To-Do Tuesday – 31 March 2022

Morning all. Welcome to almost Spring! The trees are producing leaves each day and daylight in the early morning is arriving, thus walking is done the first thing in the morning which gives the the rest of the day to play! YEA It appears that all the unforeseen problems are over with and the hearing aids will be returned and a new set coming soon. Right now just using the old ones and they work just fine.

Clay ordered a picture frame for my ”Love”. It was plain wood and he put a nice stain on the wood which I really liked. Then he set it up for me.

Last week was a week to stop working on Alaska quilt. I made a little ”mini” quilt (?) with the 4 blocks I had made. If anyone is interested in my experience with this ”project” click here and here.

Tuesday I ripped out some of the ”strips” that I had started for Sentimental Scraps. I was having an issues getting things to line up so I took all apart to re-check the squaring of the 200 each 9 patch blocks. That is all done and today I will begin sewing them together.

Yesterday was a very relaxing day for me and I did FaceTime with Kathy for a short period of time while finishing up my ripping project. Then I decided to finish the 3 1/2 ” Friendship Star blocks for a BOM that I decided to not do. I now need to press them and put them away to be used in another project. I have a lot of 3 1/2” blocks using Reproductions of Stars and Churn Dash blocks, but I used shirtings for the backgrounds. The fabric I used for the Friendship Stars is from a Brackman collection.

I feel for Stars Around the Garden, I must get with it and put it together. Tammy has not called for the quilts yet, if I get it together in the next 2 weeks it will go along with the other 9 quilts for her to quilt!

So mini goals for next week will be to start ripping the binding out on the Southwest quilt that the long arm quilter screwed up. It is a very very large quilt – this should be fun. I will finish Sentimental Stitches and begin work on Stars Around the Garden. THEN I will select a brand new project to work on!

For those who follow me, you know I am the ultimate Traditional Quilter AND the Ultimate Perfectionist. Call me nuts, but I want my quilts to not have cut off points, or mistakes. I strive for perfection and if something is wrong, I stop and take the time to figure out what I have done wrong, or if the pattern has an issue. Call me nuts, but it keeps my 77 year old brain working and that is so important to me.

Talk about staying in shape, Look what Clay and I did today. He is napping and I am wrapped in heating pads! Guess that is par for a 77 and 78 year old. now just waiting for our contractor to come finish the job to move the rocks onto the lawn fabric and lay the new road from the from the garage to the Studio.

Waiting for Rocks
Going to be pretty when finished

.Have a wonderful end of March and Let’s welcome in April 2022 tomorrow! Just 9 more months until New Year’s Eve!

Hugs, Nanette

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Slow Sunday Stitching-27 March 2022

Greetings – summer is just around the corner now. The temperature is starting to go up in the early mornings. Pleasant walk today, but doing that power walk really makes one sweat! Difficult to believe that we are going into the 2nd quarter of 2022. Time flies when you have so much fun!

I have finished my 2nd Counted Cross Stitch project. This pattern was a free download from the Fat Quarter Shop. I changed all the colors in mine to be more vibrant. I will order a frame for it this week.


Next on the list was to do something with the 4 blocks I had made when I started and finished Alaska. I named it Memories of Alaska

In 2014 I had 7 quilts quilted by a professional quilter. I have 4 of the 7 left to bind! (Shame on me). I started on one a couple of weeks ago and am going to try to finish it this week in the evenings now that I have finished “Love”. I love this Southwest quilt as it will be large enough for me to use on our California King. I am not certain, but think it is an Atkinson Design quilt.

Today I want to work on Sentimental Scraps (a Sitar pattern that you cannot mess up with just 9 patches and squares).

Sentimental Stitches from Quiltmania Magazine

MAYBE this week will be quieter (no appointments, no commitments, no cleaning up of other’s mistakes) and I will be able to finish the top and then begin to put Stars Around the Garden quilt together. This would be 2 more quilts for Tammy! Yea! I am ready to move on to new projects.

Have a great week! Hugs


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