To Do Tuesday – 26 July 2022 – On Time!

What can I say? Is it hot – YUP – going into August with about 90 days of 100+ behind us and more of the same ahead of us. I have been busy fighting with Caremark Mail Order Prescription idiots! But after 3 weeks problems fixed and now I have a permanent Advocate that will handle our prescriptions! Pays to know the person who oversees the Government Contract with Caremark! I take just so much and the I contact her and she gets them on their toes!

I have been working on the Double Wedding Ring quilt – s-l-o-w-l-y! The story behind this quilt (all quilts have a story don’t they?) is interesting. I started with a total 3, yes 3 fabric selections to use in this quilt. The first 2 bombed! The final selection made it, although I have gone through a few days when I doubted that I wanted to really finish this project. I have decided to make 16 blocks for this quilt and have finished all the pieces to begin sewing the blocks together. BUT then I had a problem again! What fabric color would blend into the quilt for the connecting pieces. It certainly was not going to be this!

I realized I needed to obtain a few different opinions on color after selecting the yellow/gold (above) for those connecting pieces. I talked with Wanda and Jaydee regarding their suggestions for the connecting corners. We discussed using the print and the yellow, but while talking with Jaydee I picked up a piece of the green fabric that is in the rings, and the quilt popped! I loved it! It made me want to finish the quilt rather than put it away (after a lot of hand cutting and machine sewing)! Thank you Wanda and Jaydee for your help,

I quickly put 4 blocks on the Design Wall and quickly cutting out the green connecting pieces! The green absolutely makes this quilt unique in the fact that it is not a traditional Double Wedding Ring which is something different for me. This is as scrappy as I will ever be as I am just a 2 or 3 color quilt maker! I have spent more time selecting fabric than the time spent in sewing, but I feel it will be a beauty when finished! I will be sewing it together this week.

On the Design Wall for now!

Next on my list of on going projects is Boos and Bats Cross Stitch project.

One More Bat to finish!

I purchased a very inexpensive magnetic board to hold my cross stitch patterns and Clay fixed some great magnets to hold the pattern. Then I realized it would be nice to have it stand up while I worked on my projects, and here is the result of him doing that for me!

My Baby is such the Genius!

A little Squirrel jumped in the other day – we needed new placemats for our TV Trays. We love the Southwest and years ago I purchased a lot of Southwest fabric. I made the mats out of some panel fabric. I machine quilted diagonal lines as I felt it went with the clouds. I used a black batik for the binding. I hand stitched the binding down in the back.

Goals for next week will be working on Double Wedding Ring Quilt, Churn Dash’s will start on Monday, and I have another easy quilt that I want to start working on. I am also going to take a 10 minute walk early early in the AM and 20 minutes on the bike. I do miss the time outside and need to walk.

As far as Cabin Fever goes, I believe that I have conquered it by continuing my exercise program each day and sitting in the early morning sun for 10 to 15 minutes. (OK I have been known to sit in the hot sun about 11:00 am for 10 minutes). Vitamin D is so important to our moods!

Have a wonderful week, happy stitching, and if you are in drought land like we are – pray for RAIN!

Hugs, Nanette

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30 Replies to “To Do Tuesday – 26 July 2022 – On Time!”

    1. I have Marti Michell’s template and pattern, but it is a 17” block – too big. So I am using Shar Jorgenson’s pattern and templates. You can see her demo it on YouTube. I need to start sewing on it today now that I have the connecting issue resolved! Have a great day Hugs


  1. I agree–the green corners are perfect for your Double Wedding Ring.
    And yes! Getting RX refills is driving us crazy too! Apparently electronic communications between doctors and pharmacies doesn’t work.


    1. Thank you on the green! I tell you I could and did scream at all the idiots that caused me problems this last month. Stupid people need to learn their jobs or go dig ditches! It started with the Doctor writing a 2 year prescription – cannot do that but of course I did not know anything about it, etc. Everything went downhill from there. It is like I am managing a business that I do not get paid for between a few stupids at BCBS and now the Mail Order idiots. Not nice am I! But we are paying for this and they all seem to forget that – just like the politicians in SwampVille! OK – off the soap box! Having a good time in spite of them! Hugs and hang in there, November is coming in about 105 days, but who is counting!


    1. Thx Kathy! Our weather has not broken – no rain, and 100-116 since May! But I am getting used to it now – walking 10 minutes before 7 AM and then 20 on the bike is doing great! At least I can get out a little bit. The electrical bill was $372 this last month. I anticipate a $400 for July. No telling what August will bring. I am glad that Clay and I both worked 38 years because if we had to live on Social Security we would be in a tent! Hugs I feel for those who are less fortunate.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Uff! That’s a tough bill! We were worried, because we ran 5 fans 24/7 for most of the month, but not using the dryer kept us holding steady, so that was a gift! Glad the short but early exercise outside is working for you. I have done most of my cleaning for this week now, so if you want to have a chat tomorrow I will be available. I have a large chunk of my fall schedule finished, so I can have a fun day. 😀


    1. Thank you Sharon. I am going to start sewing on it today! Calendar is so nice a clear – no unforeseen requirements ahead – YEA! Maybe I can get it sewn together by next week! Hugs


  2. The green looks amazing – wow! How nice to have an advocate to help you out when you need it. How big is that board Clay made for you – it’s genius. Love those placemats – I love everything Southwest too!
    Thank you for joining with us at To Do Tuesday!


    1. Thank you Linda. It is 11 x 14 and cheap on Amazon. U Brands Contempo Magnetic Dry Erase Board, 11 x 14 Inches, White Frame. Then he used some magnetic strips that have adhesive on one side and acrylic plastic to make the magnets that hold the pattern. MagX Magnetic Tape with Adhesive 1″x10′, Ultra Thick 60 mil, Magnetic Strip with Self Adhesive, Flexible Magnetic Roll Tape, Peel and Stick, Anisotropic Strong Magnets, Stationery, Office Supply

      He used some clear plastic to cut the stand, jewelry coated wire to allow it to hold the stand when I am using it and single sided sticky rough tape to keep it from sliding.

      He is my go to guy to come up with solutions. Such a creativity engineering mind.

      This is probably more info than you wanted, but thought I would share. Cheap way to hold the pattern up – an easel would have been more expensive!

      I want to make some more Southwest quilts, just need to get with the program!


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  3. Thanks for sharing your process about choosing the corner unit colour, despite how frustrating it might have been. You now have it perfect to go with your perfect piecing. Your cross stitched piece is very cute. Can Clay come to my house and rig up a similar setup for my cross stitching corner?
    I like how you are working with the climate to get in your walks and fresh air. Cooler here the last two days and feels wonderful for walking but we gave a warning for next week.


    1. I would love to come to Canada – never been there. If you look at the response I did for Linda it shows how he made that little stand that cost me all of $7.99 from Amazon. No changes here until MAYBE September. I loved that 10 minute walk, even if I cannot push to do the 20 minute mile power walk. At least this way I wake up the legs and knees before hitting the bike! Have a great day and Hugs!


  4. Yes, love the green on the corners!!! And yes for 10 minutes of sun a day and exercise!!!


  5. I don’t mind the yellow so much but the green does look very nice. Praying for rain here, too. We actually got a sprinkle overnight and supposedly much more is on the way!


    1. It looked good when I was auditioning it, but bombed when I sewed it together! LOL. I have never seen it so hot in my lifetime in this area! All of Texas is burning up. We really need a gully washer! Like about 5 inches! We are on a hill so there would not be problems with flooding, but SA would have issues.


  6. Hi again! Oh yes, yes, YES to that green for your Double Wedding Ring quilt top. WOWEE. What a difference that change made. Amazingly great. It makes me want to make one, too. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne


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