Moving Right Along!

Happy Hump Day! No walking today – yesterday I did over 13,000 steps so I figured I could take a day off since it was high high humidity and warm temperatures before the cool front decides to cool things off. No rain though.

Monday evening I decided that I needed a break from quilting. With the remaining 6 quilts to finish I also had 6 backs to prepare. So yesterday I selected and completed 3 backs for the following quilts.

I will finish the backings for these today or tomorrow. I will be using matching fabric for Boo’s and Bat’s but Moda Muslin or Bella Solids for the 2 quilts with a lot of white.

I will start quilting again either tomorrow or Friday. I hope to have one of the quilts loaded this evening.

Monday I remembered that I used to do bias binding for my quilts rather than cutting 2” strips WOF. So, I cut a piece of red fabric for the binding for the R&G Easy Peasy quilt that was 18” x WOF, and then cut into 2” strips. There numerous ways to cut bias binding but this is how I was shown how to do it in 2005. I also cut my bias strips using this method for my applique (stems) but they are cut at 3/4” wide.

I like my binding to be the same size on both sides of the quilt and always hand stitch the binding to the back of the quilt. The bias binding will give more than cutting the strips on WOF.

I took a picture 2 years ago of all the quilt tops I had waiting to be quilted! I think I have it narrowed down quite a bit. There were 40 at that time and then I made a few more! When the last 6 are completed there are 10 left to be hand quilted!

From This:

To This: (includes 3 with backings and the 3 on the left need backing prepared)

Quilts for Hand Quilting Remaining

I am hoping that by 1 February that the Clothes Rack will be dismantled and stored in the garage.

Have a great remainder of the week and week-end.

Hugs, Nanette

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28 Replies to “Moving Right Along!”

  1. Hi Nanette! WOW! Look at all the progress you’ve made. How do you decide what to hand quilt? Just curious. It looks to me like you’ve picked out the perfect backings for those three quilts. I love the blue with the blue and white, and the deep red/burgundy with the one with some churn dash blocks (I think). I look forward to see them all finished and that clothes rack kicked to the curb (a.k.a. the garage). {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne


    1. Sorry for late comment. Today is catching up on computer and just enjoying whatever comes my way! The quilts t0 be hand quilted are either needle turn hand applique or embroidery. There is one quilt that is pieced, but has spaces that call out for hand quilting. The other one has applique and EPP. I do not want to ruin them with the long arm. AND that rack is moving closer to the garage! Just did a Friday post for updates! Hugs

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  2. Wow you are a busy lady!! I love seeing all those quilts hanging up. I look forward to the finished pictures. How do you decide which ones you will hand quilt? Hugs,


    1. Yes, I do not think I will ever make a quilt top without immediately quilting it or sending it to Rebecca for quilting. I started out with over 40 quilts and really needed to do this final push without making any more tops until I am finished with the final 6!

      The ones I will hand quilt are my applique and embroidery quilts.

      I did Ms Potts with the long arm, but that was not an important quilt to me, the other 10 are! Hugs


    1. I tell you Gretchen I have made 22 backs. The 12 to Rebecca and the 10 I made for me to quilt along with the 4 small projects. I will not do this again. New rule – finished tops go to my long arm immediately or to Rebecca – no more saving them “for later”. I never thought I would ever get all these quilts quilted! I am so happy with Rebecca’s work. There are no long arm quilters in my area that can do what she does!


  3. That’s a lot of progress on quilting and binding. It makes me wonder what you will do with your UFOs if you put the rack away. Are you trying to say you aren’t going to have UFOs any more??? That’s no fun! LOL


    1. My UFO rack will be stored in the garage far away from my hands! LOL. No more UFO’s. I have a Churn Dash quilt to put together and some other projects, but not very many! I hope I can stick to my new rule of make a quilt, quilt it, bind it and fold it away! LOL. Hugs


  4. Well you get a gold star for productivity for sure. You are a machine. This is so great and you deserve a hug for sure. What a beautiful rack of beautiful quilts to be. You deserve a bit of a rest.


    1. Hey Jaydee! Thx. I am a determined person – this is the quietest year we have had in 10 years and I am really able to get things done! Today is fun day – clean out the emails and answer comments. Then I am going to go do some binding. Hugs.


  5. Glad you took a break to do something else! Sometimes we need that, right? I can’t believe the difference in your rack – amazing work. Good luck getting to the point you can dismantle that rack!


  6. Oh my goodness — your clothes rack full of quilts two years ago looks like my Quilt Purgatory Closet where all of my client quilts wait patiently for “quilting heaven” to happen! You have made MAJOR progress!! Our guild had a speaker a few weeks ago who claimed that “80% of all quilt projects never get finished” and I don’t know where she got that statistic, but it would be a serious shame if any of your gorgeous quilts were never completed. I can’t wait to see which NEW project you will launch yourself into as a reward, once you get all caught up with the older ones!


    1. I just do not know how you do all you do! But your are the most talented Long Arm quilter I have ever seen! I love making the tops and I am sure I will make many more – those that are complex and show quilts will be coming your way – I will do the ‘play quilts or baby quilts for gifts’! Have a great week-end. Hugs


  7. Absolutely love to see how you are moving forward with these goals. Definitely starting the year off with positivity!


    1. I am so happy it looks like I will meet my undocumented goal of having them all done by the end of January! YEA! I really have been enjoying the process. I am glad I decided to get all the backs made and the white batting cut before I quilted anymore. I was going to do the binding with each quilt, but decided to wait until each quilt is quilted! Love your hair cut!!!! Hugs.


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