Back to Quilting and Plans for March 2023!

I am ending out the month of February 2023 by catching up on my posts (check it out) and what has been going on in our lives.

Now back to quilting, I have only had sporadic times to finish up cutting up the scarps of fabric left over from quilts made in the last few years! I was able to finish them up during last week (Do not ask what day as that is gone from my memory bank!).

Ahhh Finished!

And back to storage under my cutting table – great place to store things that won’t be used immediately!

Now for my plans for the month of March and beyond. Rebecca sent me 4 more of my quilts that she has finished – only 3 more to go! I received( 1) Brinton Hall, (2)Cozy Christmas (I made this quilt in 2004 with Robyn Pandolph’s Christmas Folk Art III and IV and a few pieces of Folk Art II. This is the first pieced quilt I had made), (3) Alexander Bean Pot, and finally(4) Stars Around the Garden! More beautiful finishes from a quilter who really cares about your quilts when quilt them!

Brinton Hall, Nanette’s Version!

Cozy Christmas – a Fons and Porter pattern in a November/December 2002 Fons and Porter Love of Quilting magazine.

Alexander Bean Pot – by Carol Hopkins

Stars Around the Garden by Bits and Pieces

I now have a total of 10 quilts that I need to square and trim and put the binding on, and then they will be ready for the hand work. I have worked out a plan that I believe I can achieve hopefully in the next 3 weeks. (giving myself some time). I have already trimmed and squared Irish Mist. She just needs the binding sewn together and then sewn onto the quilt. I hope to have this one done by Tuesday. If I can I will select a quilt a day to trim. square, select the binding and sew it onto the quilt. If my life were perfect I could be finished by the 14 of March (is that the Ides of March? EKK) which would be great. But not expected here. I am hoping to do a post each day that I complete a quilt and getting it back in the binding pile!

After I get the 10 ready for hand work, there will ONLY be 14 LARGE quilts to bind. Maybe I can finish them by the end of April. That would be wonderful as I am ready to make more quilts for Rebecca!

I am also entering 3 of my 13 quilts that Rebecca quilted in the San Antonio Quilt Show in September – more on that later!

Hey the good news for the day – I had been paying $6.23 a dozen for my Organic eggs – today they are now $4.83 a dozen – When the prices goes to $3.98 a dozen, that will save me about $40.00 a month on the food bill. For some frustrating news – our HEB has really upset La Vernia residents and myself. They decided to enlarge the SMALL store rather than building a new one across the street from the existing store. But NO they added a new parking lot away from the store, went out 50′ from the current store front and put customers in a mess for 14 MONTHS, and it is a MESS!

I have decided to drive to Floresville (about a 45 mile round trip) to get my groceries, and I already have made contact with them to order my monthly case of eggs and chips! They seem to be more organized than the LV store and a much larger store. The drive is through country roads which are very relaxing now that all the idiot drivers are in La Vernia and San Antonio. I may never use the LV store again! Their loss and I am sure I am not the only one going to do this to get away from their disaster!

Additionally, I have found a fresh meat market that is closer to us and we are trying a few cuts of meat, and if the meat is better, or just as good as Whole Foods, that means I will not have to do a 100 round trip drive monthly for our meat! See, I can find positive things in our lives! And remember EVERYTHING good or bad happens for a reason!

Hugs and have a wonderful week stitching. I am hoping to be able to enjoy reading everyone’s post, and doing more posting about my work on the binding binge! LOL

Hugs, Nanette

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26 Replies to “Back to Quilting and Plans for March 2023!”

  1. Sounds like that is a huge mess at the store, but you’ve found some work arounds. We have Whole Foods, but I prefer Fresh Market, and they have some great specials every week that save me a lot of money for good quality meat. Your quilts are amazing, of course! Rebecca did a beautiful job on them, and you make a good team!


    1. It worked out great with the country drive to Floresville~. We are set up for the month of March! Yea. Rebecca is an exceptional quilter. Thank you for the nice comments. Hugs


  2. Hi Nanette! Good luck with all those bindings. If I were closer, I’d offer to do a few for you. I just LOVE doing hand sewing down the binding. The Christmas quilt is your first pieced quilt?!! How special is that. I hope you enjoy it for many years to come. Good job on trimming all those scraps. That’s a huge job and one well done. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne


    1. I tell you Rosanne, I have not been able to start yet, hopefully Saturday. Yes I made that in 2004 from the magazine – that was REALLY a learning how to quilt experience! LOL. Things are coming along, a little lost time, but getting there. Hugs

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Well, it will be a 15 months before they are finished. They already had a wreck in their “new” setups for parking. Glad I am heading to Floresville – and we went yesterday and it worked out great – much larger store. Hugs.


    1. Thx Laura. I started making more complex quilts in 2014-2015 timeframe. All are being finished in Dec 22 and Jan 23. That feels good, and next is binding and entering into the Shows.


  3. Nanette you are a masterful quilt maker, and Rebecca’s quilting just enhances your quilts even more. I absolutely love Brinton Hall! I’m looking forward to reading more about your entries into the quilt show.
    We are getting a slew of new HEBs here in north Texas, so looks like they are concentrating on new areas instead of doing a good job on the old ones! I hear you on the eggs. The last ones we got look like they were laid by banty hens they are so small. What kind of chips do you order?


    1. Why Thank you Linda and I totally agree Rebecca’s quilting is the icing on the cake! Brinton Hall will be going to Kerrville show in May – see what happens.

      Hey = my eggs have come down from $6.25 to $4.83! How about that! Now to get back to $3.98. Guess people quit buying them. Sometimes I feel like the only one eating them! LOL.

      I order Ruffles – I have eaten Lay’s lightly salted for 10 years but when they started frying them in Soybean oil they ruined them and they bothered my tummy. Even though they might use that oil in their Ruffles, my tummy likes them! Whew.

      Hugs sorry for the late response

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  4. Rebecca is doing such a wonderful job on your quilts. And you are getting closer to finished on so many beautiful quilt projects, Nanette! Great job!!!


  5. Wonderful quilts. You sure found a jewel o a long armer, she is fabulous. Your quilts sparkle. With all the bindings to do no time to get into trouble eh? Love ya.


    1. Thank you Gretchen. Rebecca did such a wonder job on Stars Around the Garden! I will. I love to do the hand work at night – trying to get paperwork ready for 2 quilt shows – hopefully this will be done and put in their online application! Binding is relaxing and fun to do. Each quilt brings back memories, Hugs


  6. You never cease to amaze me, Nanette! You are so well organized and your plans sound great. Having seen your quilts up close and personal, I know they will do well in the show! Your “egg math” is shocking but so true. I didn’t used to pay much attention to the cost of each grocery item but I have definitely seen the spike in the total when I get to the cash register. Spending an extra $40 just in increased egg prices every month is crazy!


    1. Thank you Rebecca! I know they will love the quilting you have done. I paid attention for the last year, but now I just get what we need and pay the bill. Eggs are down to $4.83 – just $.85 lower and they will be back to $3.98 where they were 18 months ago. Hugs


  7. What beautiful quilts, Nanette! How wonderful to have them so beautifully quilted too. So much beauty in this post.


  8. Wow Nanette you did have a great week getting more of your quilts back. Congratulations on getting the scraps tamed. From the photos (and comments) I would say Rebecca is a real long arm artist. They are beautiful. Hope you have had a good week getting those quilts squared up and bindings on. Your Shopping trips sound as much of an adventure or misadventure as mine with it being at least an hours trip one way to the nearest stores for me. Glad your egg prices are coming down. Thank you for linkig with To Do Tuesday.


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