OMG and PHD for January 2023

Winter time in South Texas. We need new weather forecasters, Sunday it was 88 degrees and then on Monday it was 38 and has stayed in the 30’s and will be in the 30’s until sometime tomorrow IF they have it right. They have missed the boat for the last 2 years! Today we have mild ice on our trees, rain, and the Pines (about 85) have ice. Hate to see this and hopefully this will end tonight – Prediction for tomorrow 60 – today it is freezing – go figure. I am using my walking time to catch up on emails and posts and working on lovely Income Tax.

Rather than re-hashing what I have been working on in January and what goals I have accomplished this month can be found here where I have listed all the quilts I have quilted this month. I am now left with 10 quilt tops to hand quilt and this will be a project started slowly and probably take some time. I will decide if I select one to start on next week.

Saturday I finished the last of the tops that I was quilting (13 were sent to Rebecca for E to E quilting and she does an exceptional job to finish my quilts)! Check out the latest finish here.

Sunday I finished going through my fabrics in the Studio by putting back all the fabric I was pulling making backs for the 10 quilts I did. My room looks so neat and back in order, just a few more things to relocate! You can see I have 2 large rooms to play in. So spoiled.

I can finally see this wall without all those quilts that were hanging around to be quilted! LOL

Monday was back to walking and working on paperwork.

Tuesday morning I went through all my quilts, moving some to the overflow room in the house where I keep extra fabrics, yarn, embroidery thread and now folded quilts. I have found about 25 that require Labels (won’t let this happen again) and this is the room where I am putting the 13 quilts that Rebecca is working on. So far I have 3 from her to square, cut binding, and hand sew the binding with 3 more coming in a couple of weeks. Then there are 4 more waiting for me to bind from November/December. They are all large quilts. This was also my goal for January.

Of the 9 that I quilted, I have 3 finished binding, 2 that I am working on, and 3 that I need to cut the binding, sew them together, then sew them on the quilts and yup – they will be put with the other 2 that I am working on. Lots and Lots of hand work, but that is fine as all my quilts are quilted!

My one goal that I have not accomplished is to dust both rooms in the Studio, but I will put this one in my February to do list after I have finished the binding on the last 3 quilts!

For February I will start with adding binding on 3 quilts, dusting the Studio, and working on bindings.

Have a wonderful February and enjoy stitching!



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14 Replies to “OMG and PHD for January 2023”

  1. Good, practical goals that also finish quilts. Your weather is about as crazy as ours has been. We’ve had a lot of rain, probably a total of more than 2.5″ in three days. We have a couple of what I call drip faucet nights coming, and then the temps go back up, thankfully, next week.


  2. You are so organized, and your space looks so nice. My son told me that his SIL in Austin has been without power since 4am yesterday and that it is 48 degrees in her house! Hope you are staying cozy.


    1. Thank you Linda. I am one of those who has to have things in their place unless I am working on a quilt, or quilting. Then I can put up with a mess for a few days! This weather is nuts – playing hell with my Fibro and that is the one thing that hinders my accomplishments. Hugs


  3. Hi Nanette! Good luck with your February goals. I have no doubt that you will achieve them. It’s fun to see your studio area, and how nice and organized you are. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne


  4. What a whirlwind of activity in such a nice quilting studio. Your organizational photos are inspiring. Lots accomplished. See you next month!


  5. You had an amazing January! You got so much done. The last week of the month was probably not any fun, but all the effort really paid off. Hopefully you can proceed at a much slower pace to catch up on all those finishing details.


    1. Thank you Kate! If I were not such a pusher I should have walked and taken a few more days to quilt, but hard head makes soft posterior, as my Mother always said. I had to Hibernate for a week or so to get over the Marathon quilting.


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