Hello Ms MAC and Goodbye Ms PC!

Life is getting better these days Clay is doing great and  I am slowly getting things done that were put on hold.  One of the most important things I had to do was to set up my new iMAC before Windows would no long be supported.  Somehow I thought I had until the 20th of January to make the transition, but alas when I turned on my PC it was yesterday that Windows 7 support stopped!  Whew!  Talk about cutting it close!

So this morning I rushed to shut off the Internet on the Dell laptop and the 2 desktops before we had any problems with uninvited guests – like hackers or unwanted viruses on our network!

I started Monday with setting up the iMAC, backing up all documents for the last time, transferring them to the iMAC, switching 2 laptops, and now aI will be getting rid of the 2 each 10 year old desktops.

You ask about my quilting projects?  Well, they have been on hold until tomorrow or Saturday!  I had allowed 4 days this week Tomorrow will be downloading EQ8 and getting familiar with some of the software and settings.  I now am totally Apple and am 95% finished with the transition.  Here is my new work station!

There was one problem with the transition, I have 3 external hard drives that I use to continually back up my documents and pictures that are on the PC.  One of them was accidentally hit and fell on the floor – goodbye Seagate External Drive!  Thank God I had already transferred files to the iMAC, because later when we moved the PC that had all the files went belly up also (at least I think it did) !  I had another one that evidently had died also so I was left with the one that I backed up my MacBookPro laptop.  In the end, it all worked out great, if I lost any data or documents they were things I can do without!

Tomorrow will be short trip to HEB and playing with Ms MAC and Friday we will be going to BAMC for a checkup and probably a full cast will be put on his hand after they remove stitches and the temporary splint.

I am ‘planning’ on selecting fabrics for OMIGOSH if all goes well.  I am still leaning toward Reproductions.  But as we quilters know – we have the option to change our minds.

Have a great week and week-end!  Enjoy the Holiday on Monday if you are still working


HQAL and A Great Day!

Welcome to the old folks at home day!  Football games have been Number 1 here yesterday and today!  I love football (yes weird for a quilter) and will enjoy the remaining games.  I am already looking forward to the Olympics in June and then football in August.  This year I will be more in tune with the teams and players!  I think the Dallas Cowgirls are off my list if they do not learn how to play consistently!

Clay is doing great!  He has such a good attitude – and mine has improved 150%!  I do believe that the last half of this year will be our time!

I have been able to complete a couple of blocks for Mary Brown. I decided to do 16 blocks first – the 4 corners each have 4 blocks that are connected together with the vines for the flowers.  I have the left top section completed.


I have finished 3 blocks of the right corner now.  Today I will be working on the 2 Sunflower blocks and one more pineapple block for the bottom 2 corners!  If you look closely you might see where the pencil marking is for the vines that will be placed on the bird and leaf blocks!

I do not know what happened, but for some reason it took me almost an hour to get this picture (above) inserted in the post!   Somehow the picture was corrupted.

I wish all have a great week and lots of quilting in your week!  I am getting back to normal and it feels great!

Hugs and thanks to all who were praying and rooting for Clay to do well!


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This Hand Quilt Along is an opportunity for hand quilters and piecers to share and motivate one another. We post every three weeks, to show our progress and encourage one another.  If you have a hand quilting project and would like to join our group contact Kathy at the link below.

KathyMargaretEmmaTracyDebSusan,  Nanette,  EdithSharonKarrinConnie, Bella, Gretchen, Daisey , Kathie.

Good News and Ptosis!

Greetings from South Texas where at our house we are thinking of buying a table with a large umbrella and 2 chase lounge chairs and enjoy having our own sandy beach!  YUP – no rain here!

Yesterday we had an appointment at BAMC for a check up on Clay’s hand.  Talk about relief for me and Clay!  The Doctor (military) has done a miracle with his hand.  How he ever put things back together is amazing.  Clay heals well so all looks great!  He is scheduled for his Reconstruction surgery on 13 February.  Next week he will have stitches removed from his finger and then he will have a cast on his hand until the surgery.

Prognosis is fairly good that the little finger will be OK, with a ‘wait and see’ on mobility, etc.  But knowing Clay – it will all work out in the end!  He is such a trooper!

As most know, we had concurrent Cataract surgeries in September and October.  Clay did great – ME, well we know how that damn black cat always follows me around, I have Ptosis (pronounced Totis).  It happens sometimes with this type of surgery and can be hereditary – THANK YOU SMITH-HARRISON LINE!

Ptosis can be caused by Cataract surgery (whoopee) or genetic (another whoopee), so I really have a problem now, and have been referred to a Plastic Surgeon for corrective surgery.  I also have issues with the bottom eyelashes growing inward which aggregate my right eye and have to go back to the Eye Doctor whenever that happens (which is about once a month).  Apparently the surgeon will zap the folicals with a laser  and permanently cease that issue!  I was just so damn happy yesterday afternoon when I realized that I now have another ‘minor’ surgery ahead which will resolve this issue!  Doesn’t this just sound like fun and games?

Especially since 2020 was to be such a quiet, peaceful and ‘a lot of quilting’ getting accomplished!  I guess that looking like I am 60 is better than having drooping eyelids!  LOL.

If it had not have been for how great Clay’s hand is looking and the positive outlook, I think that the trauma I have experienced (NOT TAKING AWAY FROM THE PAIN THAT CLAY HAS SUFFERED) on New Years Eve that I might have just come home and sat in a chair forever!  (Not really).  Anyway, this is on the horizon, in the meantime I am determined to put issues behind me and go forward as backwards is not the place to stay!

This week-end will be football week-end!  Yea!  I am thinking that starting Monday I will start setting up my new iMAC.  I will need some time to get it set up and will have 4 days to do so as Friday we go back to BAMC.  I am not ready to start working on OMIGOSH until Clay gets his hand in a cast that will give him more freedom.

All in all, WE ARE SO BLESSED.  We have each other and it is such a very special gift that God gave us!  Who else has grown up with someone from age 9, never dated, but at the age of 51 Clay called me in DC and I married him in 2 months and that was almost 24 years ago!

Others that I know are going through much more severe illnesses and I constantly pray that they are healed.

I am hoping to have some hand work ready for HQAL tomorrow!  If I can maintain only positive thoughts, things will improve even more.

Have a wonderful Saturday and count your blessings!

Hugs, Nanette


In An Instant…..

First I must tell all Happy New Year and may your 2020 bring joy, happiness, blessings from God, and a lot of quilting.

If you are one of my contacts that usually receive a Christmas or New Years greeting and have missed the Happy New Year card, I have a little story to tell.

In my last Post, excitement was in the air for the coming New Year!  That was before I received another phone from Apple.  About 6 that evening I started to set up the new phone (a replacement).  I will condense this part – They sent the wrong phone (an AT&T carrier phone versus my Verizon carrier). That call ended at 11:00PM. Then up at 5:30 AM.  I spoke to Apple again from 7 to 10:30 AM and things were looking up but we were exhausted.

NEXT phase – Tuesday afternoon adventure.  Clay had ordered another American Arms 22 mag gun for Christmas.  The Firearms Dealer in LV called and advised that the gun had arrived and we could come pick it up.  We did and arrived home about 4:30.  We headed to the Studio as I had left the new phone updating to IOS13 – of which it is reminding me of why I do not like a black cat to cross my path!!!!!!!!  Remember, we were both exhausted from lack of sleep as I tell the story.

Clay was in one of his rooms and I went to my room and stopped to fix me a pot of coffee before I sat down to finish the updating of the phone and my Apple Watch.  I THINK I was heading back to the other room to get my coffee when I heard the gun go off and smelled the black powder.  I ran into where Clay was and he kept telling me he was sorry that he had accidentally shot himself in the hand.  It was like the twilight zone.  HORRIBLE

I immediately called for an ambulance.  Clay is a retired SAFD Lieutenant so he knew to apply pressure to stop the bleeding.  CLAY IS NOT ONE TO HAVE THIS HAPPEN – HE IS THE OVER CAUTIOUS TYPE BUT HE WAS TOO TIRED TO BE DOING WHAT HE WAS DOING!   When this happened I did things that were evidently programmed in my mind, but all I could do was cry, shake and try to get him to the ambulance.  Of course we had just locked the gate and my worry was that they could not get in without bolt cutters.  Clay was probably in shock, and was determined to walk to the Gate (about 800 feet) to the road to meet the Ambulance!

He was taken to the Trauma Center at Brook Army Medical Center (BAMC) in San Antonio.  BAMC is the premiere trauma center in the USA as far as we are concerned.  He had the most wonderful Orthopedic Team to take care of him.  By 10:00 PM they had decided that he would be admitted and that surgery would be on New Years Day.  The surgery was successful (Surgery Number 1) in cleaning out the wound and accessing damage. He had shattered the 5th dorsal in the left hand (the bone between the small finger and the wrist).  There will be another surgery in 6 weeks for reconstruction and bone drafting.   We are so blessed to be so close to BAMC (about 40 miles) and to have all those angels taking care of my Clay.  I never left his side, and they allowed me to spend the night with him (we went 24 hours without eating and sleeping).  Because the surgery went so well (they did a block on his entire arm) we arrived home by 5PM on New Years Day.

We experienced the dedication, talent, and caring of some very young military doctors and nurses that serve our country – PLEASE REMEMBER TO THANK A PERSON SERVING IN THE MILITARY THE NEXT TIME YOU SEE ONE!  THEY ARE SPECIAL PEOPLE ALONG VETERANS THAT YOU KNOW – THEY ARE PROTECTING YOU!

We had a follow up appointment yesterday and the Doctor was so pleased with how well the surgery went.  It appears that he was able to close the wound up and Clay will have the 2nd surgery in 6 weeks.  Then the massive therapy will start.

Yes, it could have been worse, God was watching over Clay.  For me I am slowly getting over the trauma of witnessing all of this but at times, tears come.  We are fine, Clay is a trooper, more worried about me, just like I am more worried about him.  This is what has made us a great team for 24 years (even if the Irish guy and the Cajun lady can butt heads every now and then).  LOL.   It was an accident and it is not for him to carry guilt around forever.  I am fine, he is going to be back to normal sooner than later, and our year will continue to have blessings!

So now you know why I have been silent for the last 4 days!  I am not in a hurry to worry about any of my 2020 goals, and if I happen to miss commenting on some of the posts of others, please forgive!  I will slowly go over them.  I am glad that I have a lot of hand work ready to be completed.  I will stay close to Clay.  I am just not ready to go back to the Studio as of yet.

Hugs to all


Celebrating Mary Brown

Greetings – Less than 48 hours and we will be in 2020!  I cannot say it enough – I am so glad to get rid of the last Decade!  On to a new and brighter year for Clay and I!  Excitement is in the air!  We are blessed!  We are praying for a year full of fun, hobbies, and no health issues!  Would be nice Huh?

Due to problems with my iPhone and Apple watch and good ole Microsoft not supporting Windows 7 anymore, I am, as usual going to be behind in my goals for this month – but that is why we make goals – to break them! LOL.  I had wanted to have 4 more blocks completed for this month toward MB, but only have 2!  Here are my finishes for December:


The flower on the left is black with beige leaves (tiny) and the flower on the right is a cheddar with the same black and beige centers.

Here is what I finished early in the month!  I had wanted to have all 4 corners (16 blocks) completed this year but did not make it!  Goal is to get them finished and then I will start back on the top row and probably do either 1 or 2 blocks a month but no more as I have other UFOs that are begging for my attention!  I did change the pineapple pattern as I did not like all the “leaves” that covered up the pineapple!

I will be adding the vines on the corner blocks as I finish all of them OR wait until I have Rows 1 and 2 completed and the bottom 2 rows completed!  We shall see what happens.

Jan has been sick this month and if she has something completed soon I will do a post for her work.  Let’s hope she will get well soon!!!

Have a great week, enjoy the end of this Decade and let’s go and have a great 2020!


September 2019 Karen and Cathy selected Celebrating Mary Brown as their next project and invited anyone to join in the fun!  The following quilters are participating.  We will be showing completed blocks on the 30th of each month!  Take the time to visit them to see their completed monthly blocks!  If interested let Karen know you are interested in joining the group.

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Robin –   solsticestudio
Nanette – Doitrightquilter
Jan –  I will post her pictures with mine

Slow Sunday Stitching

Not a lot of slow stitching going on today!  BUT, I did get the last 4 blocks traced for Sweet Stitches!l. YEA

The blocks are for September, October, November and December – when finished I will be able to put the quilt together!  It was a BOM from Kathy Schmitz in the 2015 timeframe.


My goal was to have this accomplished before today then prepare Section 7 of Stonefields yesterday, but that did not happen.  I am ready to have Stonefields prepared by tomorrow.  My overall goal was to have Sweet Stitches and Stonefields prepared for applique and Mary Brown blocks (4) and Jacobean remaining blocks finished by New Years Eve.  I can finish with Stonefields but doubt if I will get the hand work finished that I wanted to by New Years Eve because I am still having problems with my phone and they are sending another one tomorrow – that will take time to re-populate the new one.

Another reason for the delay is due to the fact that on Friday I spent time doing my research as to which computer system I would up upgrade to before 20 January when Microsoft will no longer support Windows 7!  I have heard too many negatives on Windows 10 and my existing Desktop will not be able to handle the upgrade.

This situation would not have happened if Windows 7 were still being supported.  I knew I had to make the decision to either upgrade to a new Desktop PC with Windows 10 OR purchase an iMac.  I was hoping to hang on to 7 but it is just too risky with the idiot Hackers out there in cyber space!

After reviewing PC Desktops, I decided against going with another PC.   My biggest concern was my EQ7 software.  When I contacted Electric Quilt support team I found out that I could upgrade to EQ8 with a 25% savings if I ordered it Friday! Great Deal BUT the 25% was only good for Friday and I would have to make a decision as to which system I wanted.   Bottom line, I ordered the EQ8 download for iMac and then spent time researching the iMac configuration that I wanted.  I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted, but wanted to think on it overnight because of the cost!

Saturday morning I was blessed to talk with 2 technical support individuals about the iMac configurations and ordered a 27” iMac with a lot of bells and whistles!  I am looking forward to loading my EQ8 and then load myj document files that currently reside on my PC!  I will move the current PC that has a lot of software that I sill use into the Computer Room in the house and can use it off-line.

The only issue I am left with is a Dell 17” laptop and an Asus Desktop PC both running Windows 7 that have hardly been used.  I put them in the local paper for sale, as they would make great computers for school kids.  Of course, they would not want to get on-line with them.  Maybe someone would want them.

We will now be a 100% Apple Family – I never thought I would give up on Microsoft, but it is time!  This was my Christmas present for 2019.  It is a splurge, but as the younger generation says, “I deserve it”.  (Well Maybe)

Have a great stitching Sunday and a Happy New Year – I want to have the phone changed over Monday evening and the new iMac won’t bee here until the 10th of January, which is fine with me – more sewing time before I have to set it up!



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A Modified Soho Quilt – It is a 2019 Flimsy Finish

Earlier this year Jacelyn made a Purl Soho Prism Quit.  I really liked the pattern and thought that I would make one before the end of the year and I did! EXCEPT, after cutting out numerous (too many) HSTs and the smaller blocks, I decided that I would use the remainder of the year to prepare applique and embroidery blocks that I was behind on.  SO with that I present my simplified version of a Purl Soho Prism Quilt!

If you are interested in making A Soho quilt click on the link above for the free pattern!  It is a very very easy pattern to make.  I made my HSTs 4” unfinished and 3 1/2” finished.

I must admit, I became bored with it, but am glad I made it and for once I just zipped through the process – something I usually do not do!  Only 1 boo boo but I caught it in time to correct it!

I will quilt it and Clay suggested that I use it cover my new iMac computer that I am THINKING of purchasing in January.  I use my Desktop PC for all of my quilting software and they will no longer support Windows 7 and I am NOT going to move to a new PC with Windows 10!  I will set my Desktop PC in the old computer room in the house and if I need to access something it will still be there!  I would order one this week, but that means there will be no stitching when it arrives – takes a few days to get one set up and learn it!  So Glad I am proficient in Windows and Apple!  BUT there is still a learning curve!

As you can see from my 2020 Goals Post, I have a busy schedule to work from in order to catch up from the “C” delay the last 3 months!

It feels good to have about 6 days to do some prepping work and start the New Year off with a BANG!

Happy Stitching


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2020 Planning Party Goals!

I have made my plans for 2020!  I will be working projects within quarters (i.e., Jan-Mar; Apr-June; Jul-Sep; Oct-Dec).  I hope to have my 2019 UFO’s (mostly hand work )finished, or further advanced than they are today.  Here it is!  I know it is an aggressive schedule, but what the heck!

I will be preparing Sweet Stitches and Stonefields blocks for embroidery and applique before 31 Dec 2019.  I will be working on 3 pieced quilts during the day and in the evening I work on my handwork!  I would like to have my hand work completed by the end of June – may be dreaming though!

Quilt Projects for 2020

Pieced Projects (3 for January – March 2020)

Omigosh   Target date for completion – November 2020


Country Baskets or one of Lynn Wilder patterns 

Applique in (SAL) 2020

Celebrating Mary Brown (2020+ Project)
Applique 4 blocks (right corner)  (23-31 Dec 2019) I will be caught up with the group.  This is a continuing project probably past 2020

UFO’s – Applique

Jacobean Lights   –  4 blocks to be appliqued remaining  (23-31 Dec 2019) 
Prepare for applique  Sections 7-10 of  Stonefields. (23-31 Dec 2019)

Applique in January/February 2020

Dresden Heaven (2020)  – Prepare a grid to stitch the Dresden plates to. (23-31 Dec 2019)                                                                                                A Bountiful Life Border – Design and prepare border for this quilt!

UFO’s – Embroidery

Sweet Stitches – Prepare last 4 blocks for embroidery (23-31 Dec 2019)
Work on them in January 2020

New Embroidery Projects

Happy Little Things 13 Blocks (The Art of the Home) Ready for Embroidery (March 2020)

Aunt Bea’s Parlor Baskets – Ready for Embroidery (March 2020)

Lap Weaving Refresher – Work on projects through the year


Work on pre-printed panel in (January 2020) 

Well, this is my 2020 Plan.  I hope for everyone to have a healthy year for 2020 and complete all stated goals!  I know I am hoping for one!  At least there won’t be anymore cataract surgeries – only have 2 eyes!  LOL!



A Sunday Duo – HQAL and Slow Sunday Stitching!

Happy Winter Stolice and Merry Christmas week!  Clay and I will be enjoying a peaceful and quiet Christmas.  I will always be wishing to be in Arizona during the winter in our RV from now on, but that is OK, just think of the quilt projects I can do this winter (joke as I am sure there will be some sort of interruption that will continue to keep me behind the power curve).  I have not accomplished a lot of hand work this last cycle or the last week!  So here goes a repeat of a repeat!  Well, I did finish one block for Celebrating Mary Brown – the Pineapple.  I did not like the original and changed mine – you can read what I did HERE.

Old Pineapple

New Pineapple

IF I would only stay away from foods that I KNOW my body does not like, I would probably have more completed, but that piece of sausage and those wonderful corn tortillas were just too tempting.  Guess my new 2020 goal is to eat paper!  Just think if I felt great each day I could make more quilts – FASTER!  LOL  Back to eggs, chicken, and potatoes and lots of decaf coffee and water!  BORING!

Have a great Christmas week – maybe I will catch up with more of my UFO’s while everyone is either traveling or visiting this week.  Stay safe and stay healthy!



This Hand Quilt Along is an opportunity for hand quilters and piecers to share and motivate one another. We post every three weeks, to show our progress and encourage one another.  If you have a hand quilting project and would like to join our group contact Kathy at the link below.

KathyMargaretEmmaTracyDebSusan,  Nanette,  EdithSharonKarrinConnie, Bella, Gretchen, Daisey , Kathie.

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To Do Tuesday – 17 Dec 2019

Hello all!  Are you ready for Santa and a brand New Year?  Well, it is coming.  I am always excited about having a new year!  I can put all things behind me and start over and it is such a great feeling!

The weather is my type of weather – except we really need rain!  Maybe next week!

I will be looking at all the UFOs and all the quilt tops that need to be quilted before New Years Eve, so that on  the first day of January 2020 I can get started with my project list! (Updated from last year)

So for this last week To Do Tuesday –  I have finished Alexander Bean Pot!

After quilting the binding will be red and the border will probably be less than 3” finished! I am relieved and happy that I am finished with it!

I am also excited about finishing 4 blocks for Mary Brown (less the vines).  One of the blocks in this quadrant of 4 blocks was a pineapple.  I almost finished it but then realized I hated the block pattern and wanted to have a real pineapple rather than one that was mostly leaves.  I searched and searched for a picture of a pineapple that I wanted and found Cheryl Lynch designs!  She has a beautiful mosaic wall hanging of a pineapple!  So now I have a “real” pineapple ready to go!  I purchased one of her other patterns that caught my eye and the ruler for cutting the small strips!  It is the Terra Potta.   We love the Southwest and this will be fun to play with!

This is the original one from the pattern – you can see that I stopped with the middle leaf!  UGLY – maybe I chose the wrong fabric but either way I did not like it!

This is the new one and the prettiest (my opinion).  I want to thank Cheryl so much for the support!

Here are the 4 blocks that I have completed that were to be done in September – I am slowly catching up!  Only 12 more blocks that I want to finish by the end of this year – 2019!

There will be a vine that runs through the leaf and bird blocks.  I am happy now with where I am going with this quilt!

I am linking up with Roseanne’s To Do Tuesday Linky Party.  She has kept me grounded for the last 2 weeks!  Check it out!

For 17 –  24 December I will be working on applique blocks for Celebrating Mary Brown and might slip in some piecing on a quick project that I had signed up for but have not been able to work on.


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Alexander is Finished!

Greetings!  I am doing a Happy Dance!  I finished Alexander Bean Pot designed by Carol Hopkins!  I started about a year ago with 16 blocks, then put them in a drawer and it became a UFO!  So from the end of August 2019 until yesterday I worked on making an additional 48 blocks and the 9 patch sashings!  I am glad that I did have this project to work on while I recuperated from Cataract surgery as it was easier to work on them as I could.  There were other issues that delayed my ability to finish earlier, but I have made myself a promise to not look back anymore and go forward (thank you Jaydee!!!!).

So without further ado here he is!

Another view:

Now for a tree update!  We hired someone to prune all of our pine trees.  Then we hired a great company to come in and remove dead trees and all the limbs from the pine trees.  They both did a wonderful job.  Now Clay is left with getting all the leaves up!  He uses a Leave Vacuum system which helps him a lot.  We are in a serious drought here in our area of South Texas.  I believe we have had 5 inches of rain since June or July!  It is horrible as we did have some green grass before this drought started.  It has been well worth the $$ to have this baby!

These are pictures of the view I enjoy looking at through my Bay windows in our Studio!


You can easily see the damage that was caused by our feeding the Deer.  They are now gone to other places to eat.  We quit feeding them when they ate our little pine tree that Clay had nurtured and planted in the area so I could look out my windows while sewing.  Hopefully if we have a lot of rain in the next 3 months our grass might come back!

Friday we purchased another tree to replace the other one to put on the tree stump where a tree outside my window had to be cut down this week (boo boo) due to the possibility it could fall on our new roof in the Studio.  So Clay had them leave about 3 1/2’ of the stump and we placed the new tree on it.  I love it!

OH – you want to know what the poles are for?  WELL, it is a hot wire to keep any Deer from eating my tree!!!!!

AND we purchased a Bird Bath and placed it where our other tree was located (the one the Deer ate).

I am now putting all my quilting time into catching up Celebrating Brown.  I am at the point in my quilt life that if I do not like a block, I will be changing it.  I have found one that really needs to be changed.  More to come this week as I spend the majority of my day time appliquéing!   It would be so wonderful to have all blocks completed by the end of the week as I have one other small project that I want to work on – Hum – maybe I will mix them up rather than sitting all day doing hand work!

So for my Slow Sunday Stitching and other links I am working on Mary Brown!



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To Do Tuesday – and Alexander is on the Design Wall!!!

Greetings from South Texas where we are having my kind of weather – cold and rainy!  What more could I want you ask – TO BE FINISHED WITH ALEXANDER BEAN POT!  I am rather tired of it since I started finishing this UFO in late August and that went out the window.   I am HOPING to finish it into a flimsy by Thursday (if I beat that day I will be very happy!)  I am not sure, but think it will be a 65″ x 65″ quilt!  We shall see!

I have decided that this quilt is a lap quilt and will not have to be perfect so lets see if I can just put the quilt together even if something does not match perfectly!  Now you may ask “What is that on the right side in the picture?”  the last row of 9 patches and strip piecing sashings will go on the left side of the quilt!  I am not sure about the border fabric I will use – it is a wait and see game!

I never thought that it would take this long to finish it, but I guess one needs the eyes to work well to sew!  LOL  I have never counted pieces in a quilt but here goes a count as close as I want to get!

There are 64 Blocks @ 5″ unfinished.  Each block has 5 ea – 2″ squares;  16 ea – 1 1/4″ squares; and 4 ea – 2″ strip set consisting of 1 1/4″ x 2″ of light and dark fabrics!     For a total of    320 – 2″ squares;    1,024 1 1/4″ squares;     AND    256 of the 2″ strip sets!

For the Sashings there are 81 ea – 2 3/4″ (unfinished) 9 Patches and 145 ea – 5″ strip sets of 2 darks and 1 light strips @ 1 1/4″ x 5.   I am tired, are  your?  LOL

Have a great day and enjoy stitching.

Hugs to all and if there is a quilter in my little space south of San Antonio Texas who wants to join me in quilting one day let me know – I need a quilting buddy!  Anyone outside of Texas is also welcome to come over although it may be a little longer commute!  LOL  I miss my sister/cousin Kay she was my best buddy!


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