Another Setback

I am still around but I have been unable to work on any quilting. Clay came down with SOMETHING but we did not know where it came from because we do not socialize and had not been anywhere to pick up the BUG.

it seem to start for him after spending the day mowing and edging the yard. We figured it was allergies. But he kept getting sicker. After 11 days he is over it but tired.

Now for me! Last Wednesday it got me. I thought I was getting over it quicker than he but no such luck!

I am 6 days into it and it appears I have a few more days. I am miserable. This is not a normal Allergy problem but more like a Virus.

So I will not be blogging for another week as I have no desire to do anything.

Right now nothing is getting done as far as binding quilts. Hopefully I will get better soon

I will not be commenting or posting.

See you later when I am well!



11 Replies to “Another Setback”

  1. Hi Nanette….you are not alone with this crud….Like you, we hardly go anywhere except to doctor appointments….On Feb, 2nd&3rd, my husband, 87, had two appointments….On the 6th he started with a sore throat, which turned into a cough and chest congestion….He sleep for two solid days and nights….What ever he had lasted about three weeks and left him very weak….I got it also, although not as bad….it was some sort of a viral cold….it was not Covid….Hang in there, it to will pass….Dot Pa.


  2. Awww Nanette – I’m so sorry you guys have been sick. I never get sick, yet I caught a stomach virus last week! It’s gone now, but wow, knocked me down. Does yours involve the tummy? You just rest and get well, stay comfortable, and take care. Hugs to you!


    1. Yes stomach pain and no appetite at all. I definitely have a sinus infection. After a week I am eating a little bit more.

      Have no idea where this came from. Glad you are better hugs

      Nanette Chopin Cook
      Check out my Quilting Blog

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  3. Oh you two poor bunnies (as Mom always called us). It sounds like something in the garden of an allergy nature but who knows. I had to go lie down and take a nap one day this week, something I can count on two fingers I’ve done in my life! I felt so tired I could hardly move…thought I was dying or something close to it. But a good sleep later and I was okay. But it makes me mindful. So rest up, stay hydrated, etc. etc. Look after each other which I know you are doing.


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