Slow Sunday Stitching – 21 August 2022

Greetings – August is almost over with, along with the 110 degree weather. Although San Antonio has cooled a bit, we are still getting 100 to 108 degrees! I just love it (LOL). Signs of weather changes are close at hand. We might get a Hurricane in September. I remember one that hit on 10 September 1971! To me it was a late storm. I am looking to getting back to walking in the morning…. SOME MORNING.

I had posted about Web Fabrics (Carly) selling her business to a new owner last month. The new owner has changed a few things. For one, I lost my 10% discount due to all the fabric I had purchased over the 20 years, so reconsidering my go to places for fabric. I recently purchased some fabric from Hancock’s of Paducah and today I looked and they have a link for FREE patterns. I downloaded some just for examples of borders. There are some neat patterns, some for panels, and others for easy quilts. The patterns are from the different fabric designers. Click on their name above and check it out. Also, you can get some great deals if you purchase in larger quantities. This is great if you have a need for backings, or have a quilting buddy who wants to split the order. I am using Michael Miller White Couture fabric for my Churn Dashes and needed some extra yardage for my CD’s other projects. I ordered 11 yards at $7.64 a yard, then I signed up for SMS (text) and received another 20% off my order – this included free shipping. I do believe that Hancocks is helping Quilters during Inflation. Check them out. Note: I DO NOT get anything for providing this information on my Blog.

A note to all who blog on Blogger. Last week I noticed that I was not getting my email’s for Posts from the Bloggers I follow. I figured out that I have to go back and try to sign up again. I discovered this when I quit getting updates from Kathy and Linda (To Do Tuesday). I subscribe to Bloglovin, but I prefer to get emails! Just a heads up if you use Blogger and are not getting comments on your Posts.

I have started appliquéing again this week. Seems like forever that I did any needle turn applique. I am working on In The Garden Bunny Blocks.

Ready to go in June (Yup a little late starting on them)

The blocks are easy and if I become more dedicated I can finish them all within a week or two. Here is the first completed block. I have two flowers and the centers and she is done! Yea!

I have finished the center of Boo’s and Bat’s Cross Stitch project. I am going to work on the outer border next. Just need to DO IT!!!

Enjoy Slow Sunday Stitching today, I worked on my rabbit block and now I am going to finish up my Churn Dash blocks for August. I have 15 ready to sew the blocks together and I will be done. I am thinking that I will finish September blocks this week. I have the fabric cut out but still have to do the HSTs and strip sets!

Have a great week and Happy Stitching!

Hugs, Nanette

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7 Replies to “Slow Sunday Stitching – 21 August 2022”

  1. blogger stopped sending emails about month or more ago…… was supposed to stop 12 months ago……….I now have an email list and I send my post out to those who want it emailed……..manual process but does not require me to find another service to do with with…….


  2. I am just a reader of the blogs and I have lost all the blogs that I used to read. I am still trying to find Kathy at Slow Sunday Stitching, I think it is.
    I am so glad to have found you. Just by chance I got an email from bloglovin with your blog in it….I was surprised, to say the least. But I am trying to sign up by email for them all if I can find all my blogs that I read. All your works look great!!! Will be so glad when I can get back to mine!!! Happy Monday!


  3. That’s a great deal you got on Hancock’s. I really need to check them more for fabric. Your needle turn applique is gorgeous! You are going to have your Boos and Bats ready for Halloween decorating, and it’s so cute.
    I’m sorry I forgot to tell you, there is a “Receive New Posts By Email” signup on my right sidebar on my blog page.


  4. Yep, summer is still with us, but I’m hoping for rain this week. Not wishing a hurricane on anyone, but we do sometimes benefit from moisture on its fringes. I need to check out Hancock’s again. It has been a while.


  5. Yes the blogger system is a bit of a mess and I really miss their subscription service. I haven’t found anything I like to replace it yet. Enjoy your stitching – the bunnies are adorable!


  6. I like dealing with Hancock, and have always been happy the the fabric. Your bunny block looks great! Yep fall is just around the corner!👏


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