To Do (Tuesday) Friday! 24 June 2022

Good afternoon! This is an historical day in America and I am so proud of PresidentTrump who added the 3 new Conservative Judges. He will go down in History of this Nation for appointing these Judges! The Supreme Court did their job and stuck with the Constitution as written! It is not the end of abortion because there are states that will allow it. People need to understand that and not destroy our cities NOR SHOULD THEY HURT THE Supreme Court Justices and their families. In the last 50 years things have changed drastically to prevent pregnancies. So if someone doesn’t want to be bothered with having a child, then take responsibility and prevent it through planning! END OF STORY.

Now on to where I am in quilting…… NOWHERE…. I have decided to not continue on with Lori’s Smith small 6” applique blocks project. I really hated to tell Jaydee because it was I that agreed to work on it. But even working with the grid I made for the first 6 blocks, I had a difficult time working with tiny tiny pieces. So that is GONE!

Next on the list was to make a Wedding Ring Quilt. Long story short – I auditioned 2 sets of fabrics that I thought would work! The first one bombed – that was the French General fabrics. The second go round was to use blues and mauve/pink. That took time to prepare the fabric, cut the pieces out for 4 melons only to find out it looked like @@@@! So I came into the Studio today and watched Shar Jorgenson’s You Tube Video, but that did not help me at all. I sat and looked at all the fabric I have in this studio and could not find anything that I would/could use. That is because I can not do scrappy! So this project is gone, fabric put up and templates put back in the drawer out of site! I did not waste a lot of fabric making the one block, just spun my wheels for 4 days! Oh well! (After thought – I may TRY one more time to make this quilt using a focus fabric) My problem is that I think Logically and scrappy blows my mind because it just does not make sense!

By now you must be asking – what is next? Well for this afternoon I am going to work on my Bats and Boos cross stitch and the old Moda Holiday Stitch-a-Long project to clear my head of a feeling of failure! I hate it when I give up on something, but I have learned 2 things in my quilting life – Number 1 – If it is not fun – don’t do it! Number 2 – Realize that I cannot do scrappy like others! Too much logic and abstract reasoning in my brain. Oh well.

Here is were I am on the hand projects.

Have a great week-end and see all on Slow Stitching Sunday! And it is only 109 this afternoon! Wow – cold wave! LOL

Hugs Nanette

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14 Replies to “To Do (Tuesday) Friday! 24 June 2022”

  1. I did the Lori Smith project you started, but I did mine on wool. I t came out so cute and those tiny pieces were so much easier to manage then using cotton. I used a black wool background. Hugs,


  2. Kudos to you for deciding not to do something that was not fun! I am vacillating right now on a project and have put it aside until I can figure out if it is worth the time. And how is it that we can have SO much fabric and nothing works? I find that to be true over and over – lol! Do you do your needlework (cross stitch, embroidery) in your studio? I feel as you do about the two Court decisions!
    Thank you for sharing with us at To Do Tuesday!


  3. I do agree with you on the decision yesterday. Life is the most important. Now to quilting chat. I do understand your feelings with co-ordinated verses scrappy in making quilts. I grew up learning scrappy first in everything then went to matching. I love both but scrappy does make my heart sing in certain ways. I told my students when I was teaching…find your lane and be happy. Try everything and then you can find what you are comfortable with. Quilting and piecing is supposed to be fun not stressful. Everyday is like a box of chocolates. Keep doing what makes you feel good. Love the stitching gal.


  4. I know I feel like I have only so much time left so I really only want to spend it on things that I love. So I support your decision to tuck away any projects for now that are not giving you enjoyment. Who knows, maybe sometime later on the time will be right for them. Meanwhile, lovely and soothing embroidery.


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