To Do Tuesday – 31 May 2022

Greetings to all as we close out the Month of May!!! I will be starting June with a personal goal of absolutely no stress from anywhere and just enjoying our lives! I am very blessed to have a husband that I love being with. Our first of the 3 ”Anniversary Dates” will be 3 June – 26 years ago when Clay called me while I was living in Sterling Virginia and I knew my life would be changing, and it did! Time to start on the 27th year!!!!

I have completed my goal of walking 28 days of 31 days this month! Reducing my walk to 20 minutes at my pace of 20 minutes for the mile has really become enjoyable. Doing a 1.5 mile in the hot hot hot weather (even though I walk around 6:30 AM) is just not doable at the age of 77. I will resume that in the winter – if we ever have winter again.

I am pleased with my progress on my applique projects. I have all traced all the pieces for In the Garden, Lily Rosenberry (block 1 only), and Lori Smith’s project with Jaydee. Next step will be to select fabric for Lily and In the Garden.

Lori’s project is first on the list and I am using Jo Morton’s Rose fabrics for this quilt. The blocks are 6” blocks. I decided to make a grid of 6 blocks and have the 3 ready to go. Tomorrow I will do the other 3 and then bag each blocks pieces and hopefully start on the night work Thursday evening.

12 blocks of the 24 we will be making!
Grid for the first 6 Blocks

Lily and In the Garden pieces are all traced, cut out and ready for fabric selection.

I FINALLY figured out how to get started on Bats and Boos Cross Stitch! Last month I ran a thread every 10 spaces on the Aida Cloth to help in the counting of stitches. Of course I did it wrong the first time and used a light blue thread! That bombed so I removed them and counted differently and used a copper brown thread to mark off the 10 stitches. The pattern indicated to start on the upper left quadrant, but I decided that would not work for me and started in the middle! SUCCESS! This pattern is the same as the Bats and Boos Quilt!

Bats and Boos

My goals for next Tuesday is to have all the applique projects out of the way, maybe a quilt quilted on the long arm, and definitely starting on the Wedding Ring Quilt. If you would like to see my OMG for May and OMG for June click here!

Monday is my lovely dental appointment. I will be happy to be finished with that appointment, then there will be 2 more appointments and I will be finished! YEA! I am still loving my new hearing aids. My brain is getting used to them.

Have a wonderful week of stitching.

Hugs, Nanette

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8 Replies to “To Do Tuesday – 31 May 2022”

  1. I agree with Laura, you sound so much happier. You are smart to listen to your body and adjust the walking distance to an enjoyable goal. We would be smart to walk any distance at all! What a great idea to mark the cross stitch fabric. Did you do it by machine? I’m looking forward to being able to cross stitch again after July. 🙂
    Thank you for sharing with To Do Tuesday!


    1. Thank you Linda!!! In this heat and the world, it is difficult for everyone to find their happy! But I digress. I did hand running stitches. I am really enjoying the cross stitch. Now to get my mojo back on applique. I am sitting here now trying to decide on the fabric for Lilly!!! I want to do it in batiks, so pulling fabrics trying to decide. I keep an embroidery, applique, and cross stitch handy – that way I won’t get bored, but really ready for that Wedding Ring fabric challenge! Hugs


  2. I will also say your tone is much uplifted and happier in this post which is wonderful. Lots of success in the sewing room; it feels so good to work out a project…I know how that feels as I often have to backtrack or redo beginnings. You are inspiring to me re the fitness for sure. I have no idea about my speed during walks and try to walk fast enough to feel my heartbeat is up a bit. I’m loving the Cubii still btw. Enjoy your first of the anniversaries.


    1. Thank you Jocelyn. The hotter it is I may have to settle for a 22 minute mile. This morning was brutal! We are projected to go over 100 for the next foreseeable future. Only a Hurricane will cool us off – providing it hits South of us in the Gulf. Most of them go to Lousiana to Florida coastline then we do not get any rain. Something has to break this horrible heat wave. Makes one tired! Hugs


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