To-Do Tuesday – 19 January 2021

Greetings from a now Spring like weather week coming to us.   I wonder sometimes when I will get my quilting Mojo back like it was in 2019.  So far, I am not there YET!  Things (life) keeps getting in my way.

This last week Clay found that we have termites in the outer wall of the Music Room!  Lovely – so after that finding we now have a date (this Thursday) to have the House and Studio treated!  I am hoping that this week does not bring anymore January surprises.  We have a room at the Best Western for Thursday evening due to the chemical being sprayed.  We have a large exhaust fan under the house that will clear out the fumes within 24 house (at least I hope so).  Not the type of vacation away from home that I am ready for.

So as you can see, the first 18 days of this month have had interruptions out of our control, but then came the Cedar and some Dust from the Plains that blew in with a new Norther that came in Friday night.  Even the Weather people were shocked about the Dust.  It was a double whammy for me – it put me down 3 days and counting.

Goals for 12 – 18 January 2021:

  • Complete 12 blocks for OMIGOSH!   Χ. Are you kidding?  Made 8 individual blocks  which make up 2 full blocks!  Rather slow going.
  • SAG Medallion!  Χ. Not finished but progressing.
  • Load a Quilt on the Longarm!  X – Waiting for me to load (have to get this one done by 31 January!)
  • Gathered things for goody box to a dear friend – DONE!  Ready to mail!

Goals for 19-25 January 2021:

  • Applique Projects:  SAG Medallion and Jacobean Holidays
  • Cross Stitch:  Start with Minnie Mouse project
  • Longarm Quilting:  Load a quilt and quilt it for PHD 2012 goal.
  • Sewing:  Continue on with OMIGOSH blocks.
  • Knitting:  Start on a Dish Cloth

Since I will probably have Thursday during the day to either watch the Exterminator treat the house, or just sitting in the Hotel Room, I can work on hand projects.

Hoping all have a great week.   PS – not a lot of happy days this week – Maybe next week.

Hugs Nanette



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