To Do Tuesday – 28 June 2022 and Cabin Fever

CABIN FEVER definition:

  1. Boredom, restlessness, or irritability that results from a lack of environmental stimulation, as from a prolonged stay in a remote, sparsely populated region or a confined indoor area.
  2. A condition that produces restlessness and irritability caused from being in a confined space.

Does Cabin Fever remind anyone of how they are feeling now or is it just me! I have everything a quilter would want, yet I just cannot get with the excitement of making, much less working on one that I have started! The big “C” did not impact our lives in 2020 and 2021 as other issues were going on. We had thought last November and December that we were back to where we could just get up and go somewhere. NOT NOW! I have been through Cabin Fever when I lived in Sterling Virginia during the winter months which were 6 months long, but NEVER in Texas where the temperatures stay at 100-114 every day since May.

I would love to go on a trip (even with the high cost of fuel) BUT where to go? Where are the idiots not protesting and killing people? Anyone know? If you do, let me know.

So I decided that I would do something different! Read a book! Now I have plenty of books in the library to read, but I thought it would be nice to purchase a Kindle. I decided on a Kindle Oasis – bad move! That one went back yesterday and it was an expensive one, but I could not read the screen well as it was not a white paper background.

On to the next one, my friend Wanda is a very avid reader and has a Kindle Fire, so I decided I would purchase one of those. I ordered the Kindle Fire HD 10” and it is a neat toy to have, besides I saved $200.00. (I won’t tell you how many Apple products I have that I can read a book on, but the Kindle is lightweight and I can take it with me.) I mainly did this to start reading again. My favorite authors are Clancy, Grisham, Tony Hillerman, and Mary Clark Higgins and of course all of the O’Reilly books. I subscribe to Bill and each year I receive a free book, so I can either read the hard copy or read it on the Kindle as long as I do not have to pay for it. I joined the unlimited with Amazon for 3 months free so we shall see what they offer me as whether or not I keep that subscription.

I am calling this week a lost cause because I have another dental appointment in the morning. Our lives are beginning to feel like Ground Hog Day – EVERYDAY!


I did succeed in selecting the fabric I like for my Wedding Ring Quilt and made 2 1/2 blocks and this was after the other 2 fabric selections bombed! There is more cutting to do and a lot of sewing to work on. Hopefully after tomorrow I begin to have the desire to cut and sew. I have not selected the colors where it is blank. They need to be a color to really make the quilt pop!

I am moving along on my Bat’s and Boo’s Cross Stitch, slowly but surely! The Kindle acquisitions have kept me from doing anything but trying to decide to keep it!

I now have 4 blocks completed on the Moda Holiday Stitch-A-Long. I enjoyed completing Block 5 before Block 4 (it has a lot of circles).

This next week I will continue working on the above projects, and start on my 20 Churn Dash blocks for the SAL.

Other than that, I know NOTHING. I do hope this Cabin Fever leaves me soon. Maybe if I start reading a book it will help me become inspired with my quilting this week. I plan on setting time aside for reading.

I am curious though, anyone else feel like I do now? I guess it will go away as soon as I give myself a good talking to! There is one thing that I am pleased with – I have met my goals for exercise, move, and standing 2 months in a row. It took me some time to get here but it is worth it! AND we did get 6 tenths of an inch of rain last night! Happy Dance on that one.

Hugs, and stay away from Cabin Fever!


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15 Replies to “To Do Tuesday – 28 June 2022 and Cabin Fever”

  1. I’m so glad you got some rain! Yes cabin fever is real. We got to the store or to the doctors, and I long for a good vacation. We feel kinda tied down by the dogs right now though. At some point we’ll board them and go do something. I hope you enjoy your Kindle. I have an iPad with the Kindle app on it and can’t imagine reading any other way. The screen is nice and bright and I can make the font as big as I like – lol! I also like Grisham and Hillerman and used to read Mary Higgins Clark all the time. Looks like you are tooling along on your projects. The wedding ring quilt looks beautiful already.
    Thank you for sharing with us at To Do Tuesday!


    1. I just need to get with the program.I guess I have my times. I have always had things planned but with things as bad as they are here with all the illegals and heat it is hard to plan a trip Too many shootings Hugs


  2. It’s looking like we’re not going on a road trip this summer, but there’s always a lot to do here between quilting, gardening and church activities. Sounds like you’re busier than you feel, Nanette, with reading, quilting, cross stitching and exercising.


  3. What you are describing is how I felt last month. Of course, hurting my chest with the fall didn’t help. But now suddenly I feel more energized and engaged in my usual activities…now the humidity has dropped too so that makes this body happy too. Love the colours/fabrics you have there for that very pretty wedding ring. Maybe it’s our age now that makes us think the world has gone mad!


    1. I hope you get over the soreness. My problem is that I am used to going. I like to go to the Casino, but it is so hot and we have so many illegals coming from the border along with the idiots killing so many people, which I feel is gang related, and the drought here in Texas and the Country in general, it is hard to want to take a trip anywhere. I have to re adjust my mind set. Oh well, this too shall pass! I do not want to just sit in a chair all the time we were restricted with all the issues, I guess I am ready to fly away! LOL keep Ned on that leash! LOL


  4. Welcome to the CFC (cabin fever club) we are all there. My sewing is my escape from the life. Thank God for room, cave, place whatever. I love your wedding ring choice. I read all of the time for that is a good escape. My husband reads a lot too. I go to friends of the library sales all the time and also get books on my Kindle app. Good selection. My quilting and sewing piecing is my happy place. I make everyday a game of survival between being a wife, caregiver to a 100 yr old mother and a daughter with MS. So what I say is find your happy place and sink in. But the CFC is always there and we live in the world of someday we plan to……just keep busy my dear friend and there is a light at the end of the tunnel we are all in. Love all of your work and keep doing it.


    1. Thx Jaydee This will pass, I know you are tired of a Ground Hog life. I just thought that our 8 years of crap was over and we could go places again. Mind over Matter Love ya


  5. I love you fabric/color choices for the wedding ring. One of the first memories I have of a quilt was a double wedding ring on my parents’ bed (folded at the end for pretty because it was too special to use!) and it was all scrappy–I think mostly 30’s, maybe some 40’s? Because that and one other quilt were likely “where it all began” for me, I really really want to make one someday. How do you think it’s going on a difficulty level? As far as proficiency goes, I know I’m qualified so maybe my question is more about enjoyment? The idea of choosing a certain theme but making it loaded full of scrappy yumminess just has to be half–or more–of the enjoyment?


  6. Choosing the fabric was time consuming I like Shar Jorgensen’s templates because it is a smaller ring. Marti Michelle’s templates make a 17” ring. Shar has a video on making one and it will help you to decide if you want to make it.


  7. Boo hiss for the cabin fever. Maybe an in house retreat is in order…make a schedule for two days that is totally different from normal, and see what happens. Splurge on a special movie, or a pedicure or a home made facial…just something totally different.


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