Slow Sunday Stitching and Things – 5 March 2023

I woke up today and wondered where has the month of February had gone. We had three very busy weeks that consisted of a week of tree cutting, new fence construction, and going through absolute hell in switching Cardiologists for Clay (took over 7 days of very difficult multiple phone calls – that is where it went.

As I look back over the last 4 months when I started making backings for 12 quilts for Rebecca, identifying UFO projects that I would quilt and getting those backs prepared, along with ripping the binding off 4 quilts sewn on by the 2013 long arm quilter. In mid December and all of January I quilted 16 quilts and had all bindings done. I guess this is why I had some “quilt” burn out in February along with the other “things” in February. I also have had problems with my shoulders – HUMMM – guess I over did things. So now I am now wearing my Carpel Tunnel braces and living with Icy Hot patches. (Price of Quilting!)

This week I began looking for quilt shows in my area that I will be able to enter my quilts. It takes time to become familiar with changes that have taken place since I have not been able to show since 2014 and I had not joined a Guild since 2015. So the first thing was to join two Guilds, San Antonio Area Quilt Guild and Hill Country Quilters Guild in Kerrville, Texas. I would love to enter all 12 (now 13) of the quilts that Rebecca has quilted for me, but the Guilds limit each quilter to either 3 or 4 quilts. Sometimes as the show draws closer if they do have not reached their stated goal, the will allow quilts to enter more.

Entering a quilt in a show takes time as each organization has different rules and requirements for paperwork. I am glad I started working on which shows were available Monday because the deadline for Kerrville is 20 March for all entries. Entering a quilt in a Quilt Show not only requires making, quilting, binding, making hanging sleeves, labels and of course pictures and detailed paperwork. In short – there is a lot of work in participating in Quilt Shows.

Yesterday I worked on my Kerrville entries and by the end of the day (a few interruptions) I have my information ready to enter the information into their on-line database. This is the first year that both guilds have on-line capability to enter your information. I like the way Kerrville is doing theirs. You mail in your money for Guild membership and entry fees along with pictures of the quilts. Then you enter your information on-line and it automatically downloads the entries into their database, thus saving someone from having to manually enter it into a database! Love it.

Now San Antonio is different – one can pay for their dues on-line, but when you enter the information required for the quilt entries, it will take 3 separate submissions and 3 more credit card charges. I am hoping for no glitches. I will have to follow up to make sure that my input is received into their databases.

OK enough of that, as far as my goals for March, I am pleased (?????) to report that the Irish Mist is still waiting for me to make the binding for her and get another quilt in the Studio for binding. Progress is slow around here, but it will be better today as I plan on getting all paperwork completed today.

I have not the had time to sit down and read all of the Bloggers I follow and maybe now I will be able to do more commenting. AND I am late in responding to all comments I receive on my posts (the few that have been done). Things will be better from now on.

I also am missing making a new quilt, but for now putting binding on the 10 quilts from Rebecca will help me through that miss, and when my shoulders settle down more I will start the hand work on 4 quilts waiting for me to bind.

A word to the those who might be looking for a Doctor, or changing Doctors. Make sure that you are not in a GROUP of Specialists because it takes an act of God to be able to move to a different Doctor within the Group in case you get into the situation we were in.. The Corporations have now made our health system totally more like the Government (of whom probably encourages Groups to control our Doctor choices). But at least we are now back in the Methodist Hospital System and have Cardiologist Doctor we wanted since we pay for their service! Just be sure that you do research on any physician that you are hiring to take care of your health. It is a mad mad mad world out there now – no consideration for the Patient!

I am hoping that I will be posting on more fun things on my next post – like something about quilting.

Have a wonderful Sunday and the rest of the week – enjoy stitching.



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9 Replies to “Slow Sunday Stitching and Things – 5 March 2023”

  1. Hi Nanette – I am anxious to follow the results of your quilt entries. I am sure we will be seeing some ‘ribbons’ in your future. As for health care – tell me about – I now have added health care coordinator to my job title for my BH. VA DR, Pulminologist, GP, Gastro, Cardiologist,, just took infectious disease off the list – yay – I keep smiling thru all this and it makes it easier. Hugs


  2. I tried to switch doctors within a group and it was ridiculous. I finally had to leave the group and found a doctor I love in another city. You are staying so busy. Good luck on the quilt shows. Hugs,


  3. Sounds like February was just not a good month for anything but quilting. Hope you shoulder is healing well, I’ve had my own shoulder issues and they are definitely not fun. Good luck with your quilt submissions, you have some gorgeous ones to submit.


  4. This post had information about quilting, and about your progress on your bindings. =) I do belong to a group, but I love my doctor so much! He saved my life by making me get a biopsy. He’s prayed for me in the exam room, and is always concerned and real in his care. I will be so sad if he retires before I leave here. I look forward to seeing what you are entering where.


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