To Do Tuesday – 3 Jan 2023 – Party #1

It is a NO GOAL year – only a List of To Do’s Everyday!

I have made many many quilts in 21 years, but things changed in 2014 and I fell behind in quilting all the tops I had made and continued to make through 2022. This madness has to stop. I have no idea what I am going to do with all of these quilts as I have at least another 40 in the house that are finished and numerous quilts that I have gifted to friends and my Cousin Susan. This year there will be no stated goals. What I will do is prepare a Post when I have a finished quilt to showcase. I love making quilt tops, but until I can get things under control, I will not be making tops for awhile. Here is where I am.

I found myself in a very big problem of having over 40 quilts to be quilted last year.   I knew that 12 of the quilts would be entered into Quilt Shows, so I sent them to Rebecca to quilt.  But just having a quilt quilted is not the end.  There is trimming, making binding, sewing binding on the top, then hand quilting the binding down. 

I will have a total of 21 quilts that will be quilted in the next 2 months and this includes the 12  quilts that Rebecca is quilting for me and 9 that I will quilt.  I will be hand binding all of them.  I will then have 10 more tops to quilt by hand IF my hands hold out.  Altogether I have 31 tops to be quilted by Rebecca or myself and do the hand binding.  

I thought about setting goals for this list, but then I thought, “well, that will be a stress bomb” to meet a deadline, and take the joy out of quilting.  I do not want to sit all day and do hand work, so I am just going to list my 35 quilts to complete the hand work/quilting and just take one at a time and not work on goals, but actually finishing the job.  

I will be quilting on the long arm during the day and when I finish a quilt I will immediately cut the binding, sew it on, and put it on the list for hand binding.  I will only do the hand work in the evening, unless I am not feeling well or just want to sit in a chair all day (which is not me).  After I finish quilting the 9 quilts and have them completed (binding), I will then think about making more tops.  This is my list to follow as I do quilting and binding. 

The following quilts are being quilted by Rebecca and will be returned for me to trim, prepare the binding, sew the binding on and then hand bind. 

  1. York Lodge 
  2. Irish Mist 
  3. Star of Chamblie (Feathered Star) 
  4. Pat Sloan Globetrotting 
  5. Stonefields 
  7. Brinton Hall 
  8. Cozy Christmas 
  9. Alexander Bean Pot 
  10. Stars Around the Garden 
  11. Sentimental Stitches 
  12. My Surprise Quilt (Blue) 

The following quilts will be quilted by me. 

  1. Mrs Potts (quilted, waiting on binding) 
  2. The Geo Quilt
  3. RSC Quilt
  4. Capital T Quilt
  5. Rosemary Young’s BOM 
  6. Boo’s and Bats 
  7. Southwest Texas Stule 
  8. Easy Breezy Blue Birds 
  9. Easy Breezy Red Birds 

The following quilts are candidates for hand quilting. 

  1. Mount Mellick 
  2. Nesting 
  3. Stars Across Texas 
  4. A Year of Flowers and Holidays (Sierra Vista AZ Guild BOM)
  5. Colonial Ladies 
  6. A Merry Christmas To You 
  7. Sweet Stitches 
  8. Jacobean Lights 
  9. A Quilter’s Dream (Linda Ballard)
  10. A Bountiful Life 

There is no way that all the hand quilting will be done soon, nor all the hand binding completed in the next 3 months, so instead of assigning a “Date to be Completed” I will take them one at a time.  I will choose them from my list and work on them in MY TIME to prevent me from stressing over an artificial dead line.  At least within the next month, all but 10 will be quilted and that is a big weight lifted off my shoulders.   As long as my back holds up, I should be able to have the 9 finished by the end of January or before. Time will tell.

From now on when I make a quilt I will quilt it, bind it, and not hang it up to quilt later.  If it is a special quilt, it will go to Rebecca!   

For now I have finished Radiant Star Wall Hanging, binding and all!

Have a Great Week and enjoy stitching!

Hugs, Nanette

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19 Replies to “To Do Tuesday – 3 Jan 2023 – Party #1”

  1. This sounds like a very reasonable and doable way to go about working your way through your projects, Nanette! No stress! Have a wonderful New Year! 🙂


    1. Yes it is turning out to be challenging, but fun because I am getting the steps down again for long arm quilting, and the time it takes to quilt one, square it, bind it, etc. I really want to get to the point where I make some quilts and quilt them and not hang them up for later! That was a bad idea. Hug s

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi Nanette! I think you’ve set yourself some reasonable goals. I look forward to seeing each quilt as you mark them done. You have to keep it fun or what’s the point? {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne


  3. Happy New Year Nanette. What a great way to start the year with such a clear list of what needs doing. Good luck with no stress finishing them in your own time. Thank you for linking with To Do Tuesday. 😉


  4. I found myself with a pile last year also and in a position to get many quilted so I started on the binding………I thought it would take me forever but I got into the zone and OMG I got heaps done in a pretty quick time frame really…… surprised me……..
    but yes you are right. quilting done it’s finished soon……….not the case………it’s all the steps – getting quilt trimmed, binding made and attached that i don’t love so much……….I enjoy sewing it down…….


  5. I think you have set up a very good plan for yourself Nanette. I have also found myself pulling back a bit, and just quilting when the mood hits me.
    I hope you don’t mind, but might I suggest you machine stitch your bindings on those quilts that are not high on your favorite list or going to another home? It would certainly free up evening hand stitching for the projects you really want to finish.


    1. I did that on the practice quilt, but I prefer to do all by hand. I know that this will put my applique, cross stitching, knitting on hold, but it is worth it. Once I get my 7 done (including binding) I will be able to get back to my other hobbies. Hugs and thx for the suggesting.


  6. Nanette, I can understand and identify totally with what you are feeling. We love to stitch all those lovely patterns which is a joy at the time. The final finishing is where I lag too. But I’m working on not feeling stressed by it and also no new starts for awhile. Let’s agree to stick to not getting stressed about it at least while we welcome this brand new year!


  7. So sorry for replying late. When I sent the quilts to Rebecca I was determined to start quilting again, but I did not start until December when I knew that she would be sending back 3 at a time and I wanted to have mine part done and completed before the end of February – that is when I will have 12 of hers to square, binding, and hand work. I think there are 3 that will be entered into a Show so the remainder will be done as I want…. LOL… I really need to hire a binder, but then I cannot say I made the quilt. Of course I will share the Show quilts with Rebecca because it is considered a 2 person quilt. She deserves any ribbons I would get. Hugs


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