building on my stash. (Hum – after 15 years of starting this Hobby – still building?)   When I received my Stonefields Quilt Pattern, I knew that I would try to use my stash, but not sure on the background fabric.  I had purchased Prairie Rose last year while I was building my Reproduction Stash.  Now I have decided to use that fabric line to make Stonefields.  About 2 weeks ago on a quick outing to a local quilt store I found some P&B Apple Cider 13 fabrics that was the perfect background for Stonefields.  I purchased what they had and then went cruising on the Internet.  First stop was Web Fabrics (Carly) (www.webfabrics.net) in Purcellville, VA.  I decided that I wanted the same design but a lighter color to add to the background to prevent it from becoming “boring”.  Here are the two colorways of the Apple Cider 13.


Background Fabric for Stonefields Quilt
Background Fabric for Stonefields Quilt


I have been purchasing fabric from Carly since the early 2000 when she first started her on-line business.  She is wonderful to do business with.    (At that time I was in love with Patrick Lose’s Moda Marbles and Marble Mates.)  Last week Carly sent out a newsletter offering some Dutch fabrics at a great price.  The fabric line is Dutch Heritage by Petra Prins and Nel Kooiman  Well, the temptation was too great –  I just could not help myself.  I ordered a yard each of 3 pieces of the line.  I received that fabric within a few days and I really like it because it can be washed as it does not have the “glazed” look of the Den Haan & Wagenmakers BeHeer Dutch Chintz from Happiness is Quilting in Plano, Texas.   I was really good to me last year because I purchased a nice stash of the Den Haan and Wagemakers for the Di Ford Mystery Quilt of 2014.  Here is a picture of the fabrics:

Dutch Fabric (From Web Fabrics)
Dutch Fabric (From Web Fabrics)


Dutch Chintz Happiness is Quilting
Dutch Chintz (from Happiness is Quilting)


The Dutch Chintz is a glazed cotton (polished cotton) and sells for $39.00 a yard.  The Dutch fabric from Web Fabrics sells for $21.00 a yard and is not glazed (or polished cotton).  I have really loved myself this past year haven’t I?  I blame Quiltmania, Australian Quilt Patterns, and getting hooked on Reproduction Fabrics!

I am now preparing  to really dig in and catch up on my quilting.  I plan on working on Dear Jane, Stonefields, Dutch Treat, Di Ford’s project, and probably 2 other projects when we travel to Arizona this winter.  Of course, I need to get out of the “planning” stage and get into the “working stage”!  I have now finished ironing my additional Enduring Legacy, Prairie Rose, and P&B Apple Cider and hoping that I quit purchasing and start quilting!   Poor Capt Aust is still hanging around and am sure he will go with me to Arizona (LOL).

Have a great day and enjoy your quilting projects.  I hope that I have added something to your quilting world and inspired a Quilter.  Quilting keeps Quilters sane – I am convinced!

Does Organization Count in Quilting?

Greetings again from La Vernia, Texas.  The weather is exactly what I have been waiting for – cold, damp, and Winter is definitely here. Now having said that, I hope that this is not a trick from Mother Nature and that we go back to summer hot and humid days before the end of the year.  I have so much more energy with the cooler weather. Although it  would have been nice to have a Fall Season, but here we are in the 40’s during the day and high 30’s at night, green grass and green leaves on the trees.  Well, as long as I wake up in the mornings, I am a happy camper.  Here is what I see when look at out my Bay Windows in my Studio while sewing.


Window View 1
View of our Back Porch of the House



Window View 2
View from the other Window – Notice the Deer Corn, Water, and Bird Feeder

OK – Now to what I have accomplished since I finished Darryl’s quilt.  Yesterday I washed all of the fat quarters that I had purchased last month….Over 150… So much fun. I was looking for that Recliner by 5PM.  Today I finished ironing them and putting them away.   Next I pulled all the fabric I had thrown in the drawers the last 2 months and  rearranged them in the 2 new Elfa drawers.  I bet I am the most 2014 Organized Quilter in Texas, have not met all of my 2015 goals, but hey does being organized count?  LOL.

New Elfa's
New Elfa Drawers – The first one is for my Long Arm supplies

On Tuesday I found out that the Dutch Chintz I had purchased (the border fabric) was for the Tree of Life Panel…..Oops…..So in order to use that expensive purchase, I ordered the Tree of Life panel along with 2 other pieces of Dutch Chintz to complete the Tree of Life and for the Mountmellick quilt (see how positive I am – I just know I can do this).

Tree of Life Panel
Tree of Life Panel

Here are the other pieces of fabric that I will use with both of the quilts.

Dutch Chintz for Mountmellick
Dutch Chintz for Tree of Life

I have not abandoned my Happy Scrappy quilt – Here is the 3rd border.  The circles are little flowers from the line of fabrics I will be using.  Not sure what is going to be next – a surprise to you and probably me too.

Happy Scrappy Border 3

Besides Happy Scrappy, Threads of Memory, Mountmellick projects,  I want to start on the Civil War Bride Quilt…….There are four (4) different versions of this pattern.  Each has a different name.  Quite interesting.  I purchased the first one in 2004 from Pat Cox at the Houston Show and had no idea what I was buying – just like the picture and dreamed of making the quilt.  Here they are – let me know your favorite.  I am thinking I will be mixing and matching.

Folk Art in New York for Jean
Folk Art in New York for Jean
Civil War Bride
Civil War Bride
The Lost Boy Quilt
The Lost Boy Quilt


A Bountiful Life
A Bountiful Life

And now to the kitchen to play Suzy Homemaker and make some 2 Alarm Chili and beans for Clay and Spaghetti Sauce for tomorrow for Dan and Clay…..Hopefully tomorrow I will make a decision and get with the quilting program and quit increasing my “Stash” and make some serious quilts.  Have a wonderful week-end – Cannot believe it is the 15th of November 2014!   Enjoy.



The Bean Pot is Finished and Winter has Arrived!

Winter has arrived in South Texas – Very interesting weather pattern.  We had a late HOT summer that extended in to late October, then a few cool snaps, and now a real cold wave!  Because we bypassed Fall, our leaves are still green.  It will be interesting to see if the freeze will provide a delayed changing of the colors or if they will just fly off the tree and we will be up to our ears in leaves.  We are hoping that we receive some more rain so that Clay can burn the leaves rather than continue to mulch them as he has had to do the last 4 years.   Either way, I love sitting at my sewing machine looking out my bay windows at the birds, squirrels and deer.  Peaceful times.

I finished Darryl’s quilt last night (Tuesday)  just as I had planned!   This is the first time this year I have been able to meet a set goal  for a project!  Making a quilt is such a fun thing, yet there are times when we are in the middle of the project that we just want to hurry up and finish it.  Then when the top has been completed there is a feeling of accomplishment.  Of course a quilt top is not really a “finished” quilt, so we move on to the final phases of quilting and binding.  At the end of each of the 3 phases of quilting a pieced quilt always provides me that sense of accomplishment and when I have completely finished the quilt I really feel relief!  Now on to the next project.

This quilt is so special to me.  I wanted to make Darryl a quilt for him to enjoy during this difficult time of his life.  I am so glad that I put everything else on hold and was able to complete his Bean Pot quilt just as ole’ man winter rolled into town.  He will enjoy the warmth of this quilt that his Momette (that is his nickname for me as his Step-Mother) AND I will always have the memory of making it and knowing that I was able to give him a gift of love through my passion of quilting.  I want to thank JayDee for giving me her extra book with the Sylvester’s Bean Pot pattern.  I really love this pattern and plan on making more in the future.

Darryl's Bean Pot Quilt
Darryl’s Bean Pot Quilt – 11/11/2014

Lesson learned on this one – when quilting a top with a lot of seams, lengthen the stitch to 10 stitches per inch – there is a slight flare on the binding area, but nothing earth shattering.  I love learning by error……….One never forgets that little error….. or at least until the next time I do that.  LOL.

I received a wonderful gift from Happy Appliquer LuAnn in the mail Tuesday!  She had  extra border fabric from the Judi Rothermel 25th Anniversary fabric for the Di Ford Mystery Quilt – Monuntmellick!  This is a very special gift because I was unable to find the fabric in March. (see previous posts).  THANK YOU LuAnn!   I follow her blog Happy Appliquer and love her projects.  Now I will be able to go back to the project and actually have the fabric to make the quilt.   What a wonderful gift!

Di Ford Mystery Border Fabric
Judi Rothermel’s 25th Anniversary Border Fabric

When I decided to make the Mountmellick Quilt and realized I was out of luck in finding any of the border fabric,  I purchased the Amelia line for a border, only to realize that it was too large and wide to use in the quilt.  I was a ‘babe in the woods’ for this one and very new to Quiltmania, Reproduction fabrics, and the beautiful Australian quilts.  I also decided to purchase some Dutch Chintz fabric as suggested in the pattern, but that was also sold out.   I selected a border print thinking it would blend with my fabric selection and that the flowers would be able to be used in the center medallion.  I was so wrong.  Yesterday I called Happiness is Quilting in McKinney, Texas (they carry the Dutch Chintz) and asked them if they had any of the chintz that would go with the Di Ford project.  They recommended 5/8″ of a Dutch fabric that would provide plenty of flowers and leaves.  I also ask them to assist me with the Dutch piece I had previously purchased.  Well, I found out that I had purchased the border fabric for the “Tree of Life” panel.    Penny was such a great help, she is sending me some red fabric and an additional fabric with matching flowers that I can use in making a nice size quilt using the panel.   This will be a “Dutch Chintz” quilt and a lot of fun to design another border quilt.  So now I will  have 2 quilts to make!

Dutch Chintz
Dutch Chintz Border Fabric for the Tree of Life Panel


Life in my quilting world has really been blessed by LuAnn, Jaydee, and now Penny.  How blessed I am and Thx to all.

I am now going to put the binding on my Civil War quilt that I finally quilted early in the year.  It will be nice to have this one completed and put in the stack of “let’s have a binding party” stack!

Have a blessed day and enjoy Winter – I know I will.  This is the best time for quilting and knitting!


Moving Up to the Big Girls Quilting World from Grade School!

The Quilting world has changed so much in the 12 years I have been quilting.  It is amazing how the colors were in the early 2000’s and now some of those colors are coming back.  Reproductions were around, but not near as much as they are now.  Batiks were just beginning to catch on and very popular.  Needle turn applique was popular and many Quilters loved it.  I began to quilt in 2002 and learned the popular Designers and their line of  fabrics and patterns.  I began to buy books and fabric.  In 2004 I attended the Houston Quilt Show and was hooked!  I progressed to making quilts to enter into Quilt Shows because it provided me a challenge and deadlines to meet.  I enjoyed showing my quilts and it was so much fun to make friends with the Vendors and visit with other Quilters and see their work.

In 2004, the Artisans found the quilting world and things began to change.  “Contemporary” quilting was becoming the “thing” and “Traditional” was getting shoved to the back of the room. For some reason, I always wanted to stick with the Traditional because I wanted to learn everything I could about quilting.  Yes, I tried shortcuts, rulers, gimmicks, and all the things they sell to catch a Quilter’s eye.  I continued to build up my stash and slowly added a heavy stash of batiks, along with Moda Marbles, Fossil Ferns, Thimbleberries, etc.

What makes this year so exciting to me is I realize I have found a whole new world of quilting which has been opened up to me through  Australian Designer Di Ford and the Australian Quilters and their beautiful quilts by other Quilters.  Their work is absolutely beautiful and Designers such as Di Ford provide one heck of a challenge to a Quilter who loves traditional quilting and the Reproduction Era quilts.  I have also found Barbara Brackman’s Blog.  What an exciting time for me.  I have discovered Quiltmania magazine and Primarily Quilts (by Di Ford).  I have also realized that I was missing out on so much.  I was becoming board with the regular magazines and the Quilters who continued to make the same quilts.  My original goal was to make a Hunter Star quilt, Feathered Stars, Log Cabins, etc as they are  quilts that I have never made, but always wanted to.

I have a friend who has taken the Best of Show for the last 2 or 3 years at the local Quilt Shows.  Last week I realized why!  She loves the Reproduction Era and only stays with those quilts and fabrics.  She does absolutely beautiful work too!  What an eye opener!  Another friend is also moving more toward the Australian Designer and Quilters.  She and I are so excited and are making the same quilts, in fact all three of us will be working on a Di Ford or Quiltmania project this year.

So here I go – I have cancelled all of my magazines and will only subscribe to Quiltmania.  It is an expensive magazine, but oh so beautiful and so challenging.  I have purchased more of Jo Morton fabrics,  Barbara Brackman’s Ladies Album, and one purchase that I will probably never do again is 2 yards of DenHaan & Wagenmaker’s BeHur border fabric called Island Marken Border Cream.  I will use it for the Broderie Perse in Di Ford’s 2014 Mystery Quilt.  Until last Friday I had never desired to try Broiderie Perse applique.

I have also discovered new quilt stores through Rosemary and Jan –  Happiness Is Quilting, in McKinney, Texas, Reproduction Fabrics in Montana and The Quilted Moose.  What a find!  Also, my friend Jaydee who provides such wonderful insight to things.

This week was productive but expensive (LOL).  It has been fun and now it is time to get serious and start quilting!  Here are some pictures of my new fabrics and my first shot at Lucy Boston Patchwork of the Crosses (POTC).  I have decided to use Jinny Beyer fabrics for this project.  She has some beautiful border fabrics and for some reason while in Sierra Vista, AZ this winter I purchased quite a few of her fabrics.


Lucy Boston Book
Lind Franz Lucy Boston Book. I will be using English Paper Piecing for the quilt. Check out Linda’s Blog.
Lucy Boston Fabrics
Jinny Beyer fabrics. I pulled these for consideration for Block 1.
Lucy Boston Block 1
This is the first block for Lucy Boston. I wanted to see if I could get the effect I wanted from Jinny Beyer fabric line. I rather like the colors….



Prairie Rose Pattern

Prairie Rose fabrics
Jo Morton - Prairie Rose
Jo Morton Prairie Rose Fabrics


Jo Morton's Lights



Jo Morton Fabrics
Jo Morton Fabrics for the Di Ford Quilt


Di Ford - Mystery Quilt
Fabrics for Di Ford 2014 Mystery Quilt. They are Amelia by Jo Morton.


Hope you have enjoyed the walk down memory lane and my graduating to the “Big Girls Quilting World”!  And thanks to all who have opened the door and invited me in!


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