Slow Sunday Stitching – 19 June 2022

Well, not sure what I will be doing today. I have completed my applique goals for the last week. I have been working on Bats and Boos cross stitch but for some reason having some issues with the Weeks thread (the orange color). The issue has slowed me down on finishing the 2nd pumping, but it is looking good!

Next on the list of Stitching Projects is the start of In the Garden by Dawn Heese. I have the Bunny blocks ready to applique. The first fabric line I picked out bombed, so I turned to my favorite batiks. The theme on this one is brown, beige, green, orange and yellow flowers with green leaves. These are LARGE blocks – should finish about 18” I cut them larger to allow for the applique work.

And last but not least, I finished preparing 2 blocks for Lilly Rosenberry. YUP, colors are green yellow and orange and they are batiks!

As you can see, I will have plenty of applique to work on and enough that I won’t get bored, just need to start on them. Looks like I am in the Yellows, Orange, Green color mood! LOL

We did a massive tree cutting job in February and then did zero scapping and adding cactus plants along with our North Folk Pine tree. Clay also set up the bird feeders where I can watch them while working in the Studio where we spend our daytime. I think we would go nuts if we only had the house to stay in all day and all night. We both have hobbies and this 800 square feet of fun space makes high gas prices and the horrible heat palatable. Here are a couple of pictures of what I get to look at while enjoying our days in the Studio.

It is fun to watch the Cardinals and Doves and other birds come and enjoy the feed and then they take a bath in the bird bath. We also have a lot of fun watching the squirrels trying to jump into the bird feed. As you can see Clay has it fixed so they cannot reach the feed. They were able to jump from the bird bath into the trays, then one of them made it up the pole into one but the white dome stopped that! Now they come and eat the feed that the birds flipped out onto the ground!

This is the view from the other window (bay windows). It reminds me so much of the years we spent traveling to Sierra Vista Arizona during the winter time. (still missing that).

About a month ago I looked up and saw this little bird that had purple, red, orange, and blue feathers. I finally looked it up and it is called a Bunting. So unique and so surprising to see it here in HOT HOT HOT South Texas.

As you can see in the pictures our grass is dying. Almost 2 months of 100 degree weather with no measurable rain. In fact since last October 2021 we have only had about 4 inches. Not enough to sustain grass.

This morning during my walk I saw 3 Deer Doe’s and each had a baby. They would stop and listen to me as I would talk to them. They are no bigger than a small dog at this time but fun to watch. I hope they survive the summer. We only provide them water as the herd was getting too large in 2017 for us to continue feeding deer corn.

Speaking of my morning walk, the humidity was so high and the temp was 77 degrees I am T-I-R-E-D! Needless to say I am ready to just hang it up for the day but cannot do that as I have too many things to work on and I want to start on a new pieced quilt to work on during the day.

Have a great week and enjoy your stitching!

Hugs, Nanette

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14 Replies to “Slow Sunday Stitching – 19 June 2022”

  1. My goodness you have a lot of applique to work on. I am sorry the orange floss is giving you trouble. I like your views despite the brown grass. Try to stay cool. Enjoy your stitching.


  2. The bunting is gorgeous,great photo shot! I like your yard, even though the grass is drying up. May your embroidery thread not be such a pain this week,the weather give you a heat break,with a little rain to water the grass.🥰🤗


  3. I always enjoy photos of your “spread” and what a great view you have while in your sewing room. Your applique projects look so organized, and I love the colors in your cross stitch. Ugh on the weather. At least we had some thunderheads to look at the last couple days. As they passed us by of course!


  4. So enjoy visiting and seeing what you are working on. I have Dawn’s pattern somewhere…Quiltmania mag perhaps. I need a real applique project to work on. About threads, I used an overdyed thread that came with my Jackrabbit pattern and didn’t like the look and feel of it. I’m going to swap it out for good old DMC when I get round to it. And it seems some colours are different than others. Oh well, yours is lovely. So enjoyed seeing your Bunting; that is quite a capture. Sorry about the lack of rain. Too bad we couldn’t share!


    1. Late again on replying. I gave up on Lori Smith’s pattern the blocks are too small. I have decided to just use my DMC threads This Weeks are expensive .
      Wish we had more buntings. We are in a severe drought. Might rain this week Hugs


  5. The bunting is just too cute! He must have been flying by without you noticing, and that inspired your current love of orange, green and yellow!😉 The pumpkins are looking good in spite of the naughty thread. Hoping your heat wave fades a bit this week!


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