To Do Tuesday – 13 July 2022! Happy 9.1 Inflation Day!!

Well, when you are living in the desert it is easier to get more accomplished these days. Below are 2 pictues showing how lovely it here in South Texas in the afternoon. No complaints, I am just betting that one day it will show 120! A real record. Today it was 100 at 10:30. We are now into BRUTAL! I am yielding to Mother Nature this summer and doing my exercise on the Indoor Bike! At least I made it to mid-July before I moved inside due to the love temps early in the AM 80+ with high humidity.

Yesterday was a busy day! I went to HEB at 11:30 I wanted to see how much fun it would be to grocery shop at the busiest time of the day. I must say I need to find other ways to have fun!!! By the time I finished my monthly shopping it was 102 outside and about 98 in the store! The least they could do when we are paying so much for food is to keep us cool! (Boy I sound like a grump don’t I) The biggest shock was the fact that one of my main staples (Yukon Potatoes) are now selling at $5.68 for 5 pounds!!! That is just about $1.13 a pound! UNBELIEVABLE.

So I visited Prime Days on Amazon to spend money on fun things instead of food and found that their Kindles are on for sale at 1/2 price for you book lovers. I had ordered one a couple of weeks ago and paid $200.00. Then yesterday they were on sale for $99.00! Yup I returned the original one and ordered 2 for the price of one – one for the Den and one for the Studio. I purchased the Kindle Fire 10” (2021 version). Love it and hoping to incorporate some reading into my life again! Not a lot of sewing done on Tuesday and tried to do my post, but no success on that one either.

Now on the quilting scene, I have finished by 20 Churn Dash blocks for the month! They are so much fun to make and very fast and easy! I have 40 more to make, but it is nice to spread it out over the next 2 months.

No progress to report on my Bats and Boo’s, maybe next week. I may work on it tonight.

I am making good progress on the Wedding Ring Quilt. I have enough rings sewn to make 16 blocks. If I make a twin it will take 48 blocks, or if I make a queen it takes 72 blocks. What is the difference in making the additional 24 blocks, other than boredom? LOL That decision will come later. Here is a sample of how the blocks will look. The blank spots indicate where I will put the connecting pieces. I have not decided which color I will go with! I am beginning to realize that there is a lot more to do with this project.

Finished Rings and 53 sets ready to piece

I found a couple of Squirrels that I just might jump into. The first one is one from Snuggles Quilts Block of the Week. I believe there will be 9 each 6 1/2” blocks. It is for a wall hanging, but one can make as many as they like. I have some blue and white fabric that I would like to start using up. Maybe this will be a good project to do that!

The next two quilts from Bonnie Hunter’s Fish School and Triple Treat. I have to blame Julie for the Bonnie Hunter Squirrels! Check out her post!

For those who would like to be enticed to work on a project that you are preparing for Christmas, hop over to Kathy’s Christmas in July Challenge. She has set up a Linky Party starting on Week 2. Great way to finish those Christmas projects early!

OK – that is all I have for this past week. I will be working on all my projects – when the mood hits me. Have a wonderful week!

Hugs, Nanette

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16 Replies to “To Do Tuesday – 13 July 2022! Happy 9.1 Inflation Day!!”

    1. OH send snow!!! Thx on the CD’s. I love them. I could make more, but staying within the monthly requirement to keep me enthused! Today WILL be a stitching day for rings. Thx for doing the Churn Dash project!! Hugs


  1. I like Julie’s version of Fish School. I didn’t participate in that one, didn’t want to make HST’s! I have started piecing 4 patch blocks for Triple Treat. Happy stitching!

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  2. What?? Kindles are on sale. Geez. I’ve been avoiding the Prime Days sales but now I need to go look. My kindle has been giving me issues. Love, love, LOVE the churn dash blocks. They are one of my favorites and the fabrics you chose is fab. {{{Hugs}}} ~smile~ Roseanne (running to Amazon now)


    1. Yup – I tried to get them to reduce the original price I paid, but they told me to send that one back – so I ordered 2 for the price of one! I would rather spend it on them than stupid fuel and go on a trip that would cost us about 2 times the amount it should! Where or where is winter? I love the 1930’s and Reproduction fabrics. I have a couple of easy ones that I may step outside my norm coming down the road. Hugs

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  3. You are so right! With these hot temps, I am indoors and sewing! Yes, I am also exercising indoors on my elliptical. I have to say I’m grateful our local grocery stores are keeping the building cool! Food prices are certainly skyrocketing! I’m seriously wondering if I should read about Depression Era recipes to help our dollar stretch.
    Your Churn Dash blocks are lovely! I have that orange fabric – isn’t it fun? I have the Accuquilt die for the Wedding Ring Quilt, but it looks pretty intimidating. Might you have some tips to share?
    Oh! How l love a sampler made from traditional blocks! I may join the Snuggles Quilt QAL!
    Take good care, enjoy your cool home and sewing!

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    1. Hey Mia, you could go on my diet – chicken tenders, potatoes, potato chips, and eggs. That’s it and we do not eat out. BUT even with that our bill has gone up about $200 or so a month! We feel so sorry for those who are working and have families. It is just the 2 of us.

      Thank you on the churn dash’s. I had that fabric for a long time – still have a Big STASH of Judy Rothermel’s from way back. I need to do something with them.

      I thought about purchasing a GO but decided against it. I am still hand cutting all my quilt pieces and do not use glue on my applique. Just call me old fashioned.

      I am using Shar Jorgenson’s templates. Marti Michelle has a template set, but it is a 17″ block and too large. I prefer the smaller one that Shar’s templates uses.

      It is not too time consuming the way Shar does it – she has a video on YouTube. Watch that and you will get a better feel for how to work on a Wedding Ring quilt. This one will take me longer than I thought, so I am doing a few other ones along with it to keep from getting bored.

      See if this link works.


  4. Yep,you are definitely still in the heat zone! I think you have accomplished a nice amount so far this month! 😍By the way ,your bunting bird is beautiful!


    1. Well, I have given in to Cabin Fever too many days this month. I need an attitude adjustment! LOL. I have seen Mr Bunting a lot more this month. He tends to now eat out of the feeder right in front of my window. Hope all is well! Hugs

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  5. We are supposed to get three new HEB stores here in north Texas starting in the fall, and I can’t wait – I miss them SO much! Wonder why their store was so hot? Sounds like you are beating the heat. I should never complain about our 102-103 temps when yours are really hot.
    Your churn dashes are growing and look so cute together. Love the wedding quilt. Keep having fun in your studio!
    Thank you for joining us at To Do Tuesday!


    1. I heard a rumor that they are going to finally enlarge our HEB. Hope it is true. Maybe we could get a better selection of brands. I am now half way through the 80 that I wanted to make. No telling how big one quilt would be – probably will make 2! I am trying to get enthused about getting the long arm going…….. Going to take some snow to get me enthused about anything lately! Hope your eye is doing well, Just wait until next week! Hugs

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