To Do Tuesday – 13 September

OK – this is the 3rd time I have started this post. Cabin Fever and Fibromylgia are visiting today. I had to retreat to the indoor bike again – too hot for me. I will try again when the mornings at 7AM are in the mid-60’s. I can tell, it is time for a weather change and a trip! OH WELL!

On to the status of two projects – In My Garden and My Surprise Quilt. So here we go.

In My Garden – I have finished 2 of the Bunny Blocks and now working on the other 2. I made 2 medium brown and 2 dark brown bunnies. Here are the 2 completed Bunnies.

I am working on Mr Light Bunny now.

Now for My Surprise Quilt! I am enjoying the process and will be adding 3 more borders and call it a finish! I added another blue 1” border and then made Friendship Stars for the next border. When I finish the next 1” border and the next “surprise” border you will see the vision I have for the quilt. I am pleased with my progress, but will take a day or two off before starting on the next border.

Well, this is all I have to report on. We watched the Dallas Cowgirls (oops Cowboys) and watched the mess all the way to the end. Typical Cowboy game! Stupid and they looked horrible! Tampa Bay ran all over them. I am concerned about Tom Brady because he looked horrible. He must be on his TB12 diet and it shows. He never ran the ball, just threw one touchdown and the other 12 points were Field Goals. At 45, I am thinking he is done and should not have come back this year. Hope he is not sick.

Have a great week and enjoy your projects.

Hugs, Nanette

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28 Replies to “To Do Tuesday – 13 September”

    1. Thx Wendy! I love 2 color quilts and they work so much better for me than the scrappy and modern. I love football! The Monday night game with the Seahawks and Denver Bronco’s was a good game, but Russell Wilson (he was the Quarter Back for Seattle until this year and plays for Denver) and the Bronco’s lost (Darn). This year we are really going to watch all the games we can as it is better than the news! LOL. Hugs


    1. Thank you Linda! Those Cowboys! I had the same injury to my right hand thumb in 1980 and ruptured the ligaments but did not know it for about 2 months – they did the surgery but it was too late. I have adjusted and no problems. But he will not enjoy rehab!

      We read up on Brady and he follows his TB12 diet – check it out – no wonder he looks so gaunt. I do not think he will make the season. At 45 I think he needs to go have fun with his millions $$$$


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    1. Thank you Chris! I had a 30 minute walk this morning. When I hurt I have to walk (back). So I will continue to try to walk as it is at least 2 degrees cooler (LOL). I just have to work up to my 2 minute mile….. Have a great week. Hugs


  1. Your surprise quilt is beautiful!! As a Chiefs fan, I’m pretty anti-Brady and anti-Cowboys (girls–snicker!) but I see we both love to watch football and perhaps we’ll keep it at that! LOL. I admit I’m not as much into as I used to be, mainly because I often use it as sewing time so I don’t really stay engrossed. My hubs and kids typically spend the games texting each other comments most of the time (since we’re spread out and rarely together)–all good fun one way or the other!


    1. OH I love the Chief’s and Patrick, we are not for Brady either and boy those Cowgirls can drive one nuts. Houston won their game, but it has always been difficult to get into Houston. We like Aaron Rodgers at Green Bay and Staffard at Los Angeles.

      But Brady is really too full of himself and at 45 and all that $$$ he needs to feed his ego another way. I thought the Buc’s were too rough – mean looking too. So we will only watch them if they play one of our teams.

      I would love to see the Chief’s win the Super Bowl this year – Patrick is great and consistent! Hugs


  2. Hi Nanette! Oh, I love how your Surprise quilt has come together. I love that color combination. Your bunnies are sweet but I’m not inviting them over to my garden. Those darn bunnies eat my flowers and veggies every year. Your version won’t do any damage! {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne


    1. How did I miss you comment!!!! Thank you on the Surprise quilt. We have Squirrels and deer! We quit feeding them about 4 years ago but this summer when 2 babies died from the heat Clay fixed an area in the front acreage where they cannot ruin our living space and they now come to the Studio waiting for Clay to get off the Radio and feed them! We do not do a garden! The Squirrels gave us fits when we set up the new bird feeders, but Clay fixed their wagon, I am sure they are up front eating deer corn! Hugs.

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