Ready for the Show! – 13 May 2023

WOW! This has been a long LONG LONG journey in clearing out all UFOs! I started in 2021 and 2022 working on projects that were not completed and getting them ready for quilting. You can see where I was at the beginning of 2022 here! Then in 2022 the REAL work began when I realized that I really had a problem with quilt tops that required quilting (40 total)! I knew that I would be able to quilt 16 and 10 would be hand quilted and 13 would be sent to Rebecca for quilting.

I have gone from this (quilts to Rebecca)

AND my quilts that I quilted (the last 2 on the left will not be quilted)

To This:

This was a monumental task for me starting in late December and by the end of January I had quilted and completed the binding of the 16 by the end of January! Constant long arm quilting is hard to do, so I am happy that I never decided to become a pro at it. I had been searching for a long arm quilter in the SA area, but not successful, so I was so blessed to find Rebecca! She is an excellent Edge to Edge long arm quilter, so many patterns to chose from, and the quilts look as if they were custom quilted!

By the first of February I was totally overwhelmed with the stack of quilts that required bindings – a total of 13 plus 4 quilts that had been quilted in 2014 and needed binding either sewn on or ripped and replaced! Somehow even with the lovely Chinese Balloon Virus, bindings were sewn on and waiting for hand finishing! It is now 13 May 2023 and I have completed 5 quilts (of the 7 show quilts) with 13 left to hand bind.

I wanted to enter my quilts in 2 local quilt shows this year since It has been 10 years since I had been able to participate in the shows due to family issues. I am entering the Hill Country Quilters Quilt Show at the end of the month. All 4 entries were quilted by Rebecca and are completed and ready to go! I have 3 quilts entered in the Greater Area San Antonio Quilt Show quilted by Rebecca and 2 need the binding hand sewn, and one is completed. All 3 will need sleeves and their labels sewn on. The show is in late September 2023, so I can now relax and work on those quilts as I desire. I will be showing Stonefields, My Summer Blues, Irish Spring, and Brinton Hall. If you wish to look at them go to the Menu Bar under the picture of the Header and click on 2023 where I have added pictures of all the quilts.

I will be working on the 13 during the time we are watching TV in the evenings. No more sitting and working on bindings, UNLESS, I just want to, until Jul, when I will need to have the 3 quilts for the San Antonio Show completed with Sleeves and Labels.

This week I am going to start catching up on reading my favorite bloggers and the Quilt Show with Alex Anderson. I joined in late December and have not had time to watch any programs. I want to go through my patterns and select some projects to start working on. My applique projects hand quilting has really suffered from the work on all of my UFOs so last evening I worked on a block from December. But it is a wonderful feeling to have them at a stage that is more manageable! My goal on having all completed is July, but there is absolutely no pressure to be in a hurry, so I believe I will enjoy the process more than being under a deadline.

Have a wonderful Mother’s Day!



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24 Replies to “Ready for the Show! – 13 May 2023”

  1. Your quilts are so lovely and Rebecca does such a wonderful job with the quilting! Leisurely binding the quilts is a good idea. Maybe an occasional evening of applique as a reward? Happy stitching!


    1. Thank you Gretchen. Even the Utility quilts that I did turned out acceptable. I am slipping in some applique before I grab another quilt. I have some smaller ones so those will go quickly! It is Stars and York Lodge that will take some time. Hugs


  2. Great going on finishing all those quilts! I am super impressed! I bet you will be really happy to start something new!


  3. Oh my goodness — I didn’t realize that it has been TEN years since you’ve been able to enter your work into a quilt show! You deserve a victory lap after all that you have accomplished. Forty quilts getting finished up in one year is just unheard of. Congratulations — and I love your new blog header photo, by the way! York Lodge is one of my favorites!!

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  4. It was in 2014 when I showed at the Austin Show where I received 3 Honorable Mention, and received nothing at the San Antonio Show in late 2013. Go figure – JUDGES! Then everything went belly up. In fact the last show I visited was the Dallas Texas show in 2017. Life has been a lot better in the last year except for that stupid Virus which really zapped me. But all has turned out great and you did the heavy lifting for me! I wanted to list all the 2023 finishes and it took me some time to figure out how to do it since I had not updated anything in the Menu since 2019!!! I did a Clay and stumbled on the right place to go to move the pictures and it took me some time to get them the way I wanted. WordPress only provides Chat time for support Monday thru Friday. UGH. Hugs


  5. Hi Nanette! You’ve rocked this enormous project since you took it on. No more stress about it! You’ve gotten the important things accomplished and now you can sit back and enjoy as the ribbons roll in. I’m proud of you, and you are still my daily inspiration for steps. My average has improved to over 8,000 for the month. That’s pretty good for someone with a desk job, I think. Weekends and the day I work from home I usually get 11,000+. So thank you for that. {{Hugs}} a bunch! ~smile~ Roseanne


    1. Thank you Roseanne! Although it has taken a toll, but it was really worth it! Now I can finish up the rest as I feel like it, not like I have to. I would love to get a Ribbon, but not sure of my competition. If a Julie Neymeyer quilt is in it – they always win the BOS…and all the 1st Place ribbons. I am averaging between 8500 to 10,000 +, but then I walk every day and now will be moving around much more since I do not have to sit and drive myself into a frenzy getting quilts ready for the show. I have 3 for September, but then that is September (no later finishing than 30 August!) Hugs and Keep that movement up – helps the body so much!

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  6. Isn’t that quilt in your new header a beauty too! My, just reading about this part of your quilting journey made me feel awe for what you have accomplished. You were and are quite the busy and accomplished quilter. And good luck now with those that will be entered in those shows. Yes, now you can relax and stitch as it comes to you to do so. What an accomplishment!


    1. Thank you so much Jocelyn. That is York Lodge – it was a masterpiece – I made the 45 and dumped 15 before I had the block perfected, but that comes with quilting. The show is the 26-27 of May. Kerrville is 90 miles from our home (one way) and we have to have the quilts there on the 23rd, the 2 days at the show, and pick our quilts up on the 28th – Bet you won’t hear me complain about traveling after next week! Again thank you for the very kind and inspiring words about my work. Hugs


  7. Hello Nanette – I came to visit after reading the comment you left on my blog. Your work is outstanding. Truly gorgeous. I am in awe you have been able to finish up so many quilt tops this year. (Using Rebecca’s help was a great idea. Isn’t she talented?) Anyway, I love your quilts. Each one is so intricate. I hope you do well in the shows this summer. 🙂


    1. Once I made the commitment I just had to keep going. Especially with the number that would need bindings on along with the hand work. After the Quilt show I plan on starting on new things!!!! Yea
      Take care and hope you are still enjoying your travels, or at home quilting! Hugs

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  8. Congratulations on all this achievement! This is quite fabulous to finish so many quilts, and they are all so pretty. I’m sure you will win some ribbons on the shows.
    Thank you for sharing and linking up!


    1. Thank you Frederique. The ones I quilted were done a long time ago and some closer but at least they are complete. I will be glad when the show is over with and the quilts come home on the 28th of May! Have a Blessed week! Hugs


  9. I love “before/after”, and you have done amazing work! I’m so glad you found Rebecca, I’m always so impressed with her quilting. Fingers crossed you will be rewarded at both shows for all your pretty work.


  10. Congratulations Nanette on accomplishing such a major goal. How wonderful that you cnanow site to enjoy hand stitching the binding when you want to. New Projects? What fun that will be to go go through patterns and choose something new. Thank you for linking with To Do Tuesday


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