OMG for December 2022

I am on a mission to finish quilting the last of the quilts that have been hanging around for awhile. I have finished most of the older tops in 2022, but there are still another 10 to long arm quilt and 8 that should be hand quilted……oh well. I sent 12 additional quilts to Rebecca for quilting and when they return the binding party begins.

This month I have finished 7 projects (one is in the process of being re-done). I have had some issues with my HQ 16, but hubby worked on the Stitch Regulator yesterday and the machine is working better than it ever has. Today I will work on a practice quilt checking out the Regulator. I had switched to Manual mode and it worked OK for the projects, but that Regulator allows me to be a bit more creative, like writing my name on my playtime practice quilt.

I quilted 3 quilts and 2 of the have the binding completed, the remaining 5 require binding to be cut and sewn on. Of the 4 smaller projects, 2 gave me serious problems. The Table Runner had the stitches ripped out yesterday and I am planning to add a border today and then quilt it again. I will then start getting the binding process for the 5 quilts.

The Celtic Table Runner is the one that I had quilted, did not like how it looked and ripped all stitching out yesterday. I have found some contrasting fabric to add to the runner that will really make it stand out. The fabrics I used are batiks and it is too hard to hand quilt batiks. I made this back in 2008 and too much of a newbie to realize that.

The Feather Star and the Celtic quilts were quilted with Hobbs batting. I regret using it because I do not like the look. I have always used Warm and Natural Cotton batting but had purchased the Hobbs to try it, but I am not happy with the look, so I will only continue using cotton batting on the remaining quilts. In getting back to quilting on the long arm, I really had some “remembering the rules” moments. So the remaining quilts will probably go much better.

I will be working on my goals for 2023 this week. There are 2 goals that will come first – my everyday morning walk and taking time to just “relax” without deadlines. Goals and deadlines are wonderful incentives, but they can cause us all stress, of which no one needs.

Have a great week and enjoy stitching!

Hugs, Nanette

11 Replies to “OMG for December 2022”

    1. Well Sharon I drive myself, then I pay for the drive! LOL. I am going to try something different – schedule those 16 quilts for binding and goal will be July/August (except for the ones I will enter in a Show). I love your Snowman. I am going to see if I can schedule different things at “certain?” times during a week and see if I can do it. Hugs!


    2. Thank you Sharon. Well other than idiot companies, with no family Clay and I do our hobbies each day in the Studio. We are truly blessed and spoiled! If only I could have a year without interruptions maybe I could really catch up. May order a new pair of hands! LOL. Hugs


  1. You are such a busy bee. I thought of you this morning when Hubs mentioned a nice heated/cooled metal building he found that was a repossession and selling for a good price. We still can’t see buying it, but boy would it be nice to have a separate place! Enjoy your day, – we are supposed to have possible severe storms later then it will cool off a bit.

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    1. Well I try to be. Since we do not have family we stay in the Studio each day, so as long as I am not having Meniere’s I can do a lot. I can tell the weather change is coming. Might be worse for you guys. We MIGHT get a drop or two, but there are a lot of warnings out for you so be safe.

      You would love to have a place to do your quilting. I always clear up the day’s work before going in, but if it is something that needs to stay out I leave it. Before we added on to this building (now 800 sq ft) I had to pick up and had no place to do my long arm quilting.

      Maybe it will work out. We are always together, but work on our projects separately – I think you would call it ‘being spoiled”. Hugs

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    1. I am Laura and hope to stay on one. I need to prioritize those 16 quilts and realize that my hands will not let me sit and do binding for 2 weeks in a row. After I get the bindings on what I have just finished there will be only 1 quilt loaded and not a stack of them staring me in the face. And when I get it quilted, the binding will go on and either be done then or put in the stack! Does that sound like part of a plan? LOL. Hugs

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  2. Hi Nanette! I was just thinking about you this morning. I managed to get 10,000 steps every day during my break from work. Tomorrow, reality sets in (back to work) and I manage around 7,000. That’s not bad for a sedentary job – refuse to walk in the hallways when the students are back in the building. They have every germ known to mankind, I swear. I learning the no-hand-quilting lesson the hard way with batiks, too. We were newbies for a reason! A binding party sounds like fun to me! I’ll be having a mini one myself with three recent finishes. Looking forward to hearing about your longarming projects! {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne


    1. Well, today I did not walk. A new front is approaching and you know what that does for me – TIRED – I am perking up and heading in to do the binding on the Feathered Star. Tomorrow will be cooler in the AM so I will be walking. Good for you to get the 10,000 steps – that is about 500 calories burned! Yes one does not hand quilt batiks unless it is the last one to do for a year while your hands rest – LOL!!!! Stay out of the halls with those germ makers! Hugs

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  3. What an array of gorgeous quilts! I love them all but quite taken with the French General embroidery. Wouldn’t you know, I have one of those kits from those folks to embroidery too. I must think I’ll live to 150!


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