A Short Note on Sweet Surrender Pattern

I received my Sweet Surrender pattern from Australia yesterday.  The pattern is by Susanne Cody and I purchased it from Material Obsession Quilt Shop.   I received it in less than 3 weeks and it is an excellent and professional applique pattern.   The triangles should be fun since I am going to EPP them (oh what a dreamer).  Of course I left some money with Paper Pieces.  The pattern calls for 5/8″ hexagons rosette flowers; 2 1/2″ diamonds (6 point stars); and 2 1/2″ triangles (half diamonds).  I ordered the following paper piece packages for this project:

6DIA250L – 2 1/2″ 6 Point Diamonds

HEXDEN058L – 5/8: Hexden for the Rosette Flower petals

HEX058 – 5/8″ Hexagons (Flower center)

TRI250L – 2 1/2″ Triangle

I ordered the paper pieces before the pattern arrived  thanks to a fellow Blogger Gretchen who gave me the exact list of pieces to order.  She is working on the quilt with a quilting group.

I will read the instructions and study the pattern before I dive in, but so far I am very pleased.  Very professional pattern, and company.  Now we will see if it lays around for a while in my “to do” basket, or I really get with the program!

Have a great day.

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