Blogging Vacation

It appears that I will be taking a Blogging Vacation!  Weather is getting better although hot in the afternoon.

Today I put my “big girl pants on” (as Jaydee would say) and went to the hand doctor to obtain some relief from the left hand that keeps swelling.

I have a ganglion cyst (it is in the tendon will require surgery to get rid of it – had one on the right hand a few years back so I will do this  next year, thank you), carpal tunnel syndrome (even after surgery in ’98) tendinitis of the wrist, and a carpal joint sprain…. I am so glad I went in – they tried to drain the cyst and I agreed for a Steroid shot – BUT told them to only give me 1/3 of what he would give others.    The left hand will be in a brace for approximately 3 weeks so not sure how easy hand work will be.   Now I am only in 1/3 of Cortisone Psychosis!  LOL  The shot will help to get me through the next 6 months.

We are preparing for our trip to Arizona.  We have a scheduled arrival date, but could be delayed a few days (Unforeseen Requirements have appeared – anyone understand that one?).  Will know next Friday if we will stay on schedule.  Our house sitter will love it here while we are away.

I am going to start getting my projects together to take along and as always, it is difficult to chose from all the projects I want to catch up with.  We also plan to do a lot of fun things.

I just ordered Stars and Springs – a Kim McLean  pattern Here at Glorious Color.   Looks like fun and close to the Stonefield’s type of quilt.  This will be stars and applique and not an expensive pattern.

Well, I will take pictures as we journey to AZ and share them with all.  Take care and have a great September.  Looking forward to winter and hopefully some snow.

I will be up and blogging again before you know it!  Pictures of the long long long road on IH10 from South Texas to El Paso!  Lovely trip.

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