OMG for July 2022

Well, this has been the month that was and may it not come back! Still lovely 100-112 heat wave, but I have adjusted. I just do not go anywhere, stay in the A/C, and figure out what I can mess up next! LOL

Here is what I have completed or advanced on this month!

Boo’s and Bats Cross Stitch – One more Bat to go and then I will work on the outer part and the border. Maybe this will be an August finish!

Next is Block 4 of Moda Holiday Stitch-A-Long. On to Block 6 of 14!

I made 2 placemats for our TV Trays! I really enjoyed making them and have one more larger piece that I plan on making a cover for my D1!

Finished my 20 blocks for July for Chookyblue’s Churn Dash Sew Along!

Remember this ”wanta do”? Well, now you see it on the Design Wall!

And NOW you don’t! Here are the Stories behind this Squirrel that died! Number One and Number Two!

I am moving on to other goals and projects starting 1 August 2022! We are ending the month with all problems resolved, and that includes the new one that appeared uninvited about 24 hours ago – Septic Tank issues. But we were blessed with a company that came out this morning and pumped the little darling out and he will be doing some repairs for us starting tomorrow! Best to meet those issues on the first of the month!

AND I just cannot leave without thanking Biden for inviting us to the Recession and doubling the cost of repair work! Such a sweetie along with the other 81 million idiots!

Have a great Sunday and set those goals for August!

Hugs, Nanette

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14 Replies to “OMG for July 2022”

  1. Those 20 churn dash blocks are so cute! You did great in July.
    Our average high last month was 99, and our average low was 79, and I bet yours were both higher than that. We only got .09 inches rain, but lo and behold it is sprinkling this morning! Not much in the rain gauge but welcome anyway.
    Even one of their own, Bill Clinton, said “a recession is two quarters in a row of negative growth” but the administration is “redefining” recession as a “transition” period. I just have to laugh so I won’t cry. 😀


  2. We are about the same in the AM, but still getting up 112 during the afternoon! We watch Tucker and he is fun to watch especially when he is so cynical and his infectious laugh at the idiots! I think that Biden will be resigning within the next 4 months. He will now have Fibro Brain Fog and be worse over the next few months! The Chinese got them! Hugs n


  3. July was a progress month for you,and you showed me never to use green as a main color for a DWR quilt. I’m not a green fan. Guess I’ll just stick with red for the center points.


    1. Well, I have had to re-learn what I already knew – Scrappy with small blocks is great for me, The DWR should have been 200% different and not the one to get out of my box! LOL. Hugs


    1. I thought I had left a reply but who knows with technology! Thx and we just need rain! None to measure since October 2021! We are 30 miles Southeast of SA. Stay cool – yesterday it hit 111 but I expect higher today. Hugs

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  4. I agree with your decision about the DWR. I like making churn dash blocks. They go together so quickly. And I totally agree with you regarding our president/economy. Good luck with this month’s goals.


    1. Yup DWR is gone. Going to work on that and my Double Hour Glass quilt. I think they needed an excuse to get Biden off the stage – but then with his medical history – he is going to have a lot of problems with the side effects of the Vaccine and a double round of the Chinese Virus! Each day is getting to be interesting! Hugs


  5. Love your projects and love your view on the political scene. I don’t hear many quilters reflect my fears & views of this current administration.


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