Trees, Trees, Trees and I am still here!

One thing that a drought does to South Texas is the devastation to trees in our area. We have the 5 acres and maintain only 1 acre where the House, Studio, Garage, and Barn are located. The rest belongs to Mother Nature, but there are times when we have to have those acres cleared from the falling trees or limbs. This year we were prepared for an expensive tree cutting on the one acre that we maintain. In our area we have a lot of ’black jack oaks’ that tend to die/hollow out from the inside – then you find them crashing down! Clay has always keep trees away from the buildings to prevent damage.

70’ Pine Tree Before

With no end to the drought coming soon, we bit the bullet and hired our favorite guy to clear the trees that were really suffering, or dying. We are now at the total cutting to be close to 40 trees removed when they are finished. The count was originally 30, but as we studied the remaining trees we kept adding. They started on Wednesday the 16th and worked through the 19th of February. They came back on Tuesday the 22nd to very cold and damp weather and cut down the last tree in the yard and smoothed up the ruts made by the Bobcat as they moved the cuttings around to the Chipper and trailer where they chipped branches and loaded the cut up tree trunks. Juan and his crew are the hardest working guys, and so proficient in cutting down trees. Last year they cut down a 70 foot Pine. This week there was another 70’ foot pine in the back yard that they cut down.

It is something to watch the tree cutter climb this tree and start cutting it down. They have participated in Tree Cutting Competitions, so no wonder they do so well. It took them about 3 hours to cut this tree, and cut the trunk into manageable pieces. This is what it looks like now. We have left 4 pine trees in the yard. The trees in the background belong to the only neighbor close to us.

When I took this picture there was one tree left to be removed and they were able to do that on Wednesday before the cold really set in. The top looked OK, but as the got to the closer to the tree trunk it was obvious that it needed to come down. The trunk was completely hollow! Here are a few more pictures of how nice it looks without the trees with dead branches hanging down and possibly splitting and hitting the House or the Studio. You will notice there was no Sun. We have had 5 days of 30 degrees during the day and colder at night. Today (Sunday) we will have sun this afternoon and maybe be in the 50’s.

Notice I lost my shade trees – darn – but it is best. Clay will finish painting the barn when Spring arrives. The Tower is his Antenna for his Ham Radio. I want to put another North Folk Island Pine tree in my Pot on the Tree Stump! That would be if I can find one. We have one on the back porch, but even though we covered it, the tips and top were affected with the freezing weather this month. Drat!

Clay hopes to finish painting the barn this Spring

Monday, Juan and crew will be back to clear out the fallen trees, tree branches and basically clean that up. There are a few trees that are dead and will be taken down. You might ask about the cost of having this work done. Let me say this about that! I will be sitting on the street corner collecting quarters! (old joke).

We are praying that we can survive this drought and that we have some heavy April Showers. I cannot find the pictures of how pretty the yard looked before the drought started in 2005. The grass is called Buffalo Grass and when we do get rain (as we have had every few years) the grass perks up and looks so pretty. May not happen this year. The area where my trees were will be zero landscaped with rocks like the rocks around the buildings.

Well, this is where I have been the last 2 weeks. I will do a quilting post later.

Have a great Sunday!

Hugs, Nanette

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7 Replies to “Trees, Trees, Trees and I am still here!”

    1. It was so expensive to have all this done, but we had been saving for it, but it was double what I thought it would be, but then we kept adding more and more, so it is a fair price. Next will be to hire someone to delivery the rocks and spread them after Clay lays the sheet of plastic to stop the grass from growing and keeps the rocks in place! Hugs


  1. We have Alder and Cottonwood trees in a green belt area behind us. With quite a few on our side of the creek they too needed to be topped and a few removed – old, dying, threatening to fall to close for comfort. Totally agree – it was quite something to see them coming down and topped. Those tree men and yes a woman are so skilled and awesome.


    1. They are awesome. Starting tomorrow, they will start cleaning up the front where we leave to Mother Nature. So many limbs and trees that have fallen. I think that there are 3 more trees that need to come down up front. We want to not have them back just to do a few trees. May as well go for broke!!! LOL


  2. You have such a pretty place! It does look more open and clean without trees. I like your sidewalks and your house looks so inviting.
    When we lived on acreage down in the Piney Woods, I fought my husband and SIL about cutting down trees. I loved them and didn’t want to lose any. She cut (hacked) down crepe myrtles and fruit trees on her side of the property, but she couldn’t afford to get the big ones cut. After we sold the place, the new owners sent us some pictures of the land, and they had hired folks to clean up things by cutting a few trees down and cutting the lower branches on others, and it looked so good. I’m not sure why I fought the tree cutting so much, maybe just because it’s what my SIL wanted – lol!


  3. Interesting read, Nanette. SIL’s cousin is a tree feller and has taken down a couple for us…Fascinating to watch and we get the wood for the fireplace. To hire a pro is expensive for sure but you need someone who knows what they are doing esp. around roofs. Hard landscaping is a good option and pots are great for growing some flowers, etc.


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