Slow Sunday Stitching – 4 December 2022

Greetings. I have to admit today is National Fibromyalgia Day for me! DARN! I only made a 10 minute walk and this is just not me! But the good news is it is weather related! Yesterday I walked in short shorts and a T-Shirt! TODAY? Damp, chilly, and had long pants and long sleeve shirt. What a roller coaster in the big LV as far as weather goes! Bradycardia (slow heart rate) is also visiting, but nothing wrong, just things get worse as our poor body changes. I am so happy that I have kept up with my 1.5 miles each day (Yes – I reached the 20/21 minute goal this week). Otherwise I feel that I would be just sitting all day long in a chair and unable to do anything! This coming week should be more stable – 60’s in the morning and 77+ in the afternoon and hoping some sun! Better week down the road.

For those of you who MIGHT make little “oops” like me, you will get a laugh out of this one. I worked hard to finish Block 7 of Moda Holiday Stitch A Long, isn’t it pretty?

YES, I just loved working in the red thread I totally did to recheck the pattern that I was to use Green Thread in the middle. Ever rip out embroidery? FUN!

Last night I was able to redo the middle! Made a huge difference! (Ignore the blue line on the right – that happened when I was labeling the block and did not catch it soon enough to remove it! Ah! The life of a Perfectionist! I see another boo boo but it is easy to fix LATER! Can you see it? (Take home test).

Well, this is all of the hand work that I have been working on. Today I will be working on my In My Garden by Dawn Heese. I have 5 blocks remaining to prepare for applique. That means I will working on tracing the background fabrics and cutting out the flowers. Lazy table work!

I just might get this done and then I will start on doing some binding of my 4 quilts and some applique to keep from getting bored doing the binding.

I am thinking of starting a knitting, embroidery, cross stitch group at our local Library. I am hoping that someone in this area is an expert knitter and will assist me in becoming better at knitting! Hand work is so much fun and would be enjoyable to find some happy stitchers.

Have a wonderful Sunday and a great stitching week.

Hugs, Nanette

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5 Replies to “Slow Sunday Stitching – 4 December 2022”

  1. The redwork block looked just fine as it was and I would have left it that way. The green looks nice too but ripping out embroidery is not fun and easy. Have fun working in My Garden, she’s a beauty!


  2. My friend and I started a group for knitting a couple of years ago at Panera’s. Now that we can meet again we do cross stitch, quilt projects, anything that is handwork. We really have a good time. Panera’s is always very welcoming to our little group. We meet every Wednesday at 11. We eat a lunch about 12 and stay until about 2 or 2:30. Good luck on starting a group by you. Hugs,


  3. I have ripped out embroidery, not fun at all. You have to be so careful. We have a Stitches group at our local Senior Room, about 25 ladies do all sorts of stitching from quilting, to sewing, to embroidery to knitting to crochet. I haven’t been much since Covid lockdowns but should get back into it. So inspiritng. as is Slow Stitch Sindays..


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