HQAL and Slow Sunday Stitching! – 18 December 2022

Notice – this is a Two for One Post – Saving on your time! LOL Check out other HQAL Stitchers and of course Slow Sunday Stitching with Kathy!

How to begin,,,, Well Looking back over this year, I started with Bronchitis, still I was hoping for a smooth year. Hum, that did not happen and neither have any of my goals for the last six weeks happened! BUT, NEVER FEAR, we only have 13 (oops unlucky number) days left of this tremendously wonderful year to go. I have started on part of my handwork goals and SHOCK AND AWE – I have loaded my practice quilt and about half way through it. So it looks like the last 13 days (oops unlucky number again) will be peaceful and quiet and I will finish it today and hopefully load a REAL quilt.

With that lovely opening statement, walking was pleasant at 41 degrees this morning. I tried coming to the Studio and to have a cup of Java before the walk, but I will confess I am going to try to get the walk done before Java! I do believe that the prediction for the SA area is FREEZING COLD – 18 Degrees on Friday with little change through Christmas. All of the cold weather makes me want to just sit and sew on my hand projects, but until I finish my lovely practice quilt and a REAL quilt loaded, no hand work during the day. So with all this blabbering, here is what I have done (please do not laugh).

Practice quilt halfway finished (no gifting here – probably a nice mat for clay when he is working on something outside). I wanted to make sure I picked a fabric that I would never need (Kona Orange) and some beautiful Blue thread that I could see the stitches. I did have an eye opener when I started working on the quilt. The machine was just a humming and stitches, circles, etc were doing great. Then I realized I was not using the Regulator. (I wonder if this happened because I turned 78 on Halloween?). So I put it on that setting and talk about seeing a difference. Circles were not evenly stitched, meandering was not very smooth, etc. I have a feeling that the Regulator is not working properly (probably just needs an adjustment) so I am going to go to the manual setting and quilt my quilts. This last year when I was cleaning up a lot of UFO quilts that needed quilting, I thought I noticed problems but figured it was me. Well, it is not me, but I do not want to purchase a new machine, (OR DO I). I purchased the machine in 2005 and it really works great – no computer, etc, I have not priced the new ones, but do not know what I would do with my old one, so I will use it until it just falls apart, or I fall apart! Cheaper that way and that way I can justify sending quilts to Rebecca to do the hard work! Yea a 2022 decision made! Besides, I bet they are all plastic parts made in China.

Next (and don’t laugh) I started Block 8 of Moda Holiday SAL…. of course I realized that I left a leaf off the background (fixing it after this post). See the “leaf”(?) on the bottom left corner with the needle and to the right inside the heart there is a big space….. Need I say more? (Another 78 screw up!).

And here we are with In My Garden blocks. There are 4 identical blocks and the 5th will be the center block and have nice size carrots to applique. I am doing all the stems on the 5 blocks and yesterday I cut out all the leaves for the blocks 1 thru 4. A total of 56 leaves I will prepare the Flowers after all Stems and Leaves have been applique.

A blogger had a link to a Harriet Hargrove book on Borders. There was a picture of a quilt in the book with what I call “ribbon border” that I want to make sometime (maybe on the 6 Medallion blocks that are still waiting for me to make a quilt with them). I showed the picture to Jaydee and she directed me to another Border book by Judy Martin and Marsha McCloskey and told me that it was available on Amazon (used of course). So I will have plenty of examples of borders and directions to chose from. Here is a picture of the quilt. I am not sure, but I think THINK that the border is made with Squares in a Square! The effect is made by color/fabric placement. The block is a Snail’s Trail block.

Here’s hoping that everyone stays well this Holiday Season so that everyone’s Christmas and New Year’s Eve can be enjoyed.

I think my 2023 New Year’s Resolution will only be that my Walk is Number 1 and after that each day whatever happens happens! I am going to work very hard in getting 10 quilts quilted by New Year’s Eve. Then I can say I had a very productive year! (PS – the “baby” quilt is on hold for January 2023! No Squirrels are allowed between now and then.

Hugs and have a great week and happy Stitching!


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23 Replies to “HQAL and Slow Sunday Stitching! – 18 December 2022”

  1. If you got your quilt loaded you can really go to town tomorrow! I have been knitting most of the weekend, so have to give my wrist a break tomorrow and do some ironing, cutting and make lefse, then I can knit in the evening and finish a Christmas gift. 18 degrees sounds down right balmy. I90 is now open, but with no travel advised from Murdo to Vivian, which is about 20 miles. XXOO


    1. Well, today the real quilting starts. It is raining today so walking will be later or none at all! I see that it is really REALLY cold today – looking at the weather forecast for you guys this week. We will get the deep freeze (cold with wind chill in the teens)! Hugs and happy knitting and working on the other project!

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  2. Sounds like winter has come to us all! Loading a quilt with some done, appliqué work cut out ,and some embroidery work in progress… sounds like you’ve been busy.👍🤗happy walking and Happy Holidays!


    1. I am enjoying it being cooler, Clay is cold natured. We will be freezing by Thursday or Friday morning thru Christmas. I have not been as busy as I wanted to, but today it is looking like the remainder of 2022 will be without problems. Merry Christmas

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    1. I will try to do a tutorial on it when I get to that point. I am trying to end the year with finishes – not starts! (Hard for me to do). Hugs and have a wonderful time with Haley and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! N Hugs


  3. Happy Holidays 🙂 You have so many fabulous projects in the works. That border in the picture – fabulous – I love your resolution, walking #1 and all else falls into place. Bundle up and get out there in that 18o 🙂


    1. Same to you Sharon. I have so many things that I want to do. If we really start and stay with winter it will be easier for me. Today it is raining and cold, if the rain stops after noon I will try to get my 30 minutes in this afternoon. Have a blessed Christmas and Happy New Year! Hugs


  4. I don’t have the confidence to stop using the stitch regulator, but others have said the machine works much more smoothly when set on manual. The ribbon border has always fascinated me. Good luck meeting your goals.


    1. Well Mary, I have now figured out the manual quilting. I listen to the motor and just keep a steady pace. I am getting where the stitches are even – even when I do a circle. It will take me a few more quilts to really have it halfway master, but it is not as bad as I thought it would be. Have a Merry Christmas and hopefully you are not one without power this morning. It was 17 awhile ago, at least the sun is out. Hugs


  5. Oh, Nanette! As soon as you said, don’t laugh . . . I started smiling. Darn that leaf. I am so impressed with your longarm setup and that you are practicing before you start quilting in earnest. Who needs a stinkin’ regulator? You don’t, that’s who. Or you might . . . on the new machine that you might or might not buy. That cold spell is going to pretty much cover most of the lower 48. Eighteen sounds pretty warm compared to where we’ll be after shoveling 15″ of snow and 50 mph winds. Challenging weather for everyone traveling this holiday weekend, darn it. Merry merry Christmas to you and Clay! Stay warm and safe. I’ll be getting my steps in with you the rest of this week! {{Hugs}} a bunch. ~smile~ Roseanne


    1. Late of course but here goes! I am doing well with the manual mode – surprising! Rebecca said that those who use the regulator then go to the Manual Mode do well.,.. well maybe in a few more quilts. What state are you in again – I did not put it in my memory bank ! We had 17 this morning, and since there is no heat in the Studio (separate building from the house) My windows had ice on the inside……Hoping that you are doing OK in this Blizzard weather. We also have the high winds. Have a blessed Christmas! Hugs

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  6. I think square-in-a-square alternating with a square with two corner triangles sewn on. It makes a lovely border, if you can get the measurements even, but that’s what coping strips do, right? =)

    New machines are ridiculously expensive, whatever the brand. If you lived near me, we have a good dealer for Handiquilter, and I know some dealers will take the used machines in trade, but some don’t. However, you can usually find a buyer in your guild group, too. On the other hand, lots cheaper to keep going, and your quilting on the next post looked good. =)


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