Up and Running Again!

We are back!  We certainly enjoyed our 5 day trip to Durant Oklahoma and the Choctaw Casino.  This time we did not take the 36 foot Fifth Wheel.  We stayed at the Choctaw Lodge.  They were so great and accommodated my eating issues.  Now we can go back for short visits without having to hook up the home away from home.  I prefer to take our home away from home on our getaways, but in this heat – forget it.

We spent 4 days in the Casino and I had a good time, BUT, I think that the Choctaws are a little richer this trip – Darn it!  Hubby is a Choctaw and has his Certificate Degree of Indian Blood (CDIB) – but tribal members are not given money.  The money is used to provide health care, support education, scholarships, etc for members – especially those in the 10 1/2 Counties in Southeastern Oklahoma.  They are wonderful people.  Always a smile and so helpful.  Gregory Pyle had been the Chief of the Choctaw’s from 1997 until recently when he retired and now Chief Batton has taken over.  I am sure that he will continue on with the great work and leadership that Chief Pyle had shown during his time. My husband’s lineage goes back to one of the three (3) original Choctaw Chiefs – MoShuLaTubbe, through the Freeny Family line.  Fascinating history.   If you are interested in seeing what wonderful things these Leaders are doing for their Tribal Members check out http://www.choctawnation.com, and take a trip to Durant for some fun times.  Here are a few pictures that we took:

The Choctaw Casino and Grand Hotel
The Choctaw Casino and Grand Hotel, Durant, Oklahoma
Nanette in Room
Nanette at the Choctaw Lodge
The Room
Beautiful Picture in our Room at the Choctaw Lodge
My Baby Waving
Clay at the Choctaw Lodge
Buffalo in Casino
White Buffalo in the Casino
Blue Moon Cafe 1
Blue Moon Cafe – Neat Place
Blue Moon Cafe - Police Car
Old Police Car – Remember When?

Back to my favorite thing – Quilting!  I have now caught up with Pat Sloan’s Globetrotting and have completed Block 5 of Barbara Brackman’s 2014 BOM.  (Somehow I did Block 5 before Block 4 – go figure).  I do not have any problems when I work on Pat’s BOM – measurements are great and she provides great visuals.

London, England Block
St. Louis Block
St Louis Block

Moving right along – I have caught up with Barbara Brackmans’ 2014 BOM!  I had problems with this one.  I am sure that I am not the only one, but as we all know we are usually advised  – “Hummm no one else has indicated so” – Been there done that one many times.

This time the issue was printing out the templates that are on the web site.  Of course, during the last month I cannot say that my brain was fully engaged and that proved an accurate statement when I measured the templates, mis-read the 3 1/2″ mark on my ruler and made big BOO BOO!  Here is a picture of that block (hopefully will be used in another project, or just a pillow cover)  The block should have been 12 1/2″ unfinished – Well, if one is off 1/8″ on the templates you will only get a 12″ block unfinished.  But I learned how to do Y seans.  I had problems getting the pattern into EQ7!

Block 5a
The WHOOPS Block

So, last week before we left for Durant, I went back to the drawing board and realized my mistake!  I had to go into my printer settings and set the print at 112% – YEA YEA YEA…. The template came out perfect!  I cut my templates out onto Mylar and used the little sandpaper discs to help hold in place when cutting and it worked great. I tried again to get it into EQ7, but it just did not work for me.  I completed the block and it is 12 1/2″ finished.   So now I have done 2 blocks using Y Seams – I have learned a new technique!

Block 5
The Final Block 5 at 12 1/2″

I am pondering over what to do with the Austen Family Quilt.  I have 6 of the blocks made at 6 1/2″ unfinished (6″ finished).  I am at at point where I really need to pull fabrics for the entire quilt that are from a certain fabric line, or continue to pull from various stash!  Because I am contemplating a change, I will probably leave this one alone for a few days.  I have had some issues with the blocks.  They are a little more difficult to make at 6″ rather than the 12″, but I do not want another large quilt!  So the cobwebs should be out of the brain in a few days and I can really jump back into it and play the catch-up game.

I need to start on Rosemary Youngs Happy Scrappy BOM – think I am 2 or 3 blocks behind.  Today I am going to select the fabrics for Rosemary’s project.  Next I will select fabric for Block 4 of Barbara Brackmans’ 2014 BOM and will then be current with that one.

My Di Ford’s Mystery Quilt is hanging in mid-air!  My selected pieces for the Medallian are ready to go, but still sitting on the Long Arm Table!   That is the one I worked so hard at ordering the fabric for and here it all sits.  But I will be working hard to catch up with my on-line BOMS and the start on Di Ford’s.  I think they call this “one day at a time” – Heck – Scorpio’s are intensive planners and hate to not meet deadlines.

The weather here in South Texas is nice and warm.  We are experiencing the mid-90’s and high humidity.  I have made myself a promise to have my morning coffee, do my walk, and fix breakfast.  After that I always try to get to the Studio for the remainder of the day.  I will be happy to do the 3 things each day as I have really fallen down on my walking.  I have been a walker for the last 35 years and never missed a day, but boy this year is a different story.

So until next time – Have a Blessed Day and enjoy Life!

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