To Do Tuesday – 8 December 2022 (Late Again)

I am so late in doing a post, reading everyone’s post that I finally had to just clean. Out the over 100 emails and hope to be on top of things. Tuesday we took care of the Navigator tires and added a new battery to it along with the Town Car! We spent some time with the General Manager of North Park Lincoln discussing some positive issues. He is the definitely the right person for the job. He has a wonderful personality and we enjoyed the detail discussions we had regarding our concerns. NP should be very pleased to have such a wonderful Representative of their Company! Thank you Diego!

After my 1.5 mile yesterday (in summertime humidity) I had the brainy idea to clean the entire interior and shampoo the carpet in the Town Car. After breakfast (which was more like lunch at 11:30) I did not move out of my recliner the rest of the day! I guess at 78, doing a massive clean like that after walking might just have been a bit much! But then I refuse to get old, maybe a little stupid, but not old! LOL. Next cleaning will be the Navigator – probably on Saturday! I am such the neat perfectionist that I have always kept the vehicles washed and vacuumed, you won’t find trash, or other things in the vehicles. But for some reason (we all know why) I had just not had the energy or desire to keep up with keeping leather protector on the seats, etc. But from now on – no excuses! I still wonder what I will be doing when I hit 80!

I am still having issues with my Series 8 watch – what a mess. Apple will be sending me watch number 3 as they believe it is a hardware issue, so while I was resting up from my cleaning job on the car, I spent time a (4 hours total) working with Verizon and Apple. The problem is that the watch keeps breaking connection from the Verizon Network. Only me! But if you ever need advice on managing your iPhone or Apple Watch – call me as I have become an expert!

I have finished my surprise quilt that began with the one block and Block 7 of Moda Holiday Stitch-A-Long. I had no idea what to name it so it is Nan’s Geometric Quilt. It measures close to 60” x 60”. I have also finished tracing the background fabric for 5 blocks for In My Garden. I will be working on the stems first on all blocks and then progress to adding the flowers. Bunny blocks are still waiting for me to get with the program!

For the remainder of the time until next Tuesday I will be working on the long arm and in the meantime I have another baby blanket to make!

I am taking the day off from my walk! (It is be kind to the elderly). Have a wonderful week (what is left of it) and a great week-end. ME – I am waiting for winter to come back!

Hugs, Nanette

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11 Replies to “To Do Tuesday – 8 December 2022 (Late Again)”

    1. I tell you that was DUMB with all the other “issues” that had gone on since the 1st of December. This month is going to fly by! I had better give up sleeping at night if I want to close out the year with not too many things hanging on into 2023! LOL. Hugs.

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  1. It’s fine to take some days off from walking, you’ll be doing a lot of motion while you long arm your quilt. Your geometric quilt is so bright and colorful, love it! Happy stitching!


    1. Thx Gretchen. I have had problems with stupid Apple Watch so I took 2 days off! We are back to Fall weather – in the 80’s during the day and about 70 at walking time. BUT never fear – we will go back to the 40’s and 60’s next week! I really like how the Geo quilt worked out. Have a great week-end. Hugs


  2. Hi Nanette! Ooh, how many quilts will you be working on when you are longarming? I thought you just sent out a bunch? I think after your big clean out project in summer humidity that you deserve a day off of walking. You’re still my walking hero!! {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne


    1. Well, 9 should be hand quilted (that is iffy) and 10 to long arm. Won’t take that long – but there have been so many days I have lost due to stupid upgrades to Apple Watch and phone problems! UGH. But I am ready to load a practice quilt so hopefully by Sunday or Monday I can start quilting. I could get most done before Christmas. Just need to decide on the needle turn applique ones. Hugs. I sent 12 to Rebecca – Still have 4 LARGE LARGE ones to do the hand binding on…… Hummm need to teach Clay how to do those… Then get ready for the 12….Hope my CT holds out. Hugs (again). I hit a good 31 minutes doing my 1.5 miles – I am getting there! Yea

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    1. Hey thank you. Wish we could have done one today – but my day is shot and I just finished Clay’s paperwork for the Choctaws. If I get my 3 pillow cases binder and the practice quilt loaded today I will be happy! Hugs

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  3. You and my husband would get along great! He is the vehicle cleaning person here, and we never have trash or dirt inside.

    I’ve been meaning to ask you, are you going to set those Christmas embroideries into a quilt? When I started mine, I was going to set them among blocks, but I got to wondering how the red and green floss would do in the laundry.

    I’m so glad you have a good advocate in the vehicle world. We finally found one of those at Sewell in McKinney. We bought a used 2021 Audi (we’ve always had mostly Ford vehicles), and we have been happier with this SUV than any others (except the red F150 Platinum we wish we still had!) and the man who helped us was and still is quickly responsive and wonderful, better than anyone we EVER had at a Ford dealership.

    OK, back to business – lol – thank you for sharing with To Do Tuesday!


    1. Yes I have always been the one to keep them clean and especially when I was single. I do not wash my quilts. It will be finished and quilted and go on the rack. when I am gone, whoever buys it at the Estate Sale can ruin it! LOL LOL. Hugs

      Well, Diego is the top guy at NP Lincoln. He finally realized why we were upset about the tires being under inflated.

      I need to get a few things done. ! Hugs.

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