Happy Day was 28 January 2023! – Today is 30 January 2023

This post covers HQAL for 29 January 2023, To Do Tuesday, and would have included Slow Sunday Stitching, but I do believe I might have missed it!

I am BACK to the real world! Yea! The HQ16 is now put up and covered up! I have finished quilting 11 Quilts 4 Wall Hangings and 1 Table Runner. I have finished the binding on 3 of the quilts and all of the wall hangings and table runner! – Yea for me. I started on the “goal” of getting my backlog of quilt tops in 2022, but still had over 40 left to quilt. 12 were sent to Rebecca for Edge to Edge quilting (she is the Queen of E to E – absolutely no one else can do what this Lady can provide in professional long arm quilting!)

When I started in 2022I had over 40 quilts to be quilted. Somehow I did get some of the quilts finished earlier in the year! In November I sent 12 of the quilts to Rebecca for long arm quilting! That left me with 4 Wall hangings, a Table Runner, and 12 quilts to quilt on my long arm along with 10 quilt tops that will be hand quilted.

Of the 12 quilts, 5 are completely finished complete with binding. I sew my bindings on and then do handwork on the back side. I was having issues with my walking foot, and after speaking with my Husqvarna dealer we decided that I need new feed dogs and I knew I needed a new panel for the push buttons. My D1 is 20 years old now and really have not had a lot of problems with it. Clay cleans it for me. But this time it will go to the shop and they will do the maintenance.

I then set up my Husqqvara Sapphire Quilt 870 Quilter and will be adding the binding to the last 4 quilts I quilted last week. I started quilting the 23 December 2022 and finished 3 of the 16 that I would be quilting.

On 24 December 2022 Rebecca had finished York Lodge – it took 28 hours to quilt it and she is a beauty (I received it in January).

Here is where I started with some finishes on 1 January 2023.

For OMG for the Month of December I listed finishes on 2 January 2023.

On 3 January 2023, I listed where I wanted to be by the end of January with long arm quilting.

On 8 January 2023, I had made a lot of progress with getting bindings completed on the wall hangings.

By 14 January 2023, Rebecca had finished York Lodge, Radiant Feather Star, and Irish Mist and I had finished quilting binding some of my quilts.

On 16 January 2023, I was down to 6 more quilts to quilt.

By 18 January 2023, I was at a point where I needed a break from the long arm. I also knew that I had to finish preparing backing for the remainder of the quilts. I also had decided to start using bias binding for the quilts. When I do the binding for the 13 that Rebecca is quilting for me I will do bias binding, as most of the quilts are Show quality quilts. Especially York Lodge.

On 20 January 2023 I took a day off to look at the progress in my 2nd room in the Studio. I still have 10 quilts that will be hand quilted and wanted to move them to the Den. Then Clay took down the ‘portable cloths rack’ where it seemed all of the tops landed when I finished them. With it being gone forever, maybe from now on when I make quilts they will be quilted by me immediately, or send them to Rebecca!

Now this brings me up to Saturday, 28 January 2023. I finished all of the quilts with the exception of one quilt. It is called Capital T. She is 66″ x 66″ and I just could not bring myself to meander this quilt, so by bestest Quilter Rebecca will be receiving it on Thursday and will add to my 12 quilts. Additionally, I had just run out of steam for long arm quilting and refused to put the last one off for another month!!!

Here are the last 5 quilts from 21 January through 28 January 2023 that I have finished.

I have 3 quilts to cut binding for and after I complete sewing all the binding on the quilts they will go in the stack for hand stitching!

I have completed sewing the binding on 3 quilts, with 2 more that I am currently doing the hand stitching on the bindings.

I am hoping to be finished with them by mid-February or sooner!

I have two more projects to complete before I even begin thinking what I will do next! I have a overflow room in the house where I stash more fabric, batting, yarn, embroidery thread, etc. I want to straighten the closet and store some ‘utility’ quilts in it. I moved a large roll of Warm and Natural Batting to the Studio and it is now on the rail under the long arm table. After that is completed, I will put my Show quilts on the large quilt rack Clay built me a few years back. I am using my Z44 to display the quilts to be hand quilted in the Den.

When I have completed that project, I will have to dust both rooms in the Studio as there is white dust everywhere from the batting and long arm quilting. Yesterday I straightened all the fabrics in Studio Room 2 so that is a task that needed to be accomplished. I still have to decide where to move my printer paper, but that is for another day. But for now the room looks great to me. (Want to know what is in the white cabinet? it is filled from top to bottom with crochet yarn! When this room was first built I was not yet 100% into quilting and only did crochet! But that did not last long!)

Rebecca has finished quilting Stonefields, Pat Sloan’s Globetrotting, and working on OMIGOSH! She sent me pictures of the 2 finishes. They are beautiful! Perfect pattern selections.


Pat Sloan’s Globetrotting BOM

Now you might know why I am always late in leaving comments to bloggers I follow. Starting 1 February I will be able to relax a little and just read what is going on in other’s quilting projects! Until then, have a great week, it will be cold and damp here in South Texas – like in the 30’s and 40’s with rain. Bet ice is coming to San Antonio and the Hill Country if the temps stay below freezing.

Hugs, and enjoy stitching.


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24 Replies to “Happy Day was 28 January 2023! – Today is 30 January 2023”

  1. WOWEE, Nanette. I’m exhausted just reading your post. Great job on getting ‘er done. I love that loopy design Rebecca stitched for Stonefields. What pretty fabric you chose for that project. I saw on the news that this cold front goes all the way down to south Texas and the Gulf. It is going to be chilly tomorrow morning here at -17. Brr. Stay warm, my friend. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne


  2. Oh my goodness you have made some amazing progress–wow!! You SHOULD sit back and relax a little! Thanks for sharing all of those pics! So fun to scroll through them all and they’re all just great! Wow again!


  3. Nanette to say I am impressed is the understatement of the year! So many beautiful quilts (and quilting) done, so many beautiful photos, such a lovely organized studio! I could go on, but instead Ill finish my comment and go back to looking at all of your photos! Thank you for linking with To Do Tuesday. Have fun and good luck with your list this week. 🙂


  4. A happy day indeed! Such wonderful finishes. I wish I had gone with a machine like yours instead of what I did, but if wishes were Porsches, beggars would drive. LOL I couldn’t have quilted stippling on that beautiful red and white quilt, either, though there’s not a thing wrong with your stippling – it’s quite nice, actually. I need to get my Lenni up and running again … soon! I realized how many quilts are on my quilt ladder, and donations are beginning to pile up in a queue, too.


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