To Do Tuesday – 14 June 2022 (On Wednesday)

Well we have progressed from the warmest day EVER on Sunday at 114! Check out the humidity – @15%! This week there will be some more 100’s but the African Dust (an annual thing) appears to keep the sun from shining! I am still doing my 20 minute mile at 6:30 in the morning. I prefer the early morning so I can partake of the 90+ humidity with about 78 degrees. Sounds like fun Huh! As I start out it is not bad, but by the 3 trip to the gate I am looking for that nice BIG fan sitting by my chair on the Studio porch to cool off!

Today was a grocery store experience!!! I only do them every 2 or 3 weeks. Enough to make a person just quit eating! Fuel is $4.60 a gallon. Bicycle time! Just heard the Federal Reserve hiked the borrowing rates .75% – Recession here we come! What fun it is – just like Christmas, but I am certain that Scrooge is here to stay another 2 years and 6 months! Yikes!

I mentioned that I found the greatest Hearing Instrument Specialist about a month ago. Well, that did not last long – he was either promoted with the current company to District Manager, or moved to another company for a promotion. He was great! I have a new Audiologist to see next week for adjustments to the new hearing aids. I combined it with my dental appointment next wee since they are with blocks of each other – YEA. (gas saver).

Then this morning my Dentist office called this morning because tomorrow’s appointment is now cancelled – he has COVID. Is that stuff still around, or is it just a cold? Hum. Either way, I do not want any of it!

OK On with what have I been doing lately since I missed last week. I have finished 20 of the Churn Dash blocks. Mine are 6″ instead of the 9″ blocks that the Chooky Blue SAL group is making. I will be making 20 each month for the 4 months. I believe that everyone else is making 8 each month. This is my Squirrel project for the year!

20 with 60 remaining

Next on the list was to work on Lori Smith’s Fit to Frame – Pattern 6  with Jaydee. I was able to squeak out 2 blocks. Jaydee finished 3 blocks! We are not in a race, and hopefully I will be able to catch up with her as soon as I finish a few other things.

Here are Jaydee’s blocks:

Now for my 2 blocks – (I am not sure I like my fabric selection, but too late to cry over spilt milk now).

I changed the bottom leaves

When making small applique blocks, I always draw a grid background for a few blocks.

4 more to Go on this Grid

Next was to prepare applique for 3 patterns, Lilly Rosenberry, Lori Smith’s (done), and In the Garden. I will start with Lilly. I have 2 blocks ready to applique! The only thing left is to cut out 72 circles for the 2 blocks. All of the bias strips required for the stems are finished and ready to applique.

I wanted something different for this quilt!

You ask, “how is ‘In the Garden’ going”? Well, yesterday I traced the 4 bunny blocks onto the background fabric, and all the pieces will be ready for applique by Friday. I am using some fabrics that I had in my stash that I think will make this an unusual quilt. I have two dark and two light beige bunnies cut out and 3 of them ready to baste onto the background fabric. Tomorrow will finish selecting the fabrics the flowers and stems and cut them out. Then I will have all 3 applique projects ready for applique.

Ready to go
Basted to background

Next on the list is Bats and Boo’s Cross Stitch. I have progressed from the center to the first pumpkin. I ordered some Weeks thread (dyed and expensive). I had no issues with the black thread but now the orange thread is giving me a problem. I was almost through with the first pumpkin but that had to rip some stitches out and when I did the thread really messed things up. I may be making my stitches too tight, or using the wrong needle. I will be working on this project this week.

Well, that is it. I will be working on piecing a Wedding Ring Quit as soon as I decide which French General fabric I want to use! In the evening I will be working on the hand projects.

Have a great week, stay busy, and enjoy life!

Hugs, Nanette

8 Replies to “To Do Tuesday – 14 June 2022 (On Wednesday)”

  1. Hi Nanette! Wow – 15% humidity. That is amazing! I would think southern Texas would have 100% humidity, especially on the Gulf Coast. Ours is way higher than that, way up here in Wisconsin. What the heck?!! HAHA! And our gas is way higher, too. $4.60 sounds cheap to me. It is what it is. Your churn dash block really are pretty and a wonderful diversion from everything else, right? Good luck this week. You inspire me. Truth – I didn’t feel like walking this morning . . . but your name popped into my head. Nanette is probably walking right now, too. And looking forward to sitting by the fan. We were twinkies without you even being aware! {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

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  2. I am the opposite. I’d love to get rid of our heavy humidity–I can’t breathe in it! Our son is down in Ft Hood for a few weeks so he is experiencing the heat too, though I know it doesn’t bother him as much as me. We’ve been hovering below and above 100, humidity 80’s and 90’s but I think it’s getting a little dryer now–good because it’s time to get the wheat cut.
    I don’t know what’s going to happen with the recession. High gas prices leading to people staying home leading to people not spending $ leading to poor economy… And the idiocy of dishing out free money, devaluing the dollar,…but I guess I’ll stop there. I generally just put my head down and focus on my family, my quilting and my golf because it’s the only way I can stomach the rest! Maybe in a couple years things will start heading back to sanity.
    Love your churn dashes! Oooh, the French General fabric–good luck on deciding!


  3. I’m like Cheree up above, I do much better with no humidity because I have difficulty breathing in heat and humidity. Your Churn Dashes are so cute, and I love your applique blocks and the fabric you chose. Can’t wait to see how you do your bunny blocks! Was it the Weeks orange thread you had issues with?
    Thank you for sharing with us at To Do Tuesday!


  4. Hi Nanette,
    I think churn dash blocks are one of my favorites – yours look great all marching in a row. And good on you for your applique progress. I am trying to work faster on applique, but it seems to go at its own pace no matter what I try. I really like your second block fabrics – don’t be swayed by other people’s fabric choices. I would not change a thing.
    Hugs, Judy


  5. I am sitting in the dark reading blogs…we are heading for a weekend in the 90’s, nothing like what you endure, but no AC here, so the foam window shades are up, and so far, we are happy campers. I cannot imagine your temps! The appliqué is looking fantastic!


  6. what’s the african dust????
    The churn dash blocks look great……..theres quite a few different options happening so will be great to see them all at the end……..
    lovely blocks and goodluck with the medical appts……and yes covid on the rise here again……and lots of flu/colds


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