Globetrotting with Chopin and Pat Sloan

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Well, I have finished my Globetrotting quilt!!  It feels so great to have accomplished this.  Pat Sloan had the BOM on her Blog this year.  Pat’s blocks were “ripping” free.  This is because she adds 1/8 of an inch to cutting instructions and what a difference!  I knew that when I made this quilt there would be less stress and less ripping.  All quilters have such a great feeling when a project is completed (oops not quilted yet but to me it is “finished”)  I will probably do my own quilting on this quilt.

When I started this project I did not realize that there would only be 9 blocks.  I did not want to have plain fabric for the corner blocks, so I used EQ7 and reduced the Medallion to a 10 1/2″ unfinished block.  Each month I drew the blocks into EQ7 – this always helps in selecting colorways or to change or add a block.  So it was easy to print out the 10 1/2″ unfinished block.  Now anyone who uses EQ7 and ends up with “issues” in being able to square a block I will give you a hint – Always add 1/8″ to any pieces that will be cut and re-sewn… i.e., half square triangles, quarter square triangles, etc.  this will provide enough fabric to square them.  Otherwise – DISASTER!

10 Inch Medeallion Corner Square Blocks
10 Inch Medeallion Corner Square Blocks

I decided I wanted to only have a 1″ finished sashing between the blocks – so that meant I had to make 3 more blocks.  I used some blocks from EQ7 and modified the Snail Block, made a 9 patch  on-point,  and added another “star” block.

Block 12 - Globetrotting
Modified Snail Block
Block 10 - Globetrotting
9 Patch On-Point
Block 11 - Globetrotting
Star Block

If you follow my Blog – you know that with each project I always learn something new – or have to “remember the hard way” to not do something! This time I used a fabric for the sashing that was not strong enough to hold the blocks in place.  I had problems.  Of course this was after the quilt was already finished – the sashings were off center!!  So out came the ripper, I rechecked all blocks, took all borders off of the Medallion and found a 1/8″ issue and after 2 hours that was corrected.  In addition to problems with fabric I found that I did not have any other blue fabric that would really make this quilt pop, so off to the quilt store!  I was very blessed because I found the perfect fabric to finish this quilt.

New Border Fabric for Globetrotting
Sashing and Border Fabric for Globetrotting

When working with this fabric I had to be very careful because it frayed.  So to stop the fraying before it became a problem, I used the dark blue for the first border for the Medallion, cut the 2nd border, but before I sewed it on to the dark blue border I used sizing to stabilize the fabric (I pre-wash all fabrics because of the chemicals).  This was a great help.  I had absolutely not one problem with completing the quilt.  When I finished it I did a stay stitch all around the last border to keep any fraying or issues before I can get it quilted.

This quilt along with my Red, Grey, and Black quilt provides me 2 quilts for 2015 Quilt Shows!  I love the way this quilt turned out – Thank you Pat for the inspiration.  Because of precision cutting, squaring, and at times ripping and re-doing.  my quilts come out square without having to do the things that I have seen in magazines – i.e.,  spritz it and pin it to the floor…….Nope not here!   Of course some say I am truly nuts being the Type A perfectionist, but I love my quilts because they do come put perfectly square.  It has taken some time to be able to do that but all has been worth it.

Globetrotting with Chopin
Globetrotting with Chopin and Pat Sloan

I am going to catch up with Threads of Memory (August and September blocks) and work on Happy Scrappy blocks.   But I am also ready to tackle Di Ford’s Mystery Quilt – Just 9 months behind every else!  I want to get started on it and have it ready by November so it will be put aside for 2015 Quilt Shows.  Wish me luck.

We have been receiving some rain last week and Friday and Saturday we were blessed with 2 inches – I can hardly wait for winter – It would be great to have days that are 50 during the day and 30 at night……….I am, of course dreaming!  Have a blessed day.

Ms Austen, EQ7, Frustration and them Perfection!

Well, the weather is absolutely beautiful here in South Texas.  Wish it were this way year round, well, I do like the cold weather during winter, but this would be nice if we had a mild summer.    See how positive I am?

Well, that is a coverup!  I have discovered that frustration lies almost anywhere there is a quilt pattern!  Oh well.  I started out with a 12″ block for my Jane Austen project.  Of course, I have to take credit for messing that one up.  I had the fabric selected, BUT, when one does not cut it out the way it was laid out – need I say more.  I did not like my colorway, and I really did not want to make a large quilt, so I decided to make my blocks 6″.  I have Blockbase and EQ7, so I figured this would be much easier……. OK, again I mis-calculated that one.

12" Jane Austen Block -
12″ Jane Austen Block – Headed to UFO  Drawer

I cut block 2 out based on the EQ7 rotary cutting instructions from the 1802c block. I selected the size as a 6″ block (finished).  Well, what I ended up with was a mess – The squares were cut a 1 3/4″…. The HSTs were 1 1/2″………..So I had a decision to make.  Either redo the HSTs and make them 1 3/4″ or cut the squares down to 1 1/2″.  I took the easy way out, cut them, laid them on the sewing table and quit for the day.  I decided to play Scarlett O’Hara and think about it tomorrow (now today)!

This morning I started sewing the pieces together………..Nice – the block would never be 6 1/2″ unfinished – it was to be a 5 1/2″ square, well not really.  I called EQ7 and discussed this with them.  Of course we all know that computers do not lie………The bottom line is this.  I should have realized that the block was a 5 grid block – not a 6 grid block!   But I did not believe I needed to really pay attention to that one – so shame on me again.  By the time I had wasted my expensive fabric (I know it was not that much but the time involved is) I realized that I needed to confer with EQ7 again.  The block is set for 6″ finished, but the grid is set at 25 instead of 24.  Now I will lose those who hate math, but the problem is that when you divide 6 by 5 you get 1.2!  That means that the block is not going to be an easy one to do to achieve a 6″ block finished!  In fact – it will never happen.  EQ7 told me to use the templates – Well, I did and guess what!  The block came out to 6 3/4″ square —–  OK – I thought I would just not do the project as by now I have a massive headache!  But the old “stick-to-it-until-you-die” attitude came into play.

I sewed the block that I had cut out yesterday using all pieces at 1 1/2″ (squares and HSTs)  The block came out at 5 3/8″ – Wonderful.  But I decided to add a border (the young man at EQ7 made that suggestion) and so here is the outcome.  I like the block – It will be interesting to see if I continue to have issues with the blocks.  Hopefully I am a little more distrustful of EQ7, along with quilting patterns.

Please note that I am not slamming anyone or EQ7… I am just sharing how a Perfectionist can drive themselves nuts!  But I have the answer and I understand and am smarter for it.  Maybe next week I will not have to take 6 hours to make a 6″ block!


Jane Austen Block 2 - 6"
Jane Austen Block 2 – 6″
Jane Austen - Block 2
Jane Austen – Block 2 – 6″

It is now time for me to become Susie Homemaker and go cook Spaghetti for my Dear Hubby is building a wonderful porch roof for our Studio.  It will be so nice to go outside in the shade and Applique’ when I become frustrated with 6″ blocks.  Hope all had a little laughter on my behalf!  Lightens the soul!

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