Slow Sunday Stitching and More Projects To Do

Morning to all! Back to the walking now that I have finished quilting for awhile! Weather was cold and wet then we had 4 days of sunshine and think it will be sunny today (Monday). But rain back Tuesday and Wednesday which is great because we are in such a drought. Our favorite Tree Guy whom we love to support is coming today to start working on the areas that we want cleared. We will then put up a new fence (about 400 feet) in the front – Should all be completed by 1 March!

I wanted to take some time to show you what Clay came up with to assist me in binding quilts – especially the larger quilts that Rebecca is working on. It is a small portable table (and yes Clay has modified it). Looks like a mini ironing board, but it works great and takes the weight off my left shoulder when I am putting binding on a quilt.

Clay also put a plastic wire covering on the edge of my quilting table. I found that the sharp edge prevented the quilt to smoothly move over the table while sewing. It is stuck on with tape!

I did finish going through all of my quilts, putting the Utility quilts (fun ones) in the closet. During that fun, I realized that I have another new project – making labels for over 20 quilts that I did to do when I completed them. (Just remembered – add 13 more when Rebecca finishes). Maybe all the “LITTLE THINGS TO DO” will keep me from making another top for awhile. LOL.

I have completed 4 of the last 9 quilts I quilted.

There are 4 more to complete. I will finish the red quilt today! There is nothing like tacking down binding on a red quilt, with red binding, with red thread! Talk about the blind leading the blind!

This is my current project – something I have not done in a few years – Going through scraps and cutting them in different sizes! I am calling this my Recoup from Long Arm Quilting Project. Besides the ones on the table (from York Lodge and Stars Around the Garden) there are 4 more buckets (on the long arm table) and one drawer to go through. After making a quilt top I put the scraps in a plastic bag and then go through them. Well, that drawer is also full. I am organized, but it appears that I need to really clean this mess up. I would love to make some quilts using the pieces up, or maybe I will gift some to others. Who knows, but as long as I am doing my 10,000 steps (including the 4500 during my walk) I can justify sitting in a chair during the afternoon.

A week ago I noticed this flower in the back yard. Clay caught a butterfly buzzing around it and snapped this picture! He is so good at taking photos. I am not as good! I put it on my iPhone for wall paper!

Well, today is taking a trip to San Antonio, Whole Foods. I have been craving a good roast and hope to find one that I would not have to mortgage the house to purchase! LOL. Then a trip to the Post Office and a quick stop at UPS.

And lastly I want to wish my Clay a Happy 79th Birthday! It is hard to realize that we have know each other for 70 years, and married 27 years this year. Hum, I don’t feel any older, but guess I am! We grew up on the same street, went through school together, lived life and he found me in 1996! How blessed we are!

Hugs and have a great week,


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22 Replies to “Slow Sunday Stitching and More Projects To Do”

  1. Happy, happy birthday to Clay! He sounds like a true gentleman and helpmate! Love the butterfly photo! 🙂
    I have my scraps organized by strips and color. I just need to use them! 🙂


  2. Hi Nanette! Well, happy happy birthday to Clay! I’m glad you found each other at just the perfect time. Red binding on a red quilt with red thread . . . sounds like a daytime project to me. What a fabulous place you have to sew!! That nice bit of sunshine is just fabulous, and that portable table looks fab for the job. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne


    1. Thank you Rosanne, and we are too. That binding was enough to go blind! Yes I am spoiled! He came up with the idea and of course he improved on the table. It will really come in handy when I start on the larger quilts that Rebecca quilted.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Happy birthday to Clay! I hope you have many more wonderful years together, too. That table is really clever. That’s the kind of thing Paul did for me that I really miss. They’re both great problem solvers! The picture he took is fabulous. I’d use it as a screen saver or wallpaper, too! Maybe he should enter it in the fair.


  4. A beautiful love story and birthday wishes to Clay. I was thinking, I can’t remember when last I bought a roast or a bell pepper for that matter. They are $2 a bell here and I refuse to buy one.


  5. So warm & fuzzy that you’ve known each other most of your lives, Nanette! Happy birthday to Clay! Happy quilting/binding/scrapping to you!


  6. Happy birthday to Clay! How wonderful that you found each other. 😀 What a nifty table he fixed up for you. What kind of fence are you having installed – and how tall? Hope you are getting as much rain as we are!


    1. He found me when I was in Virginia and I was never coming back to Texas! Never say never! Yup – thought you would really like it if you have issues in adding binging. Field fence – replacing the old one. Having a little problem finding someone to do the work! NO SURPRISE! We have only had 2 inches total in the last 2 rains and now no rain in sight! Hugs


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