Post Number 667 – Guess What I have been Doing!

Well, I am alive and fairly well, but oh so tied up with Unforeseen Requirements. I wonder sometimes if I am the only one who runs into problems at times. It looks like February has been taking me away from well planned plans since the last time I posted! I also do not like the number 666 and realized the other day that my last post was 666 since I started. Well this post gets me out of that mess! LOL All I can do is apologize for not having the time to keep up with my email and reading my favorite Bloggers’ Posts!

The first week of February was a week of “more tree cutting”. We have been in an extreme drought due to 3 years of good ole’ La Niña! This has caused us to be in an extreme drought and when that happens trees die and we have tons of trees. Last year we had over 45 trees that needed to be cut down in order to avoid a problem with high winds and dying trees that could damage our roads or the House or Studio. We hoped that we would have rain that could at least stop the problem. But it did not happen! So this year another $$$$$ to have the front area cleared 5 to 10 feet away from the fence line. We have a great guy (very expensive) that does our tree work, but this time we had him leave the wood from each tree stacked and they chipped the little limbs and branches and blew them back into the acreage! Saved some $$ on by doing that.

Then we contacted a company to replace the existing fence (very old) for the front of our 5 acres. Wish I could live that week over, but what happened bit us. We hired 2 guys who were willing to charge a low fee for doing the fence plus all the wood that was left from tree cutting. WELL, about 2 days into this it was obvious they just needed the wood to sell to BBQ Restaurants and knew nothing about doing good fence work. I have accepted that when we “fired” them from fence work that they still wanted to cart the wood off – so we accepted and paid them for the work they had tried to do! LESSON LEARNED! That was on Friday the 17th. On Saturday morning I called the local Hardware store and they recommended someone to get us out of our fix! We were so blessed, Kevin came at noon that day, started cleaning up the mess and by Monday morning we had our new fence! YEA. He did a great job and did not overcharge us. In fact, he is the nephew of a retired Fire Fighter that Clay worked with during their career in the SAFD! How about that one.

Then this last week, nothing went well. Too many problems with Caremark again, Doctor issues, and a few other problems. If that was not enough, how about the weather on Wednesday being close to 100, then down to 50 or so degrees for 2 days and now back to the 90’s. Yesterday I felt fine until the 30 MPH winds hit and boy this time Mr Menieres, Mr Migraine, and Ms Fibro all hit me at one. I was lucky to know who I was.

But today I am feeling more like myself, but still have a problem with “changing Heart Doctor problems” for Clay. It should work out BUT who knows. Things are changing. If you go to a group of Specialists and you have a falling out with the first one, they can ‘NOT RELEASE’ you to go to another doctor in that GROUP because of EQUITY! BRANDON’S DOING! Well, only 22 more months of this Communist Country! Republicans, Independents, Conservatives had better get their minds right for 2024! (OK enough of my opinion on that!)

Here are a few pictures of the stacks of fire wood that we have remaining.

And here is the new fence line. We used Horse fencing and ran barbed wire on the top and bottom.

In the end, all has worked out. Yesterday the individuals are now beginning to pick up the wood and haul it off. Each stack that they take makes it worth the $$ (small amount) we paid them for their inability to do our fence! You can see how the drought has impacted this area of South Texas. Many dead trees, but now they can fall and be left to Mother Nature!

Have a wonderful week and enjoy stitching. I am now going to do a Quilting Post! Hugs

Hugs, Nanette

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10 Replies to “Post Number 667 – Guess What I have been Doing!”

  1. That was some month! I worry about a couple of trees here, especially in winds like we had today, but we’ve been fortunate so far. I don’t have nearly the woods you do. The fence looks good, and seems he was fast, too. If I had a fireplace, I’d want to keep the wood, but I guess it also depends on what it is.


  2. Ugh on the medical issues, and nothing should be decided by “equity”! Your fence guy did a fantastic job. I love your photos of your land. As much as I love living here more than south Texas, I do miss having “land” around us. Looks like you live in some hills. Is your property completely fenced?


    1. Can you believe that I spent 7 days on this and today I threatened them with a Lawyer, and asked to talk to the CEO of the “50 Doctor” Group. The problem is resolved and it appears that some people are just stupid in the old office! ‘Nuf said’!

      As you can see we have the 2 1/2 acres left to Mother Nature and part of the other 2 1.2 acres. We live in the back where Heaven is!

      We were so blessed to find Kevin! I lived in Ft Worth from ‘79 to ‘80. I never could get used to the “no tree – lots of wind” living.

      We on on a 7 1/2 acre tract but when Clay bought it (before me) he only purchased the 5.1 acres. Where you see the end of the new fence, where the new H is, that ends our property line. The person who lives on the other 2 1/2 acres stays to herself, but there is no separate fencing. That was the original fence that we replaced. We are not going to replace hers, or our other side fence or the back.

      We are pleased. My housekeeper told me today that she thought she was at the wrong house when she got here – LOL. I told her I hated that we had to remove the trees because we were so hidden. I can hardly wait for the trees to bloom to see how much cover they give us now. (Boy long reply!). LOL. Hugs

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  3. Yes, I know these things happen in multiples which is crazy. We are often astonished at the level of incompetence or interest from workers and even company owners. That is big wood and what a beautiful new fence you have after all the issues. Behind you now and as you say, back to your beautiful quilts.


    1. They come in 3’s and I have had enough for the year….Next 3 should be good things. Doc problem solved this afternoon after 7 days. You said a mouthful about incompetence Jocelyn. Someone just thought that there could not be any exceptions in changing doctors. How stupid! Yes back to paperwork.


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