To Do Tuesday – 4 December 2022 (Late of Course)

Greetings TDT participants. Weather is nuts – yesterday walked in shorts and a T-shirt, this morning I had on pants and long sleeve shirt. Mr Fibro and Mr Bradycardia were visiting me today so I only was able to walk 10 minutes! No sun for the last 3 days – hoping that the sun comes back. This week weather prediction is 60’s for the morning walk (shorts again) and 75+ in the afternoon.

I have great excuses for doing a late post this time and just had to document the lovely week. It helps to be able to go back and see why I did not get these 2 projects finished by Tuesday!

Let’s start with this week starting with last Sunday! The last of the interruptions in my life from my neighbor (of whom I have never considered a “friend”) is called DONE! (Some people need to accept responsibility for their lives). That chapter in my life is so closed! Whew!

Monday did not go as planned either, neither did Tuesday morning (Hearing Aid issues, but now completely fixed with the upgraded Firmware!) But Wednesday and Thursday morning were heavenly! Peaceful and fairly productive and a great FT with Kathy on Thursday morning!!

Now let’s move to Thursday! I had placed a special order with Whole Foods for my special mayo. The order was a week late and I wanted to pick it up before the weather turned on Friday morning. So Clay and I decided to take the Navigator for our little outing to SA. They say everything happens for a reason and Thursday afternoon was one of those excises in proving the saying is true. About 20 miles from the house, the “low tire pressure”, etc light came on — well our current tires are filled with Nitrogen (big rip off) and the original tires that came with the vehicle (6 years go, only 20,000 miles on the vehicle) but a couple of months ago they had advised us to get new tires because of their age! We decided on the way back home to change to the Town Car that we would go ahead with new tires and quit using Nitrogen and get back to just using air in our tires. Bottom line on this experience, we are scheduled for new top of the line Michelin Tires to be installed on Tuesday and between some negotiation between the Dealer and Discount Tire, we saved over $400.00 and going with Discount Tire and and a front end alignment! (Just $1,450.00)

The Whole Food errand was accomplished but on the way home the battery light came on in the Town Car! By then I was really not a happy camper and poor Clay had to listen to my muttering (well, maybe a little louder than muttering) all the way home. I stopped at O’Reilly’s Parts for a battery check and it was just about gone, but it had not been quite 3 years (2 months away) since we purchased their battery and they have a warranty that you will get a brand new battery if the battery goes belly up within that a timeframe. This is the good luck part – we now have a brand new battery priced at $286.00 for F-R-E-E! SO THE SAYING EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON IS TRUE! Now both vehicles are fixed and no more vehicle issues after we get the new tires and front end alignment.

After all the “Unforeseen Requirements” during the week I have managed to finish 2 things. I finished the surprise quilt and Block 7 of Moda Holiday Stitch-A-Long. My quilt is rather unusual as I designed it by replicating one block that was made 12 years (when I was taking an on-line color play class) 3 times – and 2 of them involved reverse engineering in order to obtain the design I wanted! That took time and was a great challenge! This is what I started with!

And here is what I ended up with! I am naming it Nan’s Geometrical Quilt. The quilt is approximately 60″ x 60″. Tilt your head to the left to see another design of the quilt.

The next finish was finished 2 times! Here is what happened – check the pictures!

Yes I ripped out the middle part with the red thread and replaced it with the green. Looking at the picture there is a small boo boo left that I just realized – Can you see it! (Take home test).

Between now and Tuesday I am hoping to have cleaned out my email box for the week and provide some comments to all the beautiful quilting projects going on and this afternoon I will be working on In My Garden quilt 5 remaining blocks (applique). The Bunnies are patiently waiting for me to hurry up and finish them!

Well, this is it for the “week” and for TDT on the 6th my goal is to 1) Post on Tuesday, 2) be finished preparing the blocks for In My Garden, 3) have a ‘practice’ quilt ready for the long arm starting on Wednesday. (Any bets?).

Have a wonderful week stitching! I am going to plan on it starting Wednesday morning.

Hugs, Nanette

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8 Replies to “To Do Tuesday – 4 December 2022 (Late of Course)”

  1. Yay on the “fixed” vehicles! Glad you at least got a free battery out of the deal. Those things usually work out to be just past the warranty date. I love Nan’s Geometrical Quilt! Your Christmas embroidery continues to amaze me. I cannot for the life of me see any boo-boos.
    Thank you for sharing with us at To Do Tuesday, and you are never too late. 🙂


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