Slow Sunday Stitching – 12 February 2023

And here we go! I have now recovered from eating the wrong food – a teaspoon of Ketchup every day for a week and a piece of Clay’s birthday cake, along with some green beans – Will I ever learn? Successfully back to walking – I did slack off 2 days – not feeling that well, guess I was just tired from all that fun and games in quilting those UFO quilts.

Rebecca just sent me a picture of Brinton Hall. I loved this quilt and wanted to make it as close to the original as I could, but as I moved toward the outer borders, I opted for floating Stars and Squares in a Square (SnS). Rebecca did a beautiful job. Tomorrow I will be receiving the 2nd set of 3 quilts finished and she only has (ONLY) has 7 more to go since I sent her Capital T quilt last week.

I have finished more of the quilts I quilted. I cut a 2 inch or 2 and 1/8th inch strip for my binding. This way the binding is the same on both sides. I started doing this when I made my first show quilt in 2005. This quilt is called Southwest Texas Stars

Rosemary Young’s BOM.

Red and Green Easy Peasy – fabric from New Zeland. The binding for this quilt is bias binding quilt cut at 2″.

2013 BOM –

I have 2 more to complete and then I will start on the 7 in the “room I never go in”! LOL I need to finish Boo’s and Bats and RSC Scrappy Quilt!

Well, that is all that I have been doing this week and today I will be working through my scraps from various quilts, cutting the pieces into different cuts! Here is where I was last post. I have completed the following.

All my Moda Marbles fabric are from the 1997 Patrick Lose collection. The fabrics are no longer available but I have a great stash that I built up when I first started quilting. The Moda Marble Mates are no longer being produced and now the Moda fabrics are so heavily over dyed and ravel so bad I do not purchase them anymore, so I am blessed to have the stash (not pictured) I have when they were made in Japan.

This is what I will be working on today. Hopefully be done before the Super Bowl Game!

Have a wonderful Sunday and if you like football, enjoy the game!



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33 Replies to “Slow Sunday Stitching – 12 February 2023”

  1. I love the patterns and colors of your quilts. They are all beautiful.. I am looking for a pattern to make a scrappy quilt. Need to work on the left over scraps. Nancy


    1. You know Gretchen, I am having a problem now with “what is my favorite one” problem. I received Stonefields yesterday and it is like gold with the gold thread and design she used. I like my Southwest Blue too! It was fun to make! Hugs


  2. It must feel amazing to be finishing up so many of your outstanding projects one after the next as you are doing! How many finished quilts do you have around the house, do you think? I think a Dream House is where every bed is layered with 3 or 4 quilts, every sofa and comfy chair has a throw quilt, and the closets contain even more quilts awaiting their turn in the seasonal quilt rotation. If you’re not already living in my Dream House, you are well on your way! 😉


  3. How wonderful to have such a wonderful stack of quilts to enjoy. Sometimes I think I have enough, but then I decide I don’t, because I don’t like to use them enough that they get at all worn. LOL I love seeing what you are doing with your scraps and thank you for what you said about Moda. I quit buying them about 3 years ago when I ordered some to make a quilt, and I was not happy with the looseness of the weave. Other people didn’t agree with me, but that was the shreddiest fabric ever!


    1. Yes, except when the weather changes come and go as fast as it can really flares the Fibromylgia. I just work through it – sometimes I just cannot do my walk, but I do not stay in bed EVER!
      Hugs and hope all is well with you and hubby!


    1. You have that correct! I have over 70 quilts and 15 are show quilts and 4 of them appraised from $1100 to $2500. As far as I know when I am gone Our Executor will have them all appraised and we will have an Estate Sale. I just cannot bare to let them go at this time. I will be showing some of them this year. Hugs


  4. Brinton Hall is just gorgeous! I love seeing photos of your quilts, there is so much eye candy. Did you finish your sorting/cutting? We were rooting for the Eagles because of Jalen and were disappointed for them, but it was a good game.


    1. It has EPP by hand in the center and the stars are floating stars. I never thought I would finish the quilt but I did and changed the last border from the pattern. I am still sorting. We finally have a fence guy – YEA. After the new fence we have to get more pea gravel on the drive and then we play the rest of the year! Hugs

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  5. I am glad you are feeling better, Nanette. Your quilts are looking amazing and indeed you have been staying busy. So many pretty batiks that you have to play with . I hope you have a wonderful week and Happy quilting


  6. Congratulations on the gorgeous finishes! I love the Patrick Lose Marbles, and still have a few. I also use 2″ binding. I like the way it looks. Great finishes, and glad you are feeling a bit better!


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