The Binding Story on a Slow Stitching Sunday 11/20/22

Pre winter has arrived in South Texas. 40’s the last couple of days with nice heavy sprinkles and more on the way. It would not bother me is the weather stayed this way for 6 months. I am enjoying walking in cooler weather also. I took today off just because I wanted to – how about that for just doing what I wanted to do! LOL!

This has been a very quiet week for both of us. We had made reservations for Rockport, Texas, but then we found out that the lovely Flu season is flaring up in the area, along with San Antonio area towns. So that trip has been cancelled, since last December we came home from Rockport with a horrible case of Bronchitis or the Flu – whichever it was not COVID. It took me over a month to get back on my feet and Clay had to sleep in the recliner for 2 weeks until they gave him some great cough medication to help. We decided it would not be worth the trip to get sick again.

I have finished my 2nd cross stitch project – Boo’s and Bat’s. I changed the border on the pattern and am very pleased with the outcome. I now have a quilt that matches my cross stitch project! Clay ordered a 10” frame for me today!

Now to move on to the Binding Story! In 2014 I sent 7 quilts to a Longarm Quilter that I had known for a few years. All I will say is that it did not work well for me. End of that part of the story. I made a stupid decision to let her sew the binding on my quilts using her long arm!!! I did not do any research on this technique and I have really paid for being so dumb thinking that it would work.

A few years back I started doing the handwork on one of the quilts only to find out that because I cut a 2” strip for my bindings and the fact that she sewed a 1/4” when attaching the binding, I had a serious problem. Bottom line – I left 4 of the quilts in the closet for 8 years!

So this was the week for me to correct the problem on all 4 quilts. The quilts were all King Size quilts and very hard to manage. and very heavy! The first step was to rip the existing binding off 3 of the quilts. I had not let her sew the binding on it the 4th one! Whew! As I was sewing the new binding onto the first one, I realized that the quilt was not squared after it was quilted. So each quilt had to be checked and trimmed before continuing on with making new binding for all 4 quilts. In total, I made close to 1800 inches of binding for all four quilts.

This afternoon I finished the last quilt and now I have plenty of hand work to do, which should keep me from becoming bored for at least a month! I have learned another lesson – the hard way.

Tomorrow I will designate it as a day to just enjoy my quilting room and prepare a practice quilt (muslin top and bottom) and load it on my long arm. It feels so good to have achieved my goal. I hope to have them all completed by the end of December, or sooner, as Rebecca will be sending me more either in late December of first of January. Believe you me, I am in no hurry for anymore quilts to make binding for! BREAK TIME!

Have a great week and enjoy quilting, or whatever you love to do.

Hugs, Nanette

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9 Replies to “The Binding Story on a Slow Stitching Sunday 11/20/22”

  1. That is a LOT of quilts to bind! You’ll keep your hands busy in the evenings, happy stitching! I’m looking forward to viewing these quilts as they’re finished. They look very pretty folded up.


  2. I am so sorry that you had to cancel your trip! Hopefully you can reschedule!
    Looks like you will have a lot of pleasant stitching time with your feet up and a game or old movie on the ‘tube’!
    Congrats on finishing the cute cross stitch! 🙂


  3. Oh my goodness. That is a whole lot of work to fix all those king-sized quilts. I understand why it took you a while to get to. You must have been so disappointed. Congrats on the cross-stitch finish.


  4. I’m not crazy about binding put on while on the longarm–it turns out better on a regular machine, IMHO. Your 4 quilts are beautiful, Nanette! Pace yourself with the binding work.


  5. Beautiful XS, and wonderful quilts. I especially like the Christmas one. Binding is not my friend. I don’t mind the hand part, but I hate putting it on … because I’m so bad at it. LOL It sounds like quite an experience you’ve had.


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