I have survived the Chinese Ballon Virus! 7 April 2023

It is hard to believe that I have been sick for almost 30 days. I lost precious time with my binding project or for that matter any quilting project. To add insult to my illness, two weeks ago this Sunday I tripped and did a crash landing in the Studio, scrapping my left knee, breaking the fall on my little humidifier, and fell on the left upper side bruising a rib. Talk about things coming in 3’s. This last Monday I woke to a frozen windpipe – all due to the lovely Virus that gave me a Sinus infection and ended up with Bacterial Bronchitis. I finally had to get medication as my body could not fight anymore. My doctor sent me a Z-pack, I started an Inhaler for 3 days, and sat in the Recliner for 3 days plus most of yesterday.

This morning I woke up feeling like myself and headed for the Studio for coffee! Clay thought he was over his Chinese Ballon Virus (we call it that because we do not socialize, nor go much of anywhere to get what we had.) but when we went for a checkup yesterday, he ended up with a Steroid shot and will do Flonase for a week or so. What fun!

We are not the only people to get this mess, it starts with a funny feeling in the tummy, extreme headache for awhile, then the coughing sets in. Clay’s went to his chest, mine stopped the the Bronchial Tubes. Then you have NO appetite and you just quit eating, which makes it worse. I had no desire to do anything but just sit in my Recliner. During the month I would think I was over it and would start my walking, but after 3 days I was back in the Recliner. We know of at least 10 people who have had this mess and it is no fun.

But today thanks to the Z-Pack I feel a lot better and hope to at least sit in the Studio and continue to bind Globetrotting quilt and maybe start on the binding for Sentimental Stitches. No promises – Just do not want to see the Recliner.

I am hoping that I can do an update (small one) on where I am in my binding project by Sunday. In the meantime, I am going to finish up my Z-pack by tomorrow and should really feel better by Sunday.

I do hope everyone is well, has a blessed Good Friday and a Blessed Easter celebrating Jesus arising from the grave. This has not been one of the best Holy Weeks that I have seen in my life time. Our country is in trouble and all we can do for now is to ask God to help us.

I am also hoping to getting back to reading the blogs I like to follow next week. In the meantime have a blessed week-end.



17 Replies to “I have survived the Chinese Ballon Virus! 7 April 2023”

    1. Yes, this is the first time in a month I ate all of my breakfast. I also have never fallen in my life and at 78 to take the flying dive I did was very un-nerving. Yes he is Risen and we need him and God more than ever to save our Country. Have a wonderful joyous Sunday! Hugs


  1. Oh Nanette to not only be sick but to fall too – I feel for you my friend. If I lived close I would have been bringing you stuff to tempt your palette and medicine to make you feel better. I’m so glad that you are on the mend and able to eat. That all sounds very frightening. I read it to my husband and he said it sounds a lot like long Covid. We really don’t know what’s floating around do we? I hope you can feel better and enjoy your weekend. Please take good care.


    1. No Chinese Virus – I think that there was something in the balloon that they let go (LOL). I am getting better, and the oak allergeries are almost gone with the rain. The medication is giving me horrible tummy problems but today is the last pill day! YEA. I am hoping to get to some walking Monday. Now just moving more than I did the 3 days this week. It is mostly sinus than anything. I just let it get out of hand. Something was in the air in middle March that Clay and I were given. I probably was run down from all the pushing I had done getting quilts done! Hugs and Happy Easter.

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    1. OH you do not want to get this Virus Susan – it would bring you down so fast. I do hope that you are doing better. I just wanted to sit in my recliner and do nothing. It was so depressing. Hugs and have a blessed Easter. Hugs


  2. I was just going to check in with you when I saw your post pop up in my feed. So glad you are feeling better and especially back to your old self. You two have had quite the time of it! But better days now ahead. Happy Stitching and continue the rest too, our bodies need that too.


    1. Thank you Jocelyn, starting today – a blessed Easter – we are 100% back! I am so far behind and there were times I just never wanted to do anything and almost decided to withdraw from the May Quilt Show, but I did not! Glad I hung on for the LONG LONG Month! I ever even felt like reading all the blogs I follow so I am glad to be back! Hugs!


  3. I have never heard of this but I am glad you’re both on the road to recovery. By this time of my responding I am hoping you’re in the pink again.


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