Ah, an Unforeseen Vacation! And Show Time – 22 May 2023

We have sunshine today – it has been wonderful to get the rain finally (drought since 2019), but 10 days with no sun is just not good. As those who read my posts know that I have had so much fun for 6 months completing all UFO quilt tops and projects! I threw in the Virus just for fun and to add more stress. I achieved my goal and had many nice comments on achieving those goals.

About 12 days ago I finished the 4 quilts for the Hill Country Quilt Show 26-27 May. I believe it was on a Saturday. On Monday, 15 May 2023, I started having some bubbling in the middle of my chest, but no other symptoms. Tuesday we stopped at the EMS here in LV and they did an EKG – it was OK. I know I have what they call Anxiety and Panic attacks (when they come it triggers the Fight or Flight button in my body and mind). I also know that when I am stressed I no longer deal with things like I normally do. When I worked in the DC area from 1993-1996 I worked on a project that required many long hours working for 2 and 1/2 years without a “life”. When the contract was awarded I crashed! I promised myself I would never do that again. (I got to ride in the meat wagon to the hospital twice). It was all STRESS!

Well, yes I now have all UFOs quilted with some waiting for hand work. But last week was the week that I hit the wall from STRESS! I ignored the warning signs but no more. Two trips to the ER in the meat wagon and 3 days in the hospital. I did the Stress Test and another Echo Cardiogram and all turned out fine. The hospital stay was no fun because of my limited diet and problems with medications. But that is all over with to include the reactions from not getting food or only food that I cannot tolerate. Today is the first day that I do not have those little fluttering in the chest – this means that I am calming down and will be fine.

So lesson had to be learned again – or maybe I did not realize that a quilter could stress themselves setting goals and forcing oneself to work on bindings 100% of the time – how stupid! It was not enjoyable at all, but I was overwhelmed with 29 quilts that had to have bindings sewn on and hand work before they would be considered “finished”. I have 11 more to hand bind, only 2 of them need to be ready by the end of August so there is no reason for me to stress on the remaining quilts. IN FACT – I closed the door in the room where they sit!!! Even looking at them can make me feel that I have to finish them NOW!!!

Then in early March I decided to enter the Hill Country Quilt Show and added more stress because I had about 2 weeks to get my entries in – another dumb move on my part.

This week is the Quilt Show so it will be a full week of getting out of the house and going to Kerrville 3 or 4 days. This will be a better Vacation than where I was last week.

I have nothing to show (LOL) for the past week but am hoping that the show will inspire me to move forward and I have a project in mind that is not stressful. I will wait awhile before I start on a challenging one.

I think the best lesson I have learned out of this period of my quilting life is that if I make a quilt that I know I will quilt on my long arm, that will be done before I start another project. ONE AT A TIME! If I make a challenge quilt for a quilt show or I just wanted it professionally done it will go to Rebecca!

Have a wonderful week and if you are pushing to finish something that you do not like – give it away, or only work on it when you can enjoy the process. We all have enough stress with the way the world is now and it is just not worth adding more stress to our bodies!



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9 Replies to “Ah, an Unforeseen Vacation! And Show Time – 22 May 2023”

  1. Oh Nanette I am sorry you spent a stressful week and hope your Kerrville trip will be relaxing and fun for you. I get it – it doesn’t take much to stress me out either. My husband is always saying “who is it that is putting all this pressure on you?”, and I have to admit it is myself. You’d think I’d be cool as a cucumber in my retirement years! I hope you can do whatever it takes to get yourself to a peaceful place. Take care my friend!


  2. Stress is not fun. It can take the calm out of retirement. I don’t listen to the news every day because of all the CRAP. I am doing more hand work embroidery. Just ordered the Summertime Quilt Kit from Shabby Fabrics.com because of the embroidery work on it. We are both fine except arthritis comes to visit. Take care of yourself, enjoy your days away. I laugh and tell the gals that if I have an error with my quilting its ok because only God is perfect.


  3. I’m so sorry to hear about your awful week! Hopefully this week will be better and you won’t stress about your quilts in your show. Glad you got some rain and yes, 10 days without sunshine is depressing. That describes winter in northern Indiana but for longer than 10 days! Happy stitching!


  4. Some of us really do learn the hard way! I am so sorry that you had a miserable week, but super happy that you are recovering very well, Nanette! Remember, quilting is our hobby, not our job, and it is supposed to be fun! So have fun! 🙂


  5. Good grief, Nanette, I had no idea you were that stressed, a little bit stressed yes, but to have yourself in such a state…you poor dear. Thank goodness, you have seen your way clear to better understanding of yourself and your goals and stress. That was a monumental task you set yourself and you have done so well with meeting it. You know now what you need to do, just keep doing it. Hugs to you from me.


  6. Just reading about all the quilting and shows and deadlines you had written about was stressing me out. I am not surprised with your crashing but so happy you’re ok now. I use to have panic attacks and yes left work in an aide car on occasion so I do know what you experienced. One day at a time and one quilt at a time please going forward 🙂 PS I was hacked and you may have received a weird email from me. I sure hope you figured out it was a scam and deleted it


  7. How awful!! All of it! Except I wish I could hack into your computer and make it so every time you tried to type “how stupid” you were about something you did or didn’t do 100% perfectly, it would come out “how HUMAN” instead! You are one of the smartest, most talented and capable people I know. If you’re stupid, that makes the rest of us mortals Neanderthals!! Take it easy and have a fabulous time at your show!

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