To Do Tuesday – 7 February 2023

Happy Tuesday! I have finished all quilting (16 projects) and only have 3 more quilts to bind. Now that does not include 4 that have been sitting around since before I re-did the binding on them. Then Rebecca sent me 3 quilts last month and then 10 more will be forthcoming later. Those quilts will have to be squared, trimmed, and binding sewn on, so I will have plenty to keep me busy the next 3 months.

I did a post on Sunday that shows where I am in my “cleaning up ALL UFO’s” project. I already have a large stack of Churn Dash blocks that I made last summer that will be made into a quilt top, BUT not until I finish other things.

As an update to my Sunday post above, I have finished Rosemary’s BOM (the red one) and the box of scraps that I was working on Sunday are now cut into usable pieces for a quilt someday!

Goals for the next week will be to complete the “scrap cutting” project and more work on bindings in the evening and when that is complete, I have to dust my 2 rooms. I just cannot keep putting that project off. It will take me most of a day to do that deep dusting job.

Oh, here is a picture of Clay’s Birthday Cake from Whole Foods – it tastes just like cakes used to taste 27 years ago! NO GMO’s! Purchased 2 roasts and we divided them up into 6 meals and having roast for supper this evening. (I mortgaged the house for them!) LOL

Tree cutting has started, they took down one of the 45 foot Black Jacks and working on the other one today. Of course that is not all the trees that will be coming down on our property this year. But as soon as they are finished with tree cutting we will have our new fence put up! YEA!

Have a wonderful week!



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30 Replies to “To Do Tuesday – 7 February 2023”

  1. I’m glad you’re getting up the mountain of bindings! I always enjoy the feeling after all the scraps are cut into useable pieces, It’s getting there that’s not enjoyable. Happy stitching!


    1. Yup, every night. I agree on the scraps, but it is like walking down memory late. Yesterday I found 2 more boxes in the overflow room in the house. So I need to put this project in high gear if I want to finish this week! Hugs.


  2. You go girl! That is amazing progress you are making on all of you WIPs and scraps. Love all the colors and variety. Good luck this week.


    1. Thank you so much! I started on getting 40 quilts done last year, ran out of steam, found Rebecca to help and finished the rest! I will really celebrate when I finish all the bindings and cutting scraps into different usable sizes. Hugs


  3. What a gorgeous cake that is, too. They built a Whole Foods not far from my house several years ago, and I like to go walk around, buy soups or a sandwich. Now it looks like I’ll have to try a cake! Congratulations on all your progress.


  4. You have been staying busy and your quilts are just beautiful. The cake looks so yummy and the roast sounds delicious. Have a wonderful day and happy quilting.


  5. Your organization is impressive. So glad you found some good roast beef. That cake is beautiful! When you make your Churn Dash blocks into a quilt, will you do sashing or just join them together? Enjoy the rest of your week! 🙂


    1. Thank you Linda. Yes, but at $25.00 a roast, it will be a long LONG time before I do that again. On the Churn Dash, I am not sure what I will do for the setting. I may make 2 quilts out of the 80 blocks – they are 6” blocks. If I finish my projects for February, it will be on the design board for March! Hugs


  6. Hi Nanette. As usual you have done an incredible job on your list. I enjoy seeing your quilts either before or after the binding is sewn on. It just makes me feel warm and happy seeing your finishes. Roast Beef for dinner and a yummy cake? What a perfect reward for scrap busting and dusting. Hope you get to have some fun in between the dusting chores. Thank you for linking with To Do Tuesday.


  7. Hi Nanette! I hope Clay had a HB. His cake looks yummy. Are those Oreos on top? That’s a special treat. I love the churn dash block – I can’t wait to see you get started on that project. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne


    1. Clay and a great BD. YUP it is deep chocolate with Oreos on top and in the icing. It was special so special it will be October (my BD) before we buy one – it was expensive but no GMOs. Churn Dash is on the list for March! Should have the February projects done. Hugs

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  8. You are certainly on the roll!! Delighted for you 🤗 glad that cake tasted great, it’s so disappointing when it’s a pretty cake in appearance but tastes nasty!


    1. Well, had to take a “relaxing break” for awhile. Whole Foods does not us all the chemicals in their food! If we want a cake, it will be a Whole Foods cake. Our HEB makes cakes with nothing but GMO’s and I cannot tolerate them. Hugs

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