To Do Tuesday – 19 April 2022

OK – here goes – Can anyone believe that April is over halfway GONE!!! I have cleared my calendar and have nothing to do but ONE stop to HEB this week for a few groceries. It will be the most time I have had without having to go somewhere this year. My next commitment is 5 May and that is fine with me!!!

Here is the Thyroid update – My thyroid is not bad enough for medication, although my NP gave me a prescription to see how I would react, but of course Mr Tummy did not like it as I found out that the medication is hard on the digestive system. So unless it gets serious I opted out of that one. I have been feeling much better and back to normal on the low heart rate I guess it comes and goes with low potassium. I also seem to be better when I walk each day.

How about an update on my new hearing aid mess – I purchased the new pair on 8 Feb 2022 – and it is now 19 April and I have no new hearing aids. I am changing to a Audiologist (thought that the lady I was going to was one but found out different yesterday). Did you know the difference between an Audiologist and a Hearing Instrument Specialists (HIS)? I certainly did not know. No wonder the person who I had been buying my hearing aids from did not understand the effects of Meniere’s. She is a HIS! She also is really beyond her knowledge of the software settings for the new hearing aids (I have had 2 pairs since February and she could not get them to work for me!). Yesterday was spent working with TruHearing trying to find me an Audiologist who is proficient in Meniere’s and the new Resound One hearing aids.

If you are sick of hearing about me and the dumb issues, you should be me and have to deal with stupid people and I guess that must include me since I was under the impression my previous person was an Audiologist! I have high hopes that things will be better in May! Just think – Once May arrives we are 8 months to 2023 but who is counting!

With all the fun I had last week (commitments everyday) I finally did started working on the borders for Stars Around the Garden.

Saturday I spent my time deciding on the placement of the 12″ blocks that will be set around the center Medallion. Sunday I spent most of the time auditioning fabrics for the sashings I could not decide on using the turquoise blue or going to a dark green – the green won. The pattern calls for cutting the 3 1/2″ strips the length of the fabric! So today I will drive myself nuts cutting 8 each 3 1/2″ strips x 104″. Sounds like fun Huh? I also need to square the Medallion, but I wanted to make sure that when I start on the cutting I am feeling good and the brain is engaged.

The pattern provides two different borders. One with a plain border with flowers in each corner and the other one with 3″ (finished squares). Since I am not in the mood for applique I am going to do the border with squares – all 318 are ready to be sewn together.

Center Medallion
Blocks for Stars Around the Garden
318 Squares for the border!
Testing the Sashing Color

I plan on finishing this quilt top in a few days (maybe) and then not sure what the next project will be.

Here is the new look for our new Rock and Road area in front of the Studio. I love the new road because now I only have to walk from the Barn to the front gate 5 times instead of walking the circle drive to the gate 10 times. (Seems to make the walk go faster – mind over matter is what that is called) LOL.

Rocks and Road!

This is the view of the front of the house and the circle that I walk when it is dark in the mornings. The front gate is still about 300 feet behind me in this picture. Clay smooths the road with his modified lawn mower that has a blade when the deer make too many tracks, or as in this case – too many big trucks bring rocks, road base, and now black dirt!

Great walking path!

Have a great week – and happy stitching!

Hugs, Nanette

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15 Replies to “To Do Tuesday – 19 April 2022”

  1. I’ve always loved the fabrics you’ve used for your Stars Around the Garden. Hope the rest of the quilt goes together without too much stress, happy stitching!


    1. I am late in responding! This is getting to be a habit with me!!!! Thank you for your nice comment. I need to look up Stripology ruler….. Although I have finished them. I was coming along great UNTIL… but it was fun time that caused an interruption. Today is the day to get the remaining sashings done! Hugs


  2. Stars Around The Garden is going to be gorgeous! I love the border with all those squares, and you’ve really got things in hand for a finish. Sorry for all the ear issues. You and my husband would get along great – he is always complaining about stupid people! 😀
    Your cutting table looks huge! I LOVE your walking area and enjoy so much seeing pics of your land and how you’ve made it so attractive and accessible.
    Thanks for sharing with To Do Tuesday!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Linda! Late as usual..Life..Thank you for the sweet comment on SATG. Cutting table is a 6′ regulation cutting table with the large plastic cutting mat that I have never cut on. I use the Olfa ones….I love my new walking area – only have to walk 5 times to the gate! Better than the 10 times to the gate and round and round the circle in the front.

      I am praying that on the 5th the Audiologist is as as smart as she is supposed to be. Hugs


    1. Hearing Aid people need to be Audiologist – not just someone to input a hearing prescription in the computer and ask, “is this loud enough”? I do not mess with bad doctors – did that one time in 1989 and never again. Thank you on the compliment on my colors! Hugs


  3. Those blues/teals are so gorgeous and I admire your ability to cut so many pieces at once. That’s the part I really don’t like and strain my patience with. Meanwhile, I understand a little of your hearing issues. Tony’s new aids have sent him back for adjustments about 8 times now. She is an audiologist but he has needed help with sizing and placement ?? His ear was getting red is all I know. So I think multiple visits may be more common these days. Yes, time is flying by seriously so! Lovely looking property there.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Jocelyn, I love the way the colors blend with each other. I need 318 to make the borders, think I have another 20 to get there. The new ones are supposed to be ‘hands free’. We shall see. I firmly believe when we lose the hour in March that time just gets on the fast train!!! Thank you on the new road and Clay has now added a few more goodies. Will post them later! Hugs


  4. That Meniere’s really cause’s havoc and I can sympathize with this issue you are experiencing. Just loving Stars Around the Garden…those colors 🙂


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