Happy Mother’s Day and Slow Sunday Stitching!

Mother’s Day already in 2021! I am hoping that all have the opportunity (freedom) to visit your Mother, Grandmother, God Mother, or just a woman who you have adopted as a 2nd Mother. I had a 2nd Mother that when I met her in 2000 she was the spitting image of my Mother but a total opposite personality and I loved her and still miss her. Her name was Mary Etta Peters from Caddo Oklahoma and a 4th cousin to Clay through his Choctaw linage. She and I bonded immediately. I made a lot of quilts and wall hangings for her and she was so appreciative and she truly loved me. We had her in our lives for 6 years or so before she passed. My parents were in their mid and late 30’s when I was born and they passed away in 1996 and 1997. It is hard to believe that it has been 25 years since my Mother passed. We were not close, but she was my Mother and I loved her. I was blessed to have found Mary Etta after Clay and I retired and started looking for his relatives. She loved me for me!! Just as Clay loves me for me! That type of love is so very hard to find and if you have some one who loves you for you – then you are Blessed! We lost Mary Etta close to 2008. Still miss her so much. Can you see the resemblance between them?

My Mother who was the most accomplish Pianist EVER!
A brilliant woman ahead of her time.
My 2nd Choctaw Mother Whom I loved so much!

On the health side of life…..I am having issues with controlling my diabetes. I had the brainy idea to quit potatoes in early February because I thought they was attributing to the 6 pounds I had gained (although I had been eating them for years and even lost the original 26 pounds doing that and lowering my A1C). That along with stop eating my eggs (4 each morning) has really hurt me because it is through those 2 foods which provide me with the vitamins I need. I was really struggling to do my 20 minute mile and the total of 1.5 miles in 30 minutes.

About 3 weeks ago I re-introduced eggs and added 2 small tortillas with my eggs for my carbs! This was the worst thing I could have done CORN! My Glucose readings were really getting higher and when I decided to add 1/2 cup of orange juice each day it just about killed me! My energy level has gone down since stopping potatoes and I could not figure why. Then when I added the corn and juice that got me with my IBS. Now that I have just done my research on IBS and Corn I will never eat corn tortillas again! Because I am Celiac (nothing with flour) or for that matter no fiber and especially no fruit juices or fruit or vegetables! (I have 3 different diets to follow and the only things that I can eat are potatoes, eggs, chicken, and Lay’s Lightly Salted potato chips).

The good news is that the RF treatment worked like a charm, and the new mattress topper we purchased has eased the Fibro trigger points, and now that I have figured out the corn issue and today started eating potatoes and my eggs for breakfast again, I believe will begin to feel 100% better. Control of “stupid” health issues means more happiness!

BABY ALERT! You may remember in February I made a quilt for Julie (worked at HEB Curbside) whose baby was due in April. Friday I received pictures of Scarlett Avery Henson! She was born on 1 April! What a precious baby! Welcome Scarlett!

Now on to Quilting UFOs! I have completed 8 of the 105 Dresden Plates. OH BOY – only 97 more to go. Then I will have to do 105 very small circles – Whoopie! I was using YLI silk thread to sew them onto the background which is 100 wt – I hate that thread! I thought I did not have any of the Tire Number 401 White 50wt Silk Thread – well I will have an abundance of white 50 wt because I ordered 6 and found 5 more! Guess I need to have a sale!

Next, I am working on preparing the 6 blocks for A Bountiful Life! Even using 8 1/2″ x 11″ cut freezer paper sheets it still takes time to prepare the blocks and that is without selecting the fabrics. I have completed 4 blocks so far.

I have 1 more block to prepare for fabric selection.

This block is one that I am totally changing. The block is supposed to represent Oranges, Lemons, and apples. I did not like the birds so I changed them and not using the “feet” that the pattern has. The apples are fine, but the others look like circles and do not do the block justice. I am going to make it a bowl with 2 oranges and full of apples with the birds and the butterflies. I will be adding stems to the apples and not the leaves. When these blocks are ready for fabric selection I will have 6 more blocks to applique. Last night I started on a block that had been sitting around for a couple of years. (Number 7 to have a total of 16 blocks when finished)

My Version of the Block
Block 1 of 7 Remaining Blocks for A Bountiful Life

I have finished all of the hand work for Sweet Stitches and it is now hanging in the “long arm” rack! Just waiting, waiting, waiting. The list to quilt is quietly growing!!!!

33 Quilts in Total a mixture of long arm, sending out for quilting, and Hand quilting!

I do hope that all of you are enjoying your families and that you received many cards and flowers and other goodies for Mother’s Day! Have a blessed one!

Have a wonderful week!

Hugs, Nanette

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