To Do Tuesday – ON A TUESDAY – 23 August 2022

I do believe our heat wave of over 100 days has been broken. We received a little over 1.5 inches of rain last night! A welcome sight, but now the humidity is almost unbearable. But fear not because shortly September will be here and I may start trying the outdoor walk again! But only if it reaches 60’s in the AM.

I have been very busy this month and getting back in my old quilting routine which is about 6 to 7 hours working on my piecing projects and maybe I will start up the long arm if we have a permanent change in our weather (I always have more energy when it is cooler).

I had a large stack of batiks that I had ordered this summer and some a couple of years ago (purples) that needed to be washed and ironed. That took me a day to get them all washed (2 to 9 yards each) and then I ironed for 7 hours last week-end. I told Clay to shoot me if I ever start buying anymore batiks or for that matter any more fabrics. But I did order more of the Michael Miller White Couture fabric for my Churn Dash SAL. I mentioned it in my previous post. If there is a need I might purchase some, otherwise, forget it!

I then worked on my Surprise Quilt and have the Floating Stars finished this last week. I will go forward with a dark blue 1” or 2” border. It will depend on the next “block “ border that I will do. For now I am in the “studying” phase for the next border. On my last post I discussed how I reduced the Floating Stars from 6 1/2” to 4 1/2”. I forgot to talk about how I had to do a lot of reducing the star point section of the block block. The best part was when I had to trim the star sections from 2 inches to 1 and 7/8 inches – For the final trim I had to trim a 1/16th off each side – Fun Fun Fun

Taking a break from my Surprise Quilt, I am working on the last 20 of my Churn Dash SAL project. I had hoped to have them finished today, but it was HEB day and now I am tired, but ready to press the strip sets and the HSTs and then finish them. I am not sure how I will set the quilt. If I put them on point it will make 2 quilts. Decisions, Decisions, Decisions.

I have 60 completed and ready to finish after deciding on a setting.

I have finally gotten the applique bug again! It has been a year or two since I worked on a project. I started on the Bunny Rabbit blocks and finished it Sunday night. I mistakenly called this pattern “In The Garden” but it is “In My Garden” by Dawn Heese, so I wanted to correct that error! Blame it on the Heat! LOL. Here is Block One Completed!

Well, that is all I have to show for the last week. Goals for next Tuesday are:

  1. Churn Dash complete, along with a decision on the setting.
  2. Border Number 2 for Surprise Quilt
  3. Loading two quilts on the long arm quilter and FINISH THEM!

Thursday we visited The Lazy Boy Store and purchased 2 leather power Recliners. They arrive on the 30th of August – counting the days! About 18 months ago we tried to purchase new Recliners but it would have been a delivery time of 12 to 14 months! AH remember those times?

Have a great week, enjoy the projects you love!

Hugs, Nanette

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25 Replies to “To Do Tuesday – ON A TUESDAY – 23 August 2022”

  1. Your surprise quilt looks GREAT! I’m so jealous of the rain. It seems like everyone is getting a blessed-relief-rain…but us. Yards are fried (even with sprinkler systems) and trees are dying. At least we’re just in the lower 90’s now but still dry as a bone.


  2. We got rain too! Not as much as you, but we were so happy to see it. This was our HEB day as well. We went early so that I could leave for my weekly sewing with friends Tuesday by 9:30.


    1. We left at 8:30 Clay wanted to go It takes time. I did not get any sewing done today my carpel tunnel is acting up on my left hand and was just plain tired. Think I will be good to me tomorrow and stay off the indoor bike! Hugs


  3. The surprise quilt is so pretty, love the blues. Your applique is beautifully done, good thing you enjoy it!
    So you are in your studio 6-7 hours? I keep telling my husband we need a studio! How far do you drive to your HEB? We have several opening south of us in the fall, and we cannot wait to have “HEB day”!
    Thank you for joining with us at To Do Tuesday!


    1. I am SOOOO late in responding. Thank you on the SQ- I am working on another test border this afternoon! When we get up we come to the Studio. Clay is a Ham Operator and he talks with his group of buddies until 7:45. I do my walking at 7:00AM. Then I come to the Studio and have coffee. We spend our days in the Studio where we work on our hobbies. I try to do at least 5 hours of sewing when working on a project if there are not interruptions. We usually go in the house about 4:30 or 5:00 for supper. We often wonder what we would do without our 800 Sq Ft of Hobby Land!

      Our HEB is about 6 miles or so from the house. Walmart’s are about 25 miles one way from us. I do Walmart on-line.

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  4. I’m looking forward to cooler days and less humidity; glad you’ve had a break from the heat, at least! Your Surprise Quilt is so pretty in those blues, and I love the little gathering of Churn Dash blocks!


    1. Sorry for the late response! We are now down to 99 and 100 with high humidity. Next week we should be in the mid-90’s, but probably humid. Thank you on my Blue quilt and Churn Dashes. I finished my 84 today (Saturday). Hugs

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  5. Blue being my favorite color….I absolutely love your surprise quilt and cannot wait to see the border. Thanks for sharing.


  6. In my Garden bunny block is mighty cute but when that bunny is for real in my Garden , I’d like to put that bunny into pie.😉glad to hear you had rain, it does bring humid weather along with it. Guess one can’t have their cake and eat it too.😁


    1. Yes wee did get some rain, now the temp’s are getting a little lower but the humidity is a killer! Nope I made it through the high 100’s so back to walking in the early morning. Will take a few more days to get the feet and legs going good! Hugs (sorry for the late reply).

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    1. Thanks. I wanted to work on more this week, but when we picked out the new recliners I gave mine to Georgia along with 2 others and using one of our Gliders – miserable sitting (LOL). Hope to have block 2 done soon. Working on the next border for my Surprise Quilt.


  7. Love the energy and good vibes you’ve got going here. Loads of great stitching and lots to show for your sewing room time. I love Bunny too.


  8. Thank you Jocelyn (a little late in replying) I am doing my walking again and really enjoying the Endorphines! Hugs, I am still not getting your posts. I need to figure out what happened. I will go back and read the ones I missed.


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