Surprise Quilt Update – 13 August 2022 and To Do Tuesday

I have had an interesting week! Still hot as Hell here in South Texas with only 2 tenths of an inch of rain the other day! WOW Record breaking! Still 100 to 112 each day. Ready Refresh Ozarka Water Company cannot even find enough drivers to deliver our monthly order. So Far they are 12 days late and still counting. Then I had 2 dental appointments but all finished until mid September when I go in for a couple of fillings! BUT there is positive news on the quilting front!

I am so very excited about my Surprise Quilt. The Center Medallion turned out perfect. I wanted to continue with Stars for the next border but wanted a ‘floating’ star. In 2013 I had made a quilt called Floating Stars. I entered it in the Austin, Texas Quilt Show. The following paragraph was taken from a 2014 regarding issues with the pattern and the long arm quilter who quilted it.

“Now let’s talk about Floating Stars………..Nothing is easy in the quilting world……… The pattern had a cutting direction issue and it took me about 2 weeks of working with a practice block to get the star to float.  Believe me, I have perfected this one!  Thanks to Perseverance and Math!  Again if it wins a ribbon – any place – I will be so very Happy.  I really worked hard on color selection and placement.  I am not happy with the professional quilter who quilted it – she must have had a bad week – so again – I think that 2013 was not my best year – hoping 2015 gets better.   I will probably go back to quilting my own quilts or find someone who really cares about providing show quality quilting.  I had worked so hard to perfect star, I could have cried when I saw the mistakes on the quilting.”

Honorable Mention in 2014 Austin Show

Now for my Surprise Quilt which is a Medallion Quilt that I am designing and making as I go along! I am extremely pleased with how it is coming along. I spent about 3 days working with the floating stars again because I had to do a lot of math in order to reduce the block from 6 1/2” to 4 1/2”. Those nice point pieces had to be re-worked completely. I tried about 3 different ways to get to the 4 1/2” unfinished block and it took a lot of time, but they have turned out perfect! I have enjoyed working on this project all week.

And here she is measuring now at 28 1/2” x 28 1/2”!

I will be working on the next border next week. I want to really study some blocks before I do and I am now going to work on my Churn Dash SAL from Blogger Chookyblue.

I have now finished the Center of Boo’s and Bat’s. Next is to figure out how to start on the outer border! There are some areas where the pattern alls for white but I am not sure I want to use white – maybe a light beige for the background. Plenty of time to decide!

I have a lot of batiks that needed washing and so I am starting that project and you all know what that means (that is if you pre-wash your fabrics) – a lot of ironing.

I leave you with the following political statement – Remember I am A CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICAN AND DONALD J. TRUMP IS MY PRESDENT – currently he is on a forced vacation but will return on January 20, 2025! These are my thoughts that I have been trying to sit on for 6 days now. Always feels good to say what I feel about the Country! So enjoy if you love America!

WELL! How about a our wonderful Government. I want to thank them for ensuring that My President Donald J. Trump will be elected in 2024! Now if you are one of the 81 million who love Brandon, then you probably won’t want to follow my Blog! I am still in total shock as to how corrupt this administration is! Not one of the Cabinet members know anything about their responsibilities. And Brandon definitely does not know where he is as he told us proudly the other day he is the Vice-President. Along with High Inflation, High Fuel Costs, killers running wild in the country, no one will be safe in this country anymore. Illegals running around all over the country, Polio found in New York, another disease around, and many more. None of these people that were let in OR just slipped in under the radar of the Border Agents. Our country has a cancer and it needs to be cured. So if you love America and our President Trump, be sure to vote IN PERSON on 8 November 2022! I am praying that Wyoming helps Chaney find a new job and that in Alaska Murkowski finds a good fishing job. I am praying for President Trump and his family for strength and safety. It appears that the Evil Swamp Creatures in DC have planned another way to cause them pure HELL!

Have a wonderful weekend,

Hugs, Nanette

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14 Replies to “Surprise Quilt Update – 13 August 2022 and To Do Tuesday”

  1. You are such a happy, busy bee! That surprise quilt is gorgeous, the medallion really is perfect. That floating stars quilt is magnificent. Nice work on Boos and Bats – looking forward to seeing what color you do instead of white.
    We are very concerned about the floundering and chaos our nation is experiencing and are praying to have a little bit of sanity starting in November. Indeed the latest ploy against Trump does nothing but rally the supporters.
    Thank you for joining with us at To Do Tuesday!


    1. The floating stars were a great challenge. When you are trimming 1/16” off each side of those points to get to 1 7/8” square it can be frustrating when I got distracted for one reason or another. It took extreme concentration, but I did it and very glad I kept on doing the math to get to a 4 1/2 UF block. Yup, I kept my notes on how to do it along with the notes that I made from the original quilt AI made using the block. Hugs


  2. Hi, I followed your link and had a look at your three quilts that are all gorgeous to me and first place winners in my eyes. I have to mention Cat Scratch Fever as that is something I”ve never heard of and sounds serious!
    Meanwhile, The Nanette designed Blue stars piece here is becoming more beautiful all the time. You are a talented quilter, Nanette. Also love to see your cross stitching too.


    1. Thank you for taking the time to see my previous work. I have not shown since 2014 and really miss it. I need to find another long arm quilter to do my 10 quilts as the current one is obviously not interested.

      Well, it can be deadly if not treated. A friend had her cat scratch her and she did nothing for 2 weeks – She ended up with Cellulitis. I cannot mess around with things due to the low immune system I have at times. I seem to be doing great now. I just read an article on the positive effects of sunlight – other than Vitamin D – but the fresh air helps fight the virus, etc. We do not get any fresh air anymore – tooo much a/c and closed in environments.

      I appreciate all of your sweet comments. I love taking on a challenge and working with traditional quilts. Have a great week-end. Hugs


  3. Your floating star quilt is beautiful,I can believe it would be hard to see quilting that had mistakes in it. Your Surprise quilt is gorgeous,the blues are awesome.😍😍😍 I saw on a weather station southern Texas is to be getting some rain maybe you’ll be in the part. 🤞


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