To-Do Tuesdays 3 May 2022

April is gone and here we are in May 2022 and before we know it 2023 will be here.
I have now finished the last UFO that I had started in 2020. I purposely left this quilt last because I wanted to make sure I could concentrate 100% on the quilt without interruptions, and to work on it at a slow pace to prevent issues. My hat is off to the Designer as the pattern directions and visuals were perfect! it took a lot of time in fabric selection, cutting 3 1/2” strips and squares for the borders.

The quilt measures 86” x 96”and no I will not quilt it. I am hoping my quilter will be able to add it to the other 9 that are waiting in the que for her.

The quilt is too large to hang it for the picture. This picture shows how large it is.

Stars Around The Garden

This picture is reduced by my iPhone and shows the entire quilt!

My iPhone allows me to take smaller pictures

For me scrappy is difficult, but I am very pleased with the effect that the middle row shows with my color placements in the border. If I were still entering Quilt Shows I know this one could be a winner!

I am not sure what I will start on next. I have so many quilts that I really would like to make, I just need to sit down and review all the patterns that I really might want to start on.

On the home front weather is hot and Humid so looking like it will be much of the same all summer. Clay has finished all the zero land scapping, which was very hard work. I miss working with Clay on our home projects, but not ready to go have back surgery #5! At 78 and with that new heart valve in 2020, he has really been working a lot and doing it the right way – early in the morning and stopping by noon. We decided to zero scape because of the extreme drought that we have here in South Texas.

View from the Studio
View from side of house to the Barn
A Revamped flower bed to Zero Scapping

I will be going to an Audiologist Thursday for ordering the 3rd pair of hearing aids Maybe this will be a charm! Last week I developed an eye issue. Clogged oil glands and was lucky to just send them pictures and they gave me an antibiotic to use for 2 weeks. It is getting better! Walking update! It is just so hot and humid with no breeze that I am giving in and will only do 20 minutes or until I get my mile in. This morning I did it in 21 minutes. I now wear shorts and halter top along with my blue wet towel to keep cool. Then I run and sit in front of our big fan on the Studio porch until I cool off. I would rather reduce the time and distance and still be able to do the walk as the 1.5 mile walk in 30 minutes in this horrible summer heat is just not an option at 77! I must be smart like Clay and remember I am not 50! DARN!

I have a dental appointment in June – called to get an estimate on the dental work – How about $8,000 to $9,000 for something that used to cost $4,500 to $5,000. I want to personally thank the Democrats and especially the Idiot in the WH! Inflation is so much fun and I really love it when I go fill up the vehicle’s with fuel! I am praying for the SCOTUS and that the person who leaked the document is caught and dis-barred from ever being an Attorney. The only place where we all felt that would never experience leaks on Opinions. I feel that R vs W should be overturned and turn it over to the States! OK – off my political box!!!!

Have a wonderful rest of the week and enjoy stitching!

Hugs, Nanette

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23 Replies to “To-Do Tuesdays 3 May 2022”

  1. I envy you your heat. We have still been in the 40s. Yes, the 40s. My daffodils are just blooming. And we are just getting out of the drought, we hope. My thoughts are with you for your medical troubles and how expensive they are. Good for you to keep walking. LOVE your outer border on the quilt. Beautiful colors and fabrics.


  2. Love the quilt and the colors. Very impressive. I too want the abortion to go to the states. It has been so windy that I stop with my walking.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Nancy I would love to show it sometime The States need to take control. I have to limit my time so I can at least walk my mile. We have had a lot of wind, but now no wind and hot hot 100’s Ugh


  3. Your quilt is just GORGEOUS! Great job! And the rock–we know how much work that is! Will you still get weeds in it? We have to spray our rock driveway several times a year. And YES, praying on the Roe v. Wade reversal! Can we all just get over the pride, selfishness or whatever it is? and get into our heads how evil it is!?! Ugh.

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  4. Stars Around the Garden is beautiful! Are you going to have it custom quilted or an overall design? The stonework looks very nice and easy to take care of. Have an enjoyable time selecting your next project, maybe the rabbit applique? Happy stitching!


    1. Thank you Gretchen. I am considering having it done Custom because I want to show it…the pattern was so well written And to think you made 2 of them. Yours are both beauties! Hugs


  5. Nanette that is the MOST gorgeous quilt! I agree it would definitely be a winner at a quilt show. I’m wondering if you stood on a step ladder for the overhead shot. 😀 I love peeks at your land, and the zero scape looks fantastic. I know that was a lot of work. I miss helping my Hubs at yard work. I am praying we don’t have the onslaught of chiggers we had last summer. I still can’t believe I’m so vulnerable to them. I don’t think I was as a child.
    I feel as you do about R v W, it should be up to the states. I think the protestors are missing the boat by putting their right to decide above that of the child’s right to life..


  6. Love the finished quilt top. Great job. Beautiful colors like a blue lagoon. The landscaping all around are lovely. We are wet here in Sequim.


  7. Stars around the garden is gorgeous!! I like the zero landscape, Clay did a lovely job. I can feel the heat along with you… it was 100* today with the feel of 106*…


  8. Stars Around the Garden is beautiful – my first thought when I saw it was that it would make a great quilt show entry! 🙂


  9. Your quilt is fabulous! I especially like they colorway. Great work on the zero scaping. I hope your visit to the audiologist went well.


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