Slow Sunday Stitching

Nothing new here same ole’ same ole’ going on here. Back on the Bike just too hot to walk. I am very happy for Football to be in full swing now it will save me from the News! I had resorted to Humphrey Bogart Movies during the day and Gunsmoke at night.

I am sorry for William and Harry that they lost their beloved Grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II. She was a wonderful Queen, the only one I knew during my life, and no one will ever replace her, but enough is enough as I have no desire to watch the 12 days of England’s Pomp and Circumstance when we have so many horrible things going on in our Country.

I have finished 2 Bunny Blocks for In My Garden. They are the Chocolate Bunnies. I have been using a larger applique needle and am pleased with my stitches. I use Thimble Lady needles for Applique, They are from Australia.

I have started on the other two bunnies which are of a Medium Light Brown.

Well it’s time to get back to the Dallas Cowboy game for now!

Have a wonderful week, enjoy Stitching!

Hugs, Nanette

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18 Replies to “Slow Sunday Stitching”

    1. You mean the Cowgirls? Last night I was wanting Denver to win and smash Seattle. Did not happen – Darn! The pattern is an easy one and fun to do. I love Thimble Lady needles for applique. They come in Small, Medium, and Long. I switch back and forth from Small to Medium. They come wrapped in foil – 25 needles to a package! You can google them to see who sells them. Hugs and good luck on the Dermatology appointment. This does not seem to be your year. Been there done bad years. Now just ready to travel. (9 months at home is too long for me!). Hugs

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  1. Love those chocolate bunnies, both dark and light. It means a lot to find the right sized needle that works for you. I’ve not heard of those…will have a little look.


  2. Like the bunnies. I enjoy hand work more now that I’m “older”. Less thinking maybe. Nebr. fired Coach Frost I hear. Will see what Nebr. will do against Okla. They have been a losing team. More rain here.


    1. You know, with the horrible summer sitting in a chair seems more fun than anything – LOL. I feel caged in – we are thinking of taking a day trip to the Gulf Coast this week or next week. Just to not have to be at home. I wanted Denver to beat Seattle last night – did not happen. Bummer – Dallas forgot to come to the game and Dad got hurt – not good starts. I am a Texas Aggie so hoping they do something this year. Hugs


    1. Thank you Frederique. What I am finding out is that the Small needle will make the smaller stitches which is better when doing a Baltimore block, and the Medium needs does a great even stitch (not as small) for larger pieces. Either one is good, but I have Size 8 hands (large for women) and sometimes the Medium is just easier to handle. Thank you for the Linky Party! Hugs

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    1. Yes she was an amazing woman who gave up a personal life to oversee some horrific years in England. The last 20 years were very difficult for her with family issues. When one is in their 70’s family issues need to just go away and not interfere with our golden years. That did not happen for me – and it takes a toll. She will be missed. I guess with all the crap going on here in the USA I did not want depression to settle in. Hugs.


      1. I can see your point…… I’m just looking at all the good stuff with her……. And thankful she died while Queen. She didn’t need to step down.

        On Tue, 13 Sept 2022, 11:01 pm Chopin – A Passionate Quilter From Texas, <> wrote:

        Texas Quilter commented: “Yes she was an amazing woman who gave up a > personal life to oversee some horrific years in England. The last 20 years > were very difficult for her with family issues. When one is in their 70’s > family issues need to just go away and not interfere with ou” >


  3. The bunnies are looking great, Nanette! Hoping the heat breaks for you soon. Ours is in the last gasps, we are definitely Italy moving toward fall, with what looks like about 10 days of lovely weather…hoping it is a gradual swing and no crazy stuff like an October blizzard.


    1. Thx Kathy – hope you are feeling better. It is still hot and humid. I feel like a caged animal. We are going to do a day trip to the Coast either tomorrow, Thursday, or next week. I need a break from the 2 places I stay every day – 10 months of going no where but doctors, is just no funI have had enough of that to last me forever – All of that is done so it is time to travel and have some laughs, be around people, and enjoy life again.

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      1. Oh good! I am all recovered and so is Greg, just dealing with smoke these days. It looks like the west may get some rain, which would help. The smoke is coming from fires in Idaho. Have a fun time on your day trip!


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