To Do Tuesdays 10 May 2022

Flash News! I have decided to come out of retirement and open a business that will take on any problems that you might have with Insurance Companies, Doctor Invoices, the US Postal Service in your town, Medicare, and any other business that takes up your day and away from quilting! APRIL FOOL’s. But believe you me, I should do that because I could make a lot of money running interference with idiots who are supposed to know their jobs!

WHEW! Do I ever feel better now that I have VENTED!!!!! I am certain that I am the only one with all the dumb UNFORESEEN REQUIREMENTS!! (not really – everyone has them!)

On a VERY positive note. Hearing Aids. I gave up on Tru Hearing and found my own hearing aid specialist who is absolutely wonderful. He switched me to Oticon hearing aids (a bit more expensive) but what a difference. They work on providing hearing aids for brain hearing and more sound intelligence which means they focus on Clarity – not Volume! My hearing is normal but the high pitches have a problem along with the Tinnitus. I am so happy about finding them. I am using a Demo set now and tomorrow I pick up mine. So that problem resolved.

OK now to the post for Tuesday – South Texas is so much fun to do a 7 AM walk! It was 76 degrees with Humidity of 91% and I did a mile in 19.54 minutes~. Whoopee Ding! I have had to cut down to the mile due to the cold weather (another April fools joke). But at 77 I am so very happy that I do have some good genes from the Chopin line! I am not the typical 77!

I was on a roll making a new quilt Saturday, but somehow Sunday, Monday, and Today were filled with “there will be no quilting today Nanette”. But I am starting to handle the interruptions in a very different way. I just handle the crap and go forward! Much easier on the stress level!

I have now finished 3 of the Moda Holiday Sew Along that Jocelyn got me started on! I just might finish this by Fall- hopefully sooner.

First 3 Blocks – Ready for Number 4!

I ditched this Cross Stitch pattern – too many beginner errors in counting!

Ready to Start on Bats and Boos Cross Stitch to match my quilt (of which I will be changing the border). See the Bats and Boos Quilt post here. I like Laura’s border and think I will see if it will be OK if I copy one of her borders and then add more. I am not happy with the fabric I used for my border as to me it adds nothing to my quilt.

The new project is not going to be a very difficult one but when making about 500 HSTs at 1.5″ it can be. Marsh McCloskey uses the Bias HST method when making Feathered Stars and I used this method when making my Star of Chamblee (which is hanging in the “waiting for Tammy” to be quilted)! I believe that I changed my mind on my original idea of borders – click here to see the original post when I finally finished the quilt – Click here.

Star of Chamblee

Here are the blocks that I will be working on to make my new unnamed quilt.

I started this project a couple of years ago when playing with my EQ8 software. There are so many HSTs that I decided to use the Bias HST method. The setting may look like this with different borders. I will decide after the blocks are completed. Then I will have to decide on a name for my project. I am using the chart that Marsha included in her Feathered Star book series to make the HSTs.

I cut a 12″ square from the blue and beige, pressed them right sides together and it yielded 44 HSTs. I made 2 or 3 bad cuts so rather than getting 50… should I say anymore? LOL After you have made the first cut, you will go back and cut the ones that you skipped – hope this makes sense! The rest of the squares will be 15″ as I should be able to yield 80 HSTs with a larger square!

15″ Square (Blue and Beige right sides together)
Cut Diagonally in the middle, the cut 2″ strips
Sew the blue and beige strip pieces together, then sew all together
Press seams open – Cut starting with the 2nd set

Let me know if it is clear as mud…. and maybe I can provide more information.

For now that is all I will be working on and hopefully it won’t take too long to make this quilt. My last post showed my Stars Around the Garden finished top and I forgot give a shout out to the Designer Judy Hale! I highly recommend her patterns. She is great!

We are enjoying all of Clay’s hard work around the place – the bird feeders are up and the Cardinals are back along with the Doves! For some reason all of the problem squirrels have disappeared – Hum!!! Our birds are fun to watch if only we can get through tomorrow and then for the rest of the month is all of ours to play with only 1 more eye check up next week and it is done for May!

Have a great week and enjoy stitching!

Hugs, Nanette

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10 Replies to “To Do Tuesdays 10 May 2022”

  1. My Bats and Boos border is not original, Nanette, so copy away! 🙂
    Love your feathered star quilt! Your unnamed quilt is going to be beautiful, too! 2 color quilts are great! 🙂


  2. Nanette, I feel your pain (re: the frustration of trying to get ANYTHING done involving customer service/support etc). We wasted an hour and a half today going down to the AT&T store, thinking we could get some information about changing up our cell phone service and internet in person but no — they can only help you make your plan MORE expensive if you go to the store. If you’re wanting to SAVE any money, you need to call up Pakistan and wait on hold and get disconnected and listen to sales pitches from multiple people who then put you on hold and pass you off to someone else… Who has time for this?! I was so excited when you said you were starting a business running professional BS interference; I was going to hire you!! :-). I am so glad you are getting better hearing aids. It sounds like things are going well for you in South Texas, heat and all notwithstanding, and I am simply fascinated by your magical HST method! I love seeing your projects!


  3. I love your comment about hiring me. I spent all day on paperwork
    What I did not tell was that I have submitted a Congressional Request to clean up our Post Office They have lost 4 letters of ours And they never answer the phone They will have fun answering to my US Congressman Cuellar even if he is a Dem We will be out of his district next year But his staff does good work I may do a post on that experience Hugs


  4. I’ve always loved your feathered star quilt, so lovely. The new quilt is going to be just as beautiful, you can never go wrong with blue & white. I never got into the counted cross stitching craze, I have enough going on with my quilts, applique and hand quilting to keep me busy. Your embroidery project looks like a good one to work on during the hot days of summer. Happy stitching and hope the rest of May goes smoothly without any crazy problems.


  5. I know you weren’t serious about starting a business, but there certainly is a need for such a service. I have always loved feathered stars. This is a very interesting post.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. I got excited when I saw you were opening a business, because you’d be great at it! My SIL did something like that for folks that got shoddy dental implants, including her Mom. She ended up getting settlements for many of them. I totally agree with Rebecca Grace. We finally quit ATT for phone and Directv because they just don’t care. We had an awful time getting rid of them too. T-Mobile may not have quite the coverage ATT has, but we’ve had none of the drama. And our service with DISH has been just fine. I wish we had known about Oticon when Mom was alive, she had a miserable time with her hearing aids. 😦

    OK back to your quilting – lol! I love your projects, especially the feathered star – it’s just beautiful. That bias cutting method is fascinating! Thank you for sharing with To Do Tuesday! 🙂

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