Fat Quarter Stash and the Bean Pot Blocks

Greetings from South Texas – where the weather is TRYING to turn into Fall, but cannot quite make it.  But it is so much better than the 100’s!

It looks like I have 10 more days before I really become OLD!  Yup – Halloween will be flying on my broomstick at the age of 70!  Great age if one can still enjoy retirement, quilting, and spending time with Hubby.

Last week, I  decided to order some fat quarters and was still looking for Richmond Reds to be on sale!  When I started working on Di Ford’s I purchased 2 and 3 yard pieces and then I started working on reproduction blocks.  I could have used a lot of fat quarters instead of doing what I did.  I was lucky and found some great bargains.  Here are some of the bargains I found:

Whittles Civil War Background Fat Qtrs
Whittles Civil War Background Fat Qtrs
Bear Creek 19th Century Shirtings
Bear Creek 19th Century Shirtings


I finally found a good bargain for the Richmond Reds – I was so excited.  I love this line and the Ladies Albums by Barbara Brackman.

Richmond Reds
Richmond Reds – Finally

Now for the real deal – 48 Jo Morton Fat Quarters – They are from some of the older lines – but who cares – I just love the fabrics.

More Jo Morton FQs
Jo Morton FQs
Jo Morton FQs
Jo Morton FQs
Jo Morton FQs 2
Jo Morton FQs

In this bundle I found two border prints that I really liked and wish I could find them  – they just might work with Di Ford Quilt.  But I am sure that they are long gone, and I am not sure which line they are from.  Need to do some Dick Tracy on these.  Maybe I would be lucky and find a few yards in someone’s sale bin.

Jo Morton Border 2
Jo Morton Border
Jo Morton Border 1
Jo Morton Border

OK – Here we go – an update on my Alexander’s Bean Pot blocks!  I have finished 16 blocks – I am thinking that 30 total will make a nice lap quilt for Darryl.  I am hoping to get this one finished and quilted by Halloween.  Wish me luck.  I am really enjoying making this little quilt – not only that it is for Darryl, but the fact that it is fun selecting the fabrics and then making the block within an hour – Nice to see a finished block that did not take 6 hours because of issues!

Sylvester's Bean Pot Blocks -16
Sylvester’s Bean Pot Blocks

The sashings will be fun to make too.  They will be corner 9 patches measuring 2 3/4″ – OH BOY….  I was working on Block 17 when I realized that I had played too much with this one – I was intrigued with the light color fabric and messed up! I also loved the idea of “fussy cutting” the SnS corner blocks – Well  YUP – I put the light where the dark should have been and the dark where the light should have been!  But – hey – I rather like the look for another project.

Bean Pot Boo Boo
Bean Pot Boo Boo

Well, hope everyone has a great evening and keep on quilting!

On The Quilting Road Again – Alexander’s Bean Pot

What a difference a week makes – The weather has cooled off, and I have risen above the issue with Di Ford’s BOM.  I have decided that I will probably make the quilt, but not until the right fabric comes along.  So it is now considered “on the back burner”.

Understanding that I needed a project to work on  that would be fun, fast, and stress free – LOL – what quilt project is ever stress free – I turned to Civil War Legacies Carol Hopkins,  Handfuls of Scraps and Friendship Triangles by Edyta Sitar in hopes to find a pattern to work on.

My quilting buddy Jaydee gave me the Civil War Legacies as she “somehow” ended up with two copies of the book.    Speaking of having more than one copy of a book or pattern – I have to admit that I have three (3) COPIES of Elly Sienkiewiczs’ Beloved Baltimore Album Quilts…. I kept thinking that I had not purchased it and kept buying them.   Apparently it was one of those times – I call them the “Duh” Days.  Jaydee also sent me an early birthday present – the Handfuls of Scraps.  Thank you Jaydee!

When looking for my next project, I found Alexander’s Bean Pot Quilt in Carol’s book.  So I decided to make a nice reproduction lap quilt that would be fun, yet a learning experience.

Alexander's Bean Pot
Carol Hopkins’ Alexander’s Bean Pot


The blocks are 5 inch blocks (unfinished) with sashing cornerstones of 9 patches measuring 2 3/4 inches and strip pieced sashings.  One of the things about this project is that Carol has provided the cutting instructions for one block because it is a scrappy quilt.  That was what I had just been looking for – a project that would require little time spent in doing a test block to see if problems would arise.  WHAT A RELIEF.

I am enjoying working on this quilt.   I have not made a lot of quilts that have small blocks, and this is a great one to perfect that technique.  The block consists of four each  2″ square in a square blocks…. I thought that this would be a challenge, but it has actually become fun making each little block.  Selecting different fabrics for individual blocks and cutting them out has ended up being fun!

I have finished 3 and have 4 more that I am working on.  For the quilt I will need to enlarge the size from 36 3/4″ x 43 1/2″ so rather than 30 blocks I will probably make 35 or 40.

Starting Blocks
First 3 Blocks

For a closer view here are individual pictures of the blocks.  I am improving with each block and MIGHT go back and correct the 2 blocks that have “little flaws”.

Block 1   MVC-328S  Block 2

I am also working on my Happy Scrappy and have changed the border – AGAIN!  But this time I am happy with the outcome.  I will post that one in the next few days.

All in all, things are going well since I have changed projects.  It is so difficult sometimes to put a project down to work on another time, especially for we Type A personalities.   But I am glad that I did for the time being.

Have a blessed day and enjoy Fall.


Where or Where has my Di Ford Mystery Quilt Project Gone?

Welcome to South Texas where we only have tropical weather – YUP – back to the 90’s with high humidity – YEA –

Well, this should have set the mood for this Blog Posting.  Saturday I started to work on my Di Ford Mountmellick 2014 Mystery Quilt project.  This began 3 days of total frustration and here I am on Wednesday a little on the cynical side of life.

In 2004 I made my first pieced quilt called Cozy Christmas, a pattern from Fons and Porter Magazine.  It took me 1 month to complete it and I learned from that project that I knew nothing about quilting.  But when I finished that quilt it was perfectly square and all points were perfect.

It was a hard lesson to learn that when a pattern is provided free in a magazine that the magazine ‘assumes’ that the quilter knows everything there is to know about quilting.  After the 3rd call to Fons and Porter, I so advised!  Lesson learned on that one?  No more quilts made from a magazine UNLESS it was a utility quilt, quick and easy for a give away!

OK – 10 years later!  I was so excited about the Di Ford Mystery Quilt in the Quiltmania Magazine, I  worked very hard  trying to find the same fabric that she was using, but by the time I found out about the Di Ford, her 2014 quilt, Quiltmania, and Australian Quilters, I was out of luck for the first border fabric.  I told myself – ‘that’s OK’  we will just do another colorway.  Remember,  this is the year that I am into Reproductions – so am a babe in the woods on selections of fabrics.  I worked with a reproduction quilt shop and I chose to use the “Amelia” fabric line for this quilt.  It was top dollar price – and I did not mind at the time because I was so excited to start on this quilt.

I selected a background fabric and started on the Medallion.  Then in April Darryl got sick and all was put on hold.  The only applique  I had accomplished on this quilt included the stems, with the other pieces  ready to applique but I never seemed to get in the mood, or have the time for to work on it.  Since I have now caught up on other projects, I thought this would be the time to “get with it” and start my Di Ford Mystery quilt.

Well, it did not take long to realize that I was going to learn a very very very costly lesson………….Number 1.  The background I had chosen did not match the cream in the Amelia line.  I told myself, “well, not to worry Nanette – you have plenty of creams”!   NEXT….I then sat down and began studying the first border fabric that I was planning on using versus what Di Ford had picked out…………YIKES!    Must have been in LA LA Land when I first reviewed Part One!  Judie Rothermel’s 25th Anniversary border fabric is ONLY 3 INCHES and my beautiful Amelia border fabric is 4 1/2″……….WOW am I ever having some fun here!    It did not take a Rocket Scientist to realize that I had a SERIOUS problem here to correct (if at all possible).

I hit the panic button and started calling my quilting Buddies (like they really needed my problem)   I was determined somehow I would make it work. I put in calls to Jaydee and Jan – two of my long distance quilting buddies.  Jaydee was the lucky one (?) as she called me back first and calmed me down long enough to realize I needed to make a decision –  I could  move forward or put it away!  Being the Type A Scorpio idiot,  I decided I would forge ahead, use this as a challenge and make it work.  She spent time with me discussing medallion quilts with borders and how they work.   (Jaydee is a little smarter than me – she was going to wait until the entire quilt was published – REAL SMART LADY!)

By Tuesday morning I had decided to re-size the pattern and cut out a small piece of my Amelia border fabric.  Tuesday afternoon I spoke with Jan who had already ordered the kit in January and had all the suggested fabric line to make the entire quilt – especially that first border!   I told her I realized that this quilt had to have a 3″ border fabric and mine was NOT 3″, but 4 1/2″.  We discussed different ways to make it work, but when I tried one of the ways it BOMBED!  End of that story.

Jaydee, Jan and I have all agreed that in order to make this quilt come out like it should, the quilt had to have the exact border fabric or forget it!.

OK – so here I am on Wednesday at 2:22 – Nothing more to report – the fabric is back in the  drawer for another project and Di Ford’s 2014 Mystery Quilt is gone forever!

To top it off – I was looking at my Happy Scrappy Medallion with the 3 borders completed and getting ready to sew the hexie flowers on when I realized that the last border was sewn on wrong…………………..

I have a date with Mr Ripper ……. Fun Fun Fun

I think I may go get my knitting, sit in my rocking chair and wait for winter!  One thing I will not do the rest of the day is to Quilt!  Maybe there will be a good segment of Gunsmoke to watch!

Have a Blessed Day and hope you received a chuckle today!


Catching up with Threads of Memory

WOW!  I am now caught up with Threads of Memory, finished my Globetrotting, and slowly getting the Hexie Flowers finished for the last border on Happy Scrappy – AND IT IS FRIDAY!  Yea!

Based on my Blog on the “Jacksonville” Star and the fact that I was not really happy with the colors,  I made one change on the block.  I removed the original center and replaced it with a green center square.  Here are pictures of the block before and after.  I think I can live with it now.

Threads of Memory – Block 8 – Jacksonville Star – Cheddar Center
Block 8 Jacksonville Star
Threads of Memory – Block 9 – Jacksonville Star – Green Center












Today I finished Block 9 of Threads of Memory – Lancaster Star.  I am pleased with the colors.

Lancaster Star 2
Threads of Memory – Block 9 – Lancaster Star

I am hoping to start on Di Fords 2014 Mystery Quilt tomorrow.  This one has been in the cue for too long.

Have a wonderful week-end and Happy Quilting!




Happy Scrappy BOM Update

I have also been working on my Happy Scrappy BOM with Rosemary Youngs.  I have changed my borders and have purchased a lot of this fabric line to make an entire quilt because I do not have any orphan blocks.  I will make some different blocks that will fit with the measurements Rosemary has provided.  It will be a fun project as I love this fabric.  It is a 2008-2009 Moda line that had been set aside for an applique project that was never started.  I was lucky enough to find some on the Internet to build up a great stash.

For the last border, I decided to make little hexie flowers.  I thought I would just put a flower in each corner, but I did not like the look.  So I decided to do a vine and that has made the difference.  Just need to finish making the hexie flowers.

Happy Scrappy Final Border
Happy Scrappy Final Border – First Idea


Here is how I do stems for my applique projects.  I usually cut a 1/2″ bias strip, applique one side down, trim any excess and then applique the other side.  It is quick and easy.  I also use a 3/4″ bias strip if I think I may have problems with fraying.

Starting the Stem
Starting the Stem
Trimming the Stem
Trimming the Stem
Turning the Other Side of the Stem
Turning the Stem and Applique
Happy Scrappy Last Border
Happy Scrappy Last Border – Final Final!

I have made 8 more hexie flowers to fill in the border and think it will look better.  Just need to get with the program and finish sewing them together.

Have a great day and happy quilting!

Wild and Wooly Colors for Threads of Memory – Lancaster Star – Whoops – Jacksonville Star

CORRECTION:  Well, where was my brain – out to lunch I guess – Block 8 is the Jacksonville Star – NOT the Lancaster Star.  So I have made the corrections below:   Guess I was having just too much fun yesterday!  The colorway in this block would have fit the Lancaster Star perfectly.  Will see what the day brings.


Greetings from Summer Time in South Texas – Here it is 30 September and we are in the 90’s again!  They say only until Friday and then we will feel some Fall weather – Yup – for 2 days………Oh well.

I finished Block 8 from Threads of Memory – the Jacksonville Star.  The templates that were provided had an issue so I put the block diagram into EQ7 and printed out the templates.  It took some time, but here is what I came up with.   I guess my mood today was “over the top” bright and cherry because I really picked out some LOUD colors for this block!

I hope I do not get in a more mellow mood tomorrow, as I do not want to have to remake this block.  But if I do, I think I could make in 1/2 the time it took to make this one.   Maybe I will get some comments that will either tell me to ditch this one and make another one, or keep it!  We will see.  The fabrics look like Christmas, but they are Reproductions.


Threads of Memory – Block 8 – Jacksonville Star


Any bets that in the next few days I will make another one…. Guess this looks like a Reproduction Block – not sure.

Have a great day and happy quilting!

Globetrotting with Chopin and Pat Sloan

First of all – do not forget to check out “Bits of Baltimore” On Line Auction beginning 1 October 2014.  Even if you do not bid on anything there are some beautiful quilts to just savor over.   Go to http://www.baltimoreapplique.com for the information.

Well, I have finished my Globetrotting quilt!!  It feels so great to have accomplished this.  Pat Sloan had the BOM on her Blog this year.  Pat’s blocks were “ripping” free.  This is because she adds 1/8 of an inch to cutting instructions and what a difference!  I knew that when I made this quilt there would be less stress and less ripping.  All quilters have such a great feeling when a project is completed (oops not quilted yet but to me it is “finished”)  I will probably do my own quilting on this quilt.

When I started this project I did not realize that there would only be 9 blocks.  I did not want to have plain fabric for the corner blocks, so I used EQ7 and reduced the Medallion to a 10 1/2″ unfinished block.  Each month I drew the blocks into EQ7 – this always helps in selecting colorways or to change or add a block.  So it was easy to print out the 10 1/2″ unfinished block.  Now anyone who uses EQ7 and ends up with “issues” in being able to square a block I will give you a hint – Always add 1/8″ to any pieces that will be cut and re-sewn… i.e., half square triangles, quarter square triangles, etc.  this will provide enough fabric to square them.  Otherwise – DISASTER!

10 Inch Medeallion Corner Square Blocks
10 Inch Medeallion Corner Square Blocks

I decided I wanted to only have a 1″ finished sashing between the blocks – so that meant I had to make 3 more blocks.  I used some blocks from EQ7 and modified the Snail Block, made a 9 patch  on-point,  and added another “star” block.

Block 12 - Globetrotting
Modified Snail Block
Block 10 - Globetrotting
9 Patch On-Point
Block 11 - Globetrotting
Star Block

If you follow my Blog – you know that with each project I always learn something new – or have to “remember the hard way” to not do something! This time I used a fabric for the sashing that was not strong enough to hold the blocks in place.  I had problems.  Of course this was after the quilt was already finished – the sashings were off center!!  So out came the ripper, I rechecked all blocks, took all borders off of the Medallion and found a 1/8″ issue and after 2 hours that was corrected.  In addition to problems with fabric I found that I did not have any other blue fabric that would really make this quilt pop, so off to the quilt store!  I was very blessed because I found the perfect fabric to finish this quilt.

New Border Fabric for Globetrotting
Sashing and Border Fabric for Globetrotting

When working with this fabric I had to be very careful because it frayed.  So to stop the fraying before it became a problem, I used the dark blue for the first border for the Medallion, cut the 2nd border, but before I sewed it on to the dark blue border I used sizing to stabilize the fabric (I pre-wash all fabrics because of the chemicals).  This was a great help.  I had absolutely not one problem with completing the quilt.  When I finished it I did a stay stitch all around the last border to keep any fraying or issues before I can get it quilted.

This quilt along with my Red, Grey, and Black quilt provides me 2 quilts for 2015 Quilt Shows!  I love the way this quilt turned out – Thank you Pat for the inspiration.  Because of precision cutting, squaring, and at times ripping and re-doing.  my quilts come out square without having to do the things that I have seen in magazines – i.e.,  spritz it and pin it to the floor…….Nope not here!   Of course some say I am truly nuts being the Type A perfectionist, but I love my quilts because they do come put perfectly square.  It has taken some time to be able to do that but all has been worth it.

Globetrotting with Chopin
Globetrotting with Chopin and Pat Sloan

I am going to catch up with Threads of Memory (August and September blocks) and work on Happy Scrappy blocks.   But I am also ready to tackle Di Ford’s Mystery Quilt – Just 9 months behind every else!  I want to get started on it and have it ready by November so it will be put aside for 2015 Quilt Shows.  Wish me luck.

We have been receiving some rain last week and Friday and Saturday we were blessed with 2 inches – I can hardly wait for winter – It would be great to have days that are 50 during the day and 30 at night……….I am, of course dreaming!  Have a blessed day.

The Bits of Baltimore Online Auction – My Donation Quilt

I was able to finish my donation quilt for the Baltimore Applique’ Society “Bits of Baltimore Online Auction”.  I did not think I would finish it by the deadline to be in Maryland, but I did!  Whew!   My Block is from the Elizabeth MacCullough Hervey Quilt Pattern from the Baltimore Applique Society – Block A-3.  Normally the birds are either a Red or Blue, but I chose yellow.  I fussy cut the wings to enhance the birds.


Elizabeth MacCullough Hervey Quilt Pattern – Block A-3 Appliqued and Hand Quilted by Nanette Chopin-Cook

Here is the information for the Online Auction – 1st Auction is 1 through 15th of October 2014, and the 2nd Auction will be 20 October through 3 November 2014.  Mine will be in the 1st Auction.

Best of Baltimore Auction
Bits of Baltimore On Line Auction
Best of Baltimore POC
Information about Baltimore Applique Society

Thank you for visiting my Blog, and if you have the time, take a look at all the beautiful hand work that the BAS members have donated for the Auction.   Have a great day!  Check out their website – http://www.baltimoreapplque.com

Results of the Austin Area Quilt Show – 12-14 September 2014

This is the first time I have entered the Austin Area Quilt Guild Show.  I was so lucky to enter my 3 quilts in the show on the very last day!  This is unusual for me because I normally try to submit my entries at the very first of the entry time when I enter a Quilt Show.  But this year was different so I was very happy to be able to enter my work in the show at the last-minute.

Here are my entries with the Ribbons – I received 3 Honorable Mentions – a Ribbon for each quilt entered.  I was very pleased.   I was not sure if my Jacobean in Batiks and Floating Stars would yield any Ribbon as they did not fair well in the 2013 San Antonio Quilt Show.

My Lone Star now has a Blue Ribbon from San Antonio 2013 Quilt Show and an Honorable Mention from Austin.   I used Debbie Maddy’s HST pattern and changed the border to 52 Floating Stars – The stars are not paper pieced.  I also added another 5 inch light border to give the Lone Star the effect of floating.

Large Lone Star Over the Rainbow


My Jacobean in Batiks consists of different embroidery designs and inspiration came from Pat Campbell Jacobean works.  I designed the Setting.  Why in the world I decided to do 5 Medallions is a mystery, I just thought it would be pretty – did not think about all the hard work.  I needle turned all the pieces (no glue) and then went around each piece with embroidery thread – what a chore but it makes the applique really stand out.  I quilted this quilt after spending 8 days in the hospital with Cat Scratch Fever – YUP – Cat is G-0-N-E!  I had 6 weeks to finish it before the 2013 San Antonio show.  So needless to say I was thrilled with the Honorable Mention.  I am not sure where the wrinkle on the bottom left corner came from – Humm guess it happened while in the bag.   The quilt is hand quilted about with a 1/4″ spacing on the outside Medallions – not sure I will do that one again!

Large Jacobean In Batiks
Jacobean in Batiks


Floating Stars is a pattern from Far Flung Quilts.  I made this quilt in Batiks.  I had problems with the cutting directions and had to spend some time to do the math to correct them.  Again, I am thrilled that I received an Honorable Mention.

Large Floating Stars
Floating Stars in Batiks

Have a great day – and thank you for visiting my Blog.


Threads of Memory – The remake of the Oberlin Star Block!

I have enjoyed working on Threads of Memory and have received so many great comments on my blocks.  Thx to all who have commented and to Barbara Brackman who put this Block on her Blog.

Block 5
Madison Star – Block 5

I had some problems with the Oberlin Star block 7 for August.  Templates were provided with the block and I made sure that Template A marked 4″ was accurate and printed away.  What I did NOT do was check was templates B and F (I assumed they were accurate because it did not indicate to check that one) (Duh).  So I made the block and decided to applique the corners rather than mess with the curve.  This  was the good thing to do – following the Templates was the wrong technique to follow!  Here is what happened on that first try!

Block made with Templates B and F

The block should depict the illusion that the star is on sitting on the top of a completed layer of fabric….. Notice the little piece of light fabric that is not centered – it is too small.

“The Problem”

So I grabbed a ruler and tried to figure out why the center sections were too large!  Well, the long side of the template was 4 1/8″  not 4″. This is a picture of how the 2 templates looked from the back – WRONG –  Notice the dark blue and small white portion….. It did not work!


Problem with Templates B and F


I decided I would have to go  back to the drawing board and decided to apply some math to figure out how to cut the pieces with rotary cutting.  I used Templates A and C to make the corner squares (I hand appliqued the circle onto a square).

Appliqued Corner

For D I cut 4 each 5 1/4″ squares and sub cut into 8 triangles for the Star Points and Center Triangles.  The cutting for E was accurate at 4 1/2″ square for the Center Square.  For F – I cut a 3 1/4″ square and sub cut it into 4 triangles.  To make the “wonky” Triangle NOT using the templates, I measured 1 3/4″ from the bottom of each triangle cut from the 3 1/2″ square and used the 4 small triangles from the 3 1/4″ square that was sub cut into 4 small triangles for the top.  CLEAR AS MUD – right?   Well, here is how it came out – absolutely perfect.  The only difference in the way I made the block is that my “wonky” little piece of  F and B are a little larger than the template.

Rotary Cut Star Point Section – Notice my small piece on the top is a little larger than the Template

Notice that the block now looks as it should.  It was time-consuming to have to take the time figure out a way to achieve an accurate block, but it was fun to do and a great challenge to do the math and finish with an accurate block!

Oberlin Star – Block 7

Lesson learned on this one – CHECK ALL TEMPLATES BEFORE CUTTING!

Have a great day.  I am hoping for rain here in our are someday – and a cold wet winter – would not bother me a bit!


Sentimental Scraps Project – August 2014

I started a post on 11 August 2014 – Where has the time gone? I was under the weather (as they say) for about a month, then here came the Dentist and the 6 month checkup’s and the Austin Quilt Guild Show! WOW. I am so looking forward to next Tuesday (23 September) as I will be through with Doctor visits (not the Dentist yet). At least I will have an opportunity to become BORED? One thing I will not miss is all those wonderful trips to San Antonio and having to rush and leave by 8AM! Reminds me of going to work!  The longer I am retired, the less I enjoy having to be somewhere at a certain time.   Of course the exception to this rule is when there is a Quilt Show to attend!

So let me see if I can remember who I was, where I was and what I have accomplished. Until I read the draft of 11 August, I did not realize that 5 weeks since I finished putting 230 each – Three Inch (3″)  9 Patches for my Sentimental Scraps. At that time I put all in a box for a later date to finish.   I will wait until things have settled down before I put the quilt together as it may end up in a Quilt Show and I do not want to mess it up!   I still have quite a few of the 1 1/2″ x 5″ strips left over. Might make a scrappy rail fence – any ideas?

Sentimental Scraps 9 Patches
Bucket of Sentimental Scraps 9 Patches
Sentimental Scraps Alternating Blocks
Sentimental Scraps Alternating Blocks

Having a Blog is really neat as it is a great way to document and share our progress on projects.   I  enjoyed working on this project, although my friend Jaydee finished hers first and I hope mine is not still in the box at Christmas……Speaking of Christmas… I certainly hope I can make at least one Christmas project before December 25, 2014.  This was a goal in January 2014, but things do happen that we cannot control, so maybe I will finish a Christmas project  by January 2015 and say – “wow, am I ever ahead this year”.  LOL

Sentimental Scraps Coming Along

Life has been a little hectic, but calming down some.  I have been working on my Sentimental Scraps project. Thought I would take a few pictures to show that I am getting some projects going.

A Bucket of Strips
This is my “Bucket of Strips”  getting smaller
Light Strips
The Light Strips are thinning out – Need more!
Future 9 Patches
Here are the “Future 9 Patches” – Ready to be put together

I was going to cut out some additional fabrics, but decided to just continue with the process and use up all the 5″ strips I have  already cut.  I did pull some of the lights I had selected as I did not like the way there were turning out.  So now I get to cut some more strips.  The pattern calls for 130  3 inch 9 patches, but I am going to make a larger quilt, so I am “assuming” that if I make a total of 230 or 260 that the quilt would turn out to cover part of the California King bed!  Now if I find that I just cannot continue on with this “fun” project, it will be what it will be.

I have started quilting my BAS block and hope to have it complete next week.  It needs to get in the mail by next Friday ….. Humm.

Here is an idea I had for my last border on Rosemary Youngs Happy Scrappy project.  I originally decided to do the last border in the Chedder crackle with the hexie flowers on each corner, then last night I thought I might add more…. Boy those 5/8″ hexies are tough to do, but it might look better with more than one on each corner…..We will see what I end up with!

Scrappy Happy Last Border
Happy Scrappy Medallion – Last Border


I have received my patterns from Australia – They are neat.  I ordered Auntie Green’s Garden, Mosaics, and Tulipa  from the original Irene Blanck the Designer.  Nice future projects.  Her website is  focusonquilts.com.au.   The postage may be high, but the patterns are in wonderful condition.  Clear and easy to trace for applique.  They will be a challange and are on my Bucket List!

Auntie Green's Garden
Auntie Green’s Garden



I hope all have a great week-end and keep on quilting!  Until next week…. hopefully I will have finished some projects by then – or at least caught up with BOMs.

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