HAPPY NEW YEAR – 1 January 2023! and To-Do-Tuesday

HAPPY NEW YEAR and the enc of 2022! As usual, I am late with my posting, But I have a good excuse. Tuesday and Wednesday and part of Thursday was spent on the phone all day with my favorite people – Apple and Verizon. But by Thursday all was fixed – they were super fast – only 2 months to get thing correct! Clay has changed our Verizon Signal Booster back to what we had before Verizon sent us their 4G Booster. We get a better signal with our Yogi system that he put in a few years back. So the chapter is closed on iPhone problems.

This is the last time Linda will be our Host for TDT! She was great in her job as being our TDT Host. Somehow, even though I am late in posting, she kept me going and striving for achieving my wishful goals. I thank her for all the hours spent providing us a place to post and/or set small goals to complete our projects! Have a wonderful 2023 Linda!!!

When I started quilting again, my 2005 HQ Regulator acted up, so I went to the Manual mode. That worked great for the first 2 quilts. But I had issues with the 4 small wall hangings and Mrs Potts quilt. Today Clay worked on the Regulator. It was not staying on the track, so being the Genius he is, he fixed it and now it is working wonderful. In fact better than ever! I loaded a practice quilt and the tension and Regulator mode is working absolutely wonderful. Here are the first 2 quilts I have completely finished (includes Binding)

This quilt was made in 2019 with a SAL.

Bunny has been around a long time!

The next quilt was Mrs Potts. I had nothing but problems with it. I first loaded a backing of 200% muslin from Hoffman, but Ms HQ did not like it and definitely did not like the fabric I used in this quilt for the border and background! It takes about an hour or more to load a quilt on a long arm and getting everything set up, so you can imagine what fun it was to have to start over with different backing fabric. But I did get it quilted and I am not happy with it. One other thing I did was to change to some Hobbs polyester batting that I had bought a few years back. I do not like the look of the quilt with that batting. I have always used Warm Cotton Batting or the White Cotton batting from the Warm Company. I regret using the Hobbs. Mrs Potts will have binding tomorrow. It be sew on by the D1 and I will hand sew the remainder.

This wall hanging was made from a block from a Civil War Bride Pattern. I am very pleased with how I quilted it on my D1. I will be doing the binding for it tomorrow. It will be sewn on with the D1 and I will hand sew the remainder. I used my Warm and Natural batting and it really turned out pretty! I love the grid quilting on it.

This is a French General pre printed Embroidery pattern. I purchased it in December 2017 and came home with the Flu to start 2018 sick! But this is another of my favorites and pleased with how it turned out. I used my Warm and Natural Cotton batting – it quilts up so nice!

Feathered Star was made in 2013 as a test block. I started hand quilting it and gave up on that because this block just needed to be done! I started machine quilting it with the D1, following the marking I had made for hand quilting. Well, that did not work out at all, so I decided to just pitch it. It stayed in the mesh trash “can” until later in the afternoon when Clay told me I should rip it and start over. So I did – it was not fun, but I did it and then decided to quilt it on the HQ 16. That was also a big mistake because I used the wrong batting again on this wall hanging. Hobbs and I definitely do not like each other. I think I have a new home liked up for the 3 packages I have remaining.

I do not think this top can hold up to another ripping as I know that I am not, but who knows. When something doesn’t look good to me, I know it would not look good to others. It too was sewn with Hobbs batting. I just do not like the look. Maybe it is better for hand quilting. When I quilted it I was still having issues with tension and overall quilting with HQ16!

This project is the 2nd quilt from Hell being quilted! I made this Celtic table runner around 2008. I made a bad decision on quilting this one – Yup -I used Hobbs batting. When I finished making it, I was going to hand quilt it. Has anyone ever hand quilted batiks? I did one time and that was enough. So it sat all this time waiting for me to do something, even if it was wrong (and it was). I had to add extra fabric on both sides of the beautiful orange backing fabric before I could load it. That took more time. I measured the batting, noticing this time how easy it stretched, but I was on a mission to complete this one so I ignored my gut feelings. After I loaded the quilt, I then decided that I did not want to quilt over the applique. What a mess I had. It looked horrible. AND when I got to the end of the quilt I was short 3 inches of batting! Grr. So today for the first day of 2023 I ripped it! It took me about 4 hours to do so, which included removing the lovely threads.

After ripping the quilting I knew if this table runner was to be quilted the correct way, I would have to fix a new backing, use Warm and Natural Cotton batting, and add a border. I found the neatest batik in my stash to use for the border and backing, so I quickly became inspired to try again with quilting it. With the Stitch Regulator working I may be able to quilt around the applique, or at the very least, the quilting will will look much better. I will also load the quilt differently which will make a big difference.

Each of these projects have helped me remember certain things about long arm quilting. First – it takes to prepare the quilt, time load the quilt, then to remember all the steps required before starting, things such as double checking backing and batting to make sure both are measured correctly. Then there is the “basting of the top and continuing to baste on the left side with each turn. Tops that have ‘piano keys’ for a border must have a stay stitch around the quilt.

I am happy that I have 5 of the 7 completed and they are acceptable. I loaded another practice quilt for Clay to check out how the Regulator is working. I will finish playing with it tomorrow and add the borders to the table runner. I hope to get it quilted tomorrow and start on making the bindings for French General, CWB Block, and Celtic Table Runner. Feathered Star is up in the air!!!

For next TDT I hope to have more quilts finished and I definitely need to go through my batiks and get them back in order. I really need to make a baby quilt and will start that – PROVIDING the rest of my quilting goes better than the issues I had with the first 7! I will be doing a lot of binding this year as I already have 4 waiting for me and possibly 3 coming in from Rebecca! I guess I will make it a goal of having all of the bindings done on the 12 that Rebecca is quilting and the hand work completed by June or July.

This is the next quilt to be loaded and quilted. It is not one of the important ones (they start after I finish this one). I will need to select backing fabric and cut the batting and then load the puppy! Wish me luck.

Have a great first week of 2023 and enjoy stitching. My goal for the year is to relax, stay away from any Drama, and just enjoy the safety of our home.

Hugs, Nanette

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13 Replies to “HAPPY NEW YEAR – 1 January 2023! and To-Do-Tuesday”

    1. Thank you Gretchen. The Bunny quilt was made from a Fons and Porter magazine years ago. I did a count this morning – 9 to long arm and 9 that will/should be hand quilted. I am not sure the hands will let me…. We shall see. All those quilts coming in is beginning to be over whelming. I am going to set a goal of July to have all done. York Lodge will be entered in a Show if one is going on this year. Hugs


    1. I just had to stop making quilt tops and get the 36 quilts quilted! Sending out 12 really has helped, but the binding work will take me some time. Thx for the Cudo’s. Quilting will be number 1 on the list and then binding in the evening. Hugs


  1. A lovely assortment Nanette. Lots of hard work and success in the end. Thank you for sharing. I hope this year is more successful at my end as far as my quilting goes. Happy new year to all.


    1. Thx for the link – I signed up and I want to thank you so much for being Hostess for over a year! You gave us a lot of your time to do this. I would prefer to just make quilt tops, but as you can see that doesn’t work so well since I had over 35 quilt tops last year to finish! LOL. He is the ultimate “can fix anything” guy – am blessed to have him. You have a great 2023, only 2 more years of hell!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. What a fun quilt parade, Nanette!!! They each look great from here. I especially love that Celtic table runner!!!


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