Verizon, iPhones, and Total Frustration – 15 October 2022

I have NO idea where my week has gone other than just disappearing. I have absolutely nothing accomplished other than this block I worked on in the evenings (not the last 2 nights) on my MODA Christmas SAL embroidery. How depressing!

Just for SnG’s I will let you in on the fun things of the week! We know that last week-end was a non quilting week-end, but I never expected Monday and Tuesday happenings that took me away from fun! I knew Wednesday would be a questionable day and it was. After spending 1 and 1/2 hours at the Hearing Aid place for an adjustment for the new hearing loss, I was blessed (cursed) to be given a Hearing Instrument Specialist (HIS) IN TRAINING and my Audiologist would pop in and out (she was training the young lady). I should – SHOULD have questioned this, but I did not. Long story short, I kept telling them I could not hear the white noise that covers up the Tinnitus noise. Finally we left, but on the way home I clicked on a Podcast and the volume was so low I could barely hear it. Then about 2 PM when Wanda calls, I definitely knew I had a problem. I could not hear her very well. (Keep in mind on Wednesday I did a 100 mile round trip to the same are for the Mamo and Ear checkup). Thursday was another 100 mile round trip, only to find out that the lovely idiot trainee and the Audiologist screwed me by not doing the setting for the volume in the hearing aid software to match the iPhone!

I cannot describe my reaction when I was told that I would have to go back to clean up their mess. DOES ANYONE KNOW HOW TO DO THEIR JOB ANYMORE. The only good thing is that I will now go back to the Hearing Life office that is a 50 mile round trip! BUT I have to wait until Tuesday! Yes I am just thrilled to be able to get in the car and waste another day of my life due to idiots!

Now to provide information to all. We have used PayPal since 2009. When they put out the new policy last week stating that users would be fined $2,500.00 if they stated misinformation, etc. I decided to just wait a few days to see the fall out. Late Thursday afternoon (after the hearing aid “c”, I took that problem on. I called PayPal and had an interesting conversation with a Customer Representative and told them that a large company like PayPal would not have ‘MADE A MISTAKE’. I asked who the new CEO was and politely told them what I thought about their “mistake”. I then took the time to look the CEO up on the Internet – if interested check him out here. HE IS A WOKE LIBERAL and trying to control Americans from speaking their Opinions. Reading his bio was all I needed to realize that his “policy change” was not a “mistake”. We realized that we could have control over SOMETHING in our lives and decided to cancel our accounts with PayPal. I had to go in and delete cards, delete all monthly payments, download data, and then delete the account. Clay’s account to delete was easier. One would think that it would only take a few minutes – no it was 11:00 PM when I completed that chore. Friday I had to go on-line to each business that draws a payment from PayPal and provide a payment method change. WHOOPEE fun and games.

Then we discussed upgrading our iPhones and discovered that Verizon was offering $800.00 off 14 Pro Max iPhones. WOW knocking off $800 of an iPhone upgrade was a great deal. So we spent 2 hours working on that – checking out Verizon and Apple for the best deal. Verizon won because they will eventake damaged phones as a trade in. The catch is that you sign a contract for 3 years with the $800 credit ($22.00 a month for each phone) is spread out over the 3 years. We prefer to pay cash, but they would not offer the $800 unless you did the 3 year payout. The light bulb went off and I realized 2 things. One – this helps individuals who cannot afford to pay cash, much less being able to afford to do an upgrade, locks in business for Verizon for 3 years, and keeps the sticker shock down. Now as a side note, it did not bother us because we have been with Verizon 21 years and the only cell service we can get in our area.

We asked the Verizon Representative to call us back about 3PM to close the deal. By 4:30 no phone call (what did I expect anyway). I placed another call to Verizon and by 6:00PM we headed into the house for late supper, but happy with our deal. For my birthday I upgraded my watch (they offered $180 off, but I have some knicks on the watch face so did not qualify). My watch is covered under the extended warranty so I will take it to the Verizon Store and was advised I would be given a new watch within 2 weeks. Clay will get my Series 6 as an upgrade for him. He does not use the watch as much as I do. So all in all we did well with this acquisition.

It is looking like life will settle down, but I am totally exhausted mentally and physically from the fun and games of this week. Today I am determined to continue on with the 3 remaining sides of the next border for MSQ! Let’s hope the phone doesn’t ring and not issues arise unexpectedly!

Happiness will be in 24 days! Looking forward to a Red Wave Plus Plus to hit the Liberal Democrats. At least it could stop the craziness going on in our Country!

Have a wonderful week-end. I am planning on watching nothing but Gunsmoke, Dateline, and Football tomorrow! Thx for listening if you made it this far!

Hugs, Nanette

12 Replies to “Verizon, iPhones, and Total Frustration – 15 October 2022”

  1. I’m glad you were able to vent. We all have to do it once in a while, all thought, it happens more and more. Wishing you a lovely and blessed week. Diane


  2. Ugh on all the hearing aid mess. Mom used to have those same kinds of issues. I always felt sorry for her because she could hear just fine in the technician chair then when she got home it was all different.
    Yay on the good phone deals! We had a terrible time with ATT a couple years ago and had to swallow a loss on our phones so we closed our account with them. They totally cheated us out of a discount that was promised all because we changed our phone numbers when we moved here. The local store where we did that deal told us “no problem” on changing our number but when it came time to back us up with corporate they “don’t get involved”. Sheesh. We have been quite happy with T-Mobile.
    We haven’t used PP for over a year and recently closed Hubs’ account for your same reason. But mine will take a phone call because I also have PP Credit. I don’t look forward to that call. I was on the phone with insurance one day for an hour and that set me back for days – lol! I HATE being on the phone.
    Take care my friend, and I hope your weekend is a good one and that you get tons of rain! It is supposed to get down to 38 here Tuesday night – yippee!


    1. Oh my. I hope that you don’t have a Bummer week ahead. I think I will be fine but today I just sat and cut out things. I think one more day if not walking and just relaxing and I will be fine.

      The front won’t get here until Monday. Supposed to have rain all day Monday. We shall see.

      May get in the low 50’s.

      We learned the hard way with Verizon -only go to Verizon Corporate stores. Most people don’t know that.

      I spent the majority of my time on the phone the last 5 days. I am getting to where you are! No phone calls! Hugs and hang in there.


  3. Make very sure you wear your hearing aids and they are adjusted properly. The experts say those who are hearing impaired and do not use their hearing aids are at increased risk for dementia. Take care, and be patient, if getting it right takes 5 tries, it still ends up right!


    1. Oh I wear mine from 6 am to 10 pm. Everyday. I have Meniere’s. I can hear without them but it is the high pitches that are bad. That is not attributed to Menieres but the low/ bass is.

      Good advice to always wear them. Hugs

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    1. Our world has changed since COVID. And not to the good. The employees that still work are some of the good ones. Then there are those who do not care if they do a good job for the consumer or not. Anyway, I took a day to just not talk and it helped along with watching a movie and a Gunsmoke in the evening. During the week-ends, I do not watch the news. Sundays are the most fun with Football. This coming week will be much better! Thx for reading my lovely post! LOL. Hugs and have a great day!

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    1. Boy I needed 10 candles lit each day! I was a horrible week starting with Sunday! But things are quiet yesterday and today. We are getting a cool front – I will still be walking in my shorts but will wear a T-Shirt (I think). It was brutal this morning high humidity and back in the 70’s. Hugs. Have a great Sunday!

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  4. Oh dear! You did have a bummer week! I agree work ethics aren’t what they used to be, but there are still a few folks who have them. Hubby just trained in a young man for the door business,this young man lost his mother at the age of six ,never knowing who his father was,and raised by an aunt, this young man was eager to learn. Here’s a big hug 🤗 may this week be much better!


  5. That is great to know that there are some young people who want to have a better life sounds like he is a fighter! This week should be better we are getting a cold front tonight Colder walks in the morning. I can hardly wait for the time change Hugs


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